I'm going to wring easy child's neck

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nancy, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Nancy

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    easy child called me at noon today hysterical that she couldn't find her purse that she had put down on a table in the cafeteria at college and then gone to get her food and when she got back the purse was gone. I spent the next six hours helping her cancel credit cards, gift cards, checking accounts, taking her birth certificate and social security card to her so she could get a new drivers license, taking her space are key and getting the lock changed, making a police report, etc.

    She just called and said the cleaning people found her purse and all it's contents on a table in a different part of the cafeteria that she remembered putting it in. Evidently she put it down, got her food, and went to a different area to eat and the purse sat there for eight hours untouched.


  2. WhymeMom?

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    I thought only "old people" did things like this.....whew. Hey at least next time she will have it down pat on what to do, let her do it by herself.
  3. Abbey

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    Gee, Nancy...I think I do that once a week. ;) I can't even remember where I park my car when I go to work. Ok, ok...I'm getting older.

    Seriously, glad it was found and all contents in tact. At least there are some good people still out there.

  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I know you want to wring her neck.....but the bigger story here is a purse in PUBLIC UNTOUCHED for 8 HOURS!!!!!!!

    That is a feel good story if I ever heard one.....although-sadly not for the Mom doing all the calling and cancelling.

    I think it's amazing - really!
  5. Nancy

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    Yes we are so relieved it was recovered. In all honesty we were shocked and sadened when we thought it had been stolen because this is a small private college and everyone is so trusting that we couldn't believe someone from campus would take it, but then there are good and bad people everywhere. So when it was foundin the exact location it was left after so long it restored our faith in people.

    The bigger thing here is that easy child is so scatter brained I really worry about her. But alls well that ends well.

  6. dreamer

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    awww- don't be too angry at her. It is coming to end of year, spring fever etc, maybe final grades on her mind etc....things happen. Yeah, it DID take a lot of work and effort, time and energy to handle all those things, but...maybe it reinforced to easy child how much you love her, how much you are there for her...I doubt it really was the wasted efforts it might seem on the surface. Even normally non-scatterbrained people misplace things/forget where they put things sometimes. And maybe it might teach her that while where she is NOW might be a safe place to leave her purse on a table while she goes to get her food.....it is NOT a good habit to have at all. Even that kind of temptation could prove to be too irresistable even in some churches. Best for her to keep her purse with her.
    I agree with everyone, how wonderful it WAS left untouched! Even if you had already taken care of all the work to cancel things, replace things etc.it is my understanding even when you DO take those steps and even when you do it in a timely manner, sotimes things still slip thru etc. Sounds like this is NOT gonna be a worry at all. And- it is great she 1. was able to call you and tell you she left her purse unattended and now could not find it and 2. that she was able to call you with the embarrassing admission.
  7. Andy

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    The reverse happened to us last week - It was me who lost our cell phone. difficult child and I went back to the bank and Target to see if I left it on the service counters. We then went back to the grocery store where I had thrown a few things away and I had him stand by the garbage can while I went to the pay phone to call the cell phone to see if it would ring.


    I called my diva easy child who knows more about these things than I do (she is our cell phone/track phone expert) and asked if I should go to cell company to close that phone number. She was the calm one, "Mom, it hasn't been missing long enough - you will find it!"

    I went back to the van to search again and did find it behind the drivers seat!

    What a panicky feeling though! I did loose a credit card one time, never did find it and fortunately no one else did either.

    I would have done exactly what you did - cancel or put a hold on everything until the lost is found.

    What a great ending to your situation! :)