Im gonna have to make it miserable for Buck to be here

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    It appears Buck is going to feel he doesnt have to go to this mental health place. I got up this morning and he was still home. I went to his door and barked at the door asking why he was still here and he claimed he missed the bus. I dont buy it. I cant get a hold of Tony because his phone is dead and I figure that is for one of two reasons. Either Buck has it in his room and has it turned off or Buck used it all night long and ran it out of power. Either way Im going to start bringing the phone in the bedroom from now on at night so its fully charged in the morning.

    I think if Buck doesnt feel he has to go to that mental health place he should go to either Voc Rehab or I will call today to see if our community college has any classes he can get into.

    Buck makes these stupid indian pipes that he claims are for smoking tobacco out of. Now if you look at them they are perfect for sticking a screen in them and smoking pot or I suppose anything else. I say they are paraphernalia but according to the law unless they are found with illegal drugs, they are just "carvings". Aint life grand. Well unless they have been used...then they are a problem. I have never found a used one.

    So he has been making these pipes and selling them to the guys that work with Tony, mostly I think because they felt sorry for him. He makes this big deal out of the fact that they are made by an Indian. Supposedly he showed them to some students down from Wake Forest who were down to our local college and they thought he was just the bomb....they thought he was some great artist who was teaching at the college and all that jazz...well according to him. Oddly though none of them have contacted him to buy

    I have been on him since he got here to make some and let me put them on ebay so he can make some money. Well the other day he supposedly had some done and he wanted Tony to take them to some guys to try to sell them. Well, the day before yesterday I said something about had he finished all the pipes and sold them. Oh no, he had tried to sell some to "some boys" and they just didnt want to buy them. Then I mentioned well then let me put them on ebay. Well then he started hemming and hawing about the price. He said he didnt think $20 bucks was a good enough price to sell them for. I said that is the price he was selling them for around here and he said well he thought they should go for more and the people he talked to said he should just make a bunch and wait and sell them at the 4th of July. (Pow Wow here). I said Buck, are you making any money sitting on your ass in my chair? Are those pipes making any money sitting in that room? No? Well then we need to put them on ebay and see what they can bring. You need money.

    I tried to explain how we would put $20 as the starting bid and if no one bid more than that, the auction would come off without selling the pipes. I said what are you afraid of Buck? That you will find out that people will tell you that you arent as good as you think you are? You can find out two things...that people like them and they will pay good money for them or you will find out that they wont.
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    Note: I've sold personal stuff on eBay, and the best way on average (noted by us, and by others as well) if you start an auction at a penny, it's more likely to get bids. This means average closing price per sale is higher. I don't know if the "Buy It Now" setting works, but setting that at $20 means people have the choice of bidding *or* buying it now. Just remember to include shipping in the cost. :) If they're small enough, bubble wrap and a flat-rate Priority envelope makes it easy to post the shipping price.

    Yeah. Been there, done that. :)

    <edit> Oh! Make sure, if he's using found feathers for decoration, that he's not using protected or restricted species' feathers(i.e. raptors, endangered/threatened species list, etc.) On the other hand, those could get him busted so... :)
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    I have done it both ways. Yeah these could go out in those small bubble envelopes. I would have to go weigh one and get the price on shipping.
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    They cost less than that at a flea market...20 is actually a lot...they must be really nice??
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    Well I would upload a picture but it wont let me. I have no clue why. I havent been able to upload pics on here for a long time. Have no clue whats wrong with my computer or my browser.

    I do know he is going to have to find some way of making money though because I took him down to our hospitals indigent care program office to fill out their paperwork. Now to do this I had to lie and say there was only me and him living in the home or he would never get approved. Personally I dont think they should consider our income's in deciding whether or not to help him because that makes it sound like he is our responsibility. I dont think so. I dont even like them using my income to consider.

    But the kicker is he has to pay full price for the first visit to a primary care doctor on their list and then from then on they will approve him at most likely 100% free considering our income. The only thing though is that while they do help with most medications, they dont cover pain medications or antibiotics. Well most antibiotics they will give off the $4 list if possible and pain medications he will have to work to get the cheapest ones. Methadone is the cheapest one and the only other one that has a pharmacy plan is duragesic patches. He will have to go on methadone first. They wont put him on the patches right off. However pain clinics do other things like the procedures which might help him.

    He just refused to hear anything other than....that he had to pay for the first visit and they dont do pain pills. So basically he shut down right there.

    I was like okay Buck, so you think that was a waste of time? You dont want to go to a doctor at all? He started grumbling about the pain. I said Buck...they said they do have a pain clinic but you have to get a referral from your primary care doctor. You simply have to get your foot in the door and if you arent willing to do that then I dont know what to tell you. If you arent willing to even try, well then that is pretty darned stupid. That is lazy as all get out. I am willing to put all the pipes and necklaces you can make on Ebay for you so you can make money to go to this doctor but I cant force you to want to do anything. You dont seem to have the interest that I would have if I was in as much pain as you claim to be in. If someone had told me that was available back when I had no insurance, I would have collected bottles and cans to make the money. Maybe I will send him to the park this weekend to pick up cans. If he collects cans he should make some money. There are things he could do.
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