I'm coming home early! Woo Hoo...not!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, Dec 1, 2010.

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    The original plan was for Miss KT to be home for semester break from Dec 10 to Jan 9, but NOW she's seen her finals schedule, and she thinks she'll be home on Friday instead. We're not ready. After her wailing and crying at Thanksgiving because "I'm sleeping in a storage room, there's no room, I don't even have a bed..." it's worse now. A friend gave us a beautiful oak sectional computer desk/bookshelf/printer table, and we just got it set up in the library aka Miss KT's room. However, the rest of the room is torn apart because we had to make room for it.

    I have random furniture pieces shoved in the end of the living room. I spent all day yesterday cleaning, trying to make room for the tree, and I'm paying for it today. I hurt. I have to go out and pay some bills later today, and maybe hit some of the thrift stores, but right now I don't want to do anything except get comfortable and read.
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    Does Miss KT have essays to submit rather than finals? Should she really be at school until Dec 10, taking care of necessary end-of-term work? If so, maybe she should remain there
    and take care of things, and come back as scheduled. If not, a forewarning that things are not quite ready may be in order - but don't feel bad about your new furniture, or that you
    had to take a rest after moving things to get the tree set up. If you let Miss KT know that things are not quite ready for her return, if she chooses to come back early then you can
    remind her (if necessary) that she knew things were a bit disorganized, and let her 'own' her discomfort.
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    Hmm. Can you tell her majesty Miss Katie that she has to wait? I mean it isn't like she HAS to leave campus at a certain time.

    Just tell her the truth, it's the couch or you wait until the 9th. lol I'm sure it won't go over well...........but still. Kt needs to figure out she's all grown up now and you guys have a life outside of hers. Due to current attitudes......I'd probably have her camp out on the couch anyway just to be onary. :devil:
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    We don't have a couch...for that very reason.

    Now she's coming home tomorrow afternoon, after her last class. All her finals are done, and once she checks out of the dorm, she has to leave, or so she says. I told her the room was torn up, and she would need to clean it herself. I'm busy. I also let her know that her TV is not hooked up, and I don't know when that's gonna happen, so she needed to deal.

    I love the new furniture, and hope Hubby and I can get the sorting and organizing done this weekend. If not, Miss KT will just have to live with the chaos.
  5. Hound dog

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    LMAO about the couch...........wow you think ahead don't you.

    Well, when you change plans at last minute such things happen.