I'm back from Florida!

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    It was a lovely wedding and a nice mini vacation. We went to Epcot and took a boat tour of the Banana River and also went to Coco beach for a day. The weather was about 70 and sunny almost the entire time we were there. It was hard to come back to bare trees and no flowers and brown grass but as husband says that will change in a few weeks. I should be refreshed but I am actually very tired. Had to get up early and go to PT and then get the dog from the kennel and then answer all the phone messages left and the mail. And of course the laundry. It is amazing how much work a vacation can be LOL!

    Anyway it was fun but I had a hard time putting easy child out of my thoughts at first but I did. On the second day he did call and talk to husband and let us know that he was still working but under the supervision of his boss. We are still not sure if he will be able to keep his job. husband seems to think it is up to the insurance company. I am not sure that it is a bad thing for him to be let go. Obviously he is not well suited for this but I am hard pressed to figure out what would be the ideal job for him. I don't know if I am getting really good at detaching or if I am just becomming apathetic. I figure that it is his life and since he isn't asking for help I'll just let him figure it out. Of course there is that little nagging worry that hides in the back of my brain and tries to get my full attention if l allow it access. But so far I'm doing good at ignoring it. Just taking things a day at a time. -RM
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    I'm glad you got away and had a good time. easy child will have to deal with the things that happen to him because of his choices---good for you for detaching from it.
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    Welcome Back!

    Did you have any difficulty finding Cocoa Beach? We did - we had given up when we finally came across the alley way of road that lead to it. It was ironic that the street had the same name as a street in the Black Hills that caused us problems on the internet map we used to find it.

    We went in January 2004 and the beach was pretty much deserted. That was cool! difficult child was 8 yrs old and determined to catch me a baby shark (he said he would grab it and run real fast before the mommy caught him.) I opted not to take him into the gift shop that had baby sharks in jars on sale though I had a very very brief thought of purchasing one as a cool memory of that moment - just very brief, the thought of explaining it in the airport baggage dept squelched that idea.

    I love Epcot - I wish we had more time there - that was our short day visit. We all loved the troll ride in one of the countries - I think Germany?

    The Epcot ride itself was very cool exept I kept waiting in nervousness for the "roller coaster" effect. I only went on it because they said there would not be one but didn't trust that because it feels like it in the climbing. I need to go on it again now that I am assured there is no roller coaster feeling.

    I am glad you had a good vacation.
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    Welcome back! :D

    Glad you got to get away from it all and take some down time. Sounds like you had fun. easy child will find his niche.....even if it takes a bit of time.

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    EW, You are correct. easy child doesn't get enough sleep and I am sure that factored into the accident. husband is going to talk to him this weekend. I'm just staying out of it all.

    Andy, I think you must have gone a different way than we did because it is only a block off the main drag the way we go. There is a shell shop at the corner that reminds me to turn off there. We did go to the germany for dinner and I think maybe a ride? I don't remember the specifics of the ride or any trolls LOL! Maybe I slept through it?

    Lisa, I think he will eventually find his way but it is so hard because he has both mental and physical disabilities. He is a good person with a heart of gold and easily taken advantage of but hopefully he will find a good fit. I can see him being a college professor teaching economics but he will need to get an advanced degree and right now he isn't too keen on returning to school. We will see....-RM
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    There is a Rick's Ice Cream Parlor in the parking lot. We were looking for the street sign to find it and could never find it. Yes, it is only a block off the main street but the street seemed more like an alley than a street. I think that is why we had a hard time identifying it. We went further on down the road to another public beach access and happened to find the street sign on our way out of town headed to NASA so we decided to stop since that was what we were looking for.
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    Welcome home, RM. :)

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    Glad you had a good time! Welcome back!
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    Thanks Star and Suz and wiped out! I thought that little avatar was awful cute so I'm using him for a while. He makes me laugh :)

    Andy, It is paved now and there is a sign but I can see how it might be easily missed. Yes we know Rick's we had a cone there before leaving the beach. Now I'm monitoring my glucose for a week. I had a slightly elevated level in my last bloodwork which was done just before I left for FL. I came home to a message from the doctor. My daughter has a meter formy grandson so I didn't have to buy one right off. Hopefully it was a fluke and I won't need it after this week. Otherwise I am going to have a hard summer not being able to have my ice cream :( -RM