I'm back and wanting to help other stuggling families

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    haven't posted here in a while, after difficult child was diagnosed with- BiPolar (BP) last spring i found refuge in a site for parents of BiPolar (BP) kids. we have been through ALOT. More resently- 2 long 4-6 week psychiatric hospital stays, the whole iep process and now out of district placement in a private school. difficult child is holding on a little better due to the structured program at his new school and we've finally found medications that are starting to help after many medication trials. i have learned alot in the past year. we are far from a normal family and probably never be totally "functional" but i am back here in hopes to help other parents going through what we have. i am no expert by any means but have learned alot about parenting resources, doctors, medications, diagnosis, Special Education, how to find support and information. let me know if there is anything i can do.