I'm bleeping angry tonight!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. tiredmommy

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    I received a call from a friend tonight, our girls are in the same multiage program. She said one of the teachers was very upset and hurt today because another parent had approached her to say that a group of parents had been sitting around complaining about the multiage teachers (she is a childhood friend of the teacher).

    She asked me if I knew anything since I was at the party.

    First off, I didn't hear any complaints about these teachers and I was with the adult group.

    Second, why would someone go back and report this even if it did happen?

    Really! What would be the purpose except to get a reaction out of this hard working and dedicated teacher? It's hurtful and mean-spirited!

    These professionals work hard everyday to give our kids the best education possible under shrinking budgets and testing stress. They develop strong and caring relationships with the children. They come in early and go home late. They always make time to meet with parents when asked. While I'm sure they aren't perfect (no one is), all four of these teachers are well educated, dedicated and caring individuals. The people of my community are fortunate to have them.

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    TM, I hear you! There always seems to be a busybody around trying to stir up trouble. Just remember that sometimes difficult child's are parents. Not a thing you can do about it other than to continue to praise and support the teachers under attack. -RM
  3. Hound dog

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    OMG, isn't this sort of thing supposed to stop after hs??? grrrrrrr I hate trouble makers who spread rumors to hurt other people.
  4. susiestar

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    It sounds like someone is trying to stir up trouble. Some people never develop past jr high age.
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    So the teacher heard this form someone who is an old friend of hers? Maybe she needs to have a closer look at this "old friend".

    Speaking from experience - one of difficult child 3's teachers who is an old friend of mine, is one who was apparently most counterproductive in her management of him and who I know put him on detention at times when it wasn't appropriate (her own son had been the cause of the problem but it was difficult child 3 who got punished instead). A lot of this I have only found out recently, then only on Thursday I found that difficult child 3's best friend (years younger than difficult child 3) who is now in this teacher's class, is being punished and mismanaged in ways that this teacher should (after her experience of difficult child 3) know not to do. She is doing things exactly wrong, exactly opposite to the way we had things in place for difficult child 3.

    So don't always trust old friends. Even though my "old friend" regularly waves at me as she drives past and will stop and talk to me when we meet in the street, I now realise she is not the friend I always thought she was.

    There is no point me ever saying anything to her. However, I know now to never confide in her, not anything important.

    I'd be telling your teacher friend to be similarly cautious, but to not say anything to indicate a lack of faith in her friend. Just keep her mouth shut and her ears/eyes open, from here on. Maybe her friend was mistaken in what she heard, maybe she got told by someone who was out to cause michief - or maybe she herself is the problem.

    But YOU didn't hear anything. So either it was said out of your earshot, or this is something designed to throw someone off balance.

    There are people like this. They have their own strong opinions and sometimes justifty them by making it seem as if "everyone says so". It's a form of cowardice in so many ways.

  6. tiredmommy

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    Thanks ladies. At least I'm not the only one that finds this sophomoric.

    Marg- The childhood friend is also my friend. She only spoke to me about it because we were both at the party and at opposite ends of the table where the adults were sitting. If neither of us heard it then it probably didn't happen. It will not go any further and we won't further embarrass the teacher by discussing it with her. The problem is, this program relies on a lot of parental support... you must opt your child into it. Gossip could really end up hurting the programming in the long haul if prospective parents don't place their children.
  7. Fran

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    There just seems to be a percentage of the female population that like being negative and catty. Most aren't but there always seems to be someone who doesn't like cooperation and cohesiveness.

    Teachers have an almost thankless task. I wouldn't do it. I appreciate those that do it and do it well. Petty criticism reflects more on the complainer than the teacher.
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    There always has to be at least one trouble maker in any group! Some people just seem to thrive on that kind of thing, stirring up gossip and creating problems where none existed. Even if she did hear something that would be hurtful to the teacher (which I doubt), why tell her! What purpose would it serve, other than to make her feel bad and stir up trouble? Most of us gave up this kind of behavior after high school!
  9. standswithcourage

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    Oh my goodness. I am a teacher and this sounds ridiculous. Yes teachers deserve more credit than they get! My two cents!