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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by helpangel, Apr 20, 2012.

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    wow haven't been here since 2009 there have been a handful of hospital stays and an arrest but I found my way back. I'll try not to act like too much of a class clown but still need to find humor anywhere I can get it to survive so please anyone with a joke please share.

    Guess the updates I made to signature is quickest way to play catch up.

    ds got his bachelors in psychology but won't be Angel's nanny as all they do is fight.

    Angel 17yo - great joy deleting terms like conduct disorder or schizoaffective disorder and getting rid of the topamax that was all wrong for her. She is out of that prison disguised as a day treatment and back at public school with her sister who would rather she was at a different school.

    daughter 15yo is at the heart of medication trials and just had all 3 of hers increased last week hence why I am online again LOL. medication trials seem to be going smoother for her then they did for Angel, I think its because I'm better educated this time around.

    Anyway I see on the forums a few familiar faces and look forward to chatting with you again, also making some new friends. I'll end there since I tend to make my posts too long (I'll work on it)
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    Hi! I'm new since you were last here. You have had lots of adventure it seems!!!! Well, hope we can hear from you lots....and also sending good vibes that the medication trial goes smoothly, that is a huge part of our drama these days too...I hate puberty.
  3. DDD

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    Welcome back. We do what we have to do to survive. Sounds like you are alive and kicking. Hugs. DDD
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    Welcome back from me, too. I'm not posting as much as I used to, but I'm still here. Since you were last here, my three oldest kids got married (all within 10 months!) and I'm now a grandmother (four month old granddaughter courtesy of easy child). difficult child 3 is the only one at home and life is full of headaches! husband & I are now spending every night with his difficult child (at times) mother who needs a lot of care these days.

    We need to work hard sometimes to maintain a sense of humour!

  5. helpangel

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    Thanks for the welcome back everyone, glad you found the site buddy that many posts in less then a year obvious you find it valuable. I remember both of you DDD & Marguerite I'll try get back more often and try to stay away from typing such long posts no one has time to read them.
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    Welcome back!
  7. JJJ

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    Welcome back! (but sorry you needed us again)
  8. InsaneCdn

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    Ummm.... helpangel?
    Your post wasn't short by any means, but it wasn't long, either... Fairly moderate for an update after 2 years!

    Post what you need to - we don't edit for length.
  9. Welcome back and nice to meet you! I'm definitely a newbie. I must say I would have rather met all of you under different circumstances but everyone here is so wonderful!!

    Hope the medication adjustments go quickly and smoothly. medications are not something I'm familiar with as we haven't been there done that yet.
  10. helpangel

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    Well for me that post was short LOL. I understand the internet has the storage space but I'm trying to avoid some of the problems I ran into on the internet a couple years ago. Too long of posts, telling people what to do etc. 2009 another site was sending me emails along the lines of "quit dispensing medical advise" or "90% of these kids not as ill as Angel - quit scaring the new parents" . I stopped posting there when someone quoted one line out of the middle of my post and slammed it. Which led to everyone in the group bashing the me, not realizing that it had a whole different meaning without the rest of the original posting going with it.

    It's not that I NEED to be here as much as before just medication trials for 15yo has me online more and I noticed on another site all that is left posting is a bunch of newbies and a handful of moderators. Even the online support group there, the last post was yesterday morning by me. OK almost 500 parents of difficult child's and no one had anything to say since yesterday? hence why I'm back here.

    I love this site my only complaint is its too huge! there are too many of us for me to try to know everyone; oh well I guess I will have to suck it up and just do the best I can.

    Too many people, not enough people LOL thinking I'm getting a little difficult child myself at this point.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    Helpangel... I've been around about as long as buddy, a year or so.
    At first, it was all a sea of names.
    But... I also remember starting work at a major firm, and being innundated with 200 names the first day. Nine months later was a major function... and I knew about 75% of these people by name.

    It just takes time.

    There are patterns to it... the groups of people over on Parent Emeritus and Substance Abuse, with a few exceptions, don't overlap so much with Early Childhood, General Parenting, and Special Education. The number of really frequent, always-on-the-board people isn't THAT high. I find that if I'm off-line for a few days, it takes a bit to catch up and figure it out again. You've been away longer than that!