I'm happy with my Straight Talk Service plan but .. .. ..


I need to replace my phone; it is well worn. I'm not sure what to do next, I am such a techno phobe.

I want a simple phone without bells & whistles & one that will work with the 1500 minutes per month for $30 ~ I just don't need more than that.

My other wish to put a phone & a plan together is to have a phone that will provide more than 10 one touch auto dial from the much larger contact list; in other words, the phone can store lots & lots of contacts & I can just hit a single or double digit to pull up frequently used contacts.

My hope is not having to spend more than about $59 for this NEW phone, which is not unrealistic for something no frills. I've talked to http://www.shopstraighttalk.com/bpdirect/straighttalk/Start.do?action=view&zip=06415&productFamily=Phones&locale=en&siteType=&market=GSM5ATSPRCO&gotoPhonelist=true&city=COLCHESTER&state=null&__utma=95351774.128702874.1437322054.1437505572.1437512031.4&__utmb=95351774.8.9.1437512048246&__utmc=95351774&__utmx=-&__utmz=95351774.1437326836.2.2.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=7639930 Straight Talk Customer Service & am just as confused as ever ~ they aren't able to supply me with enough clear info to make a good decision in this matter

Help please?


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I'd like to know this too. I just need texting and nothing else and I don't want another contract!!!! My kids can stay on some plan, but I don't want them on a contract either. Gets too costly. My kids, both now working, can pay for their portion of the cell phone bill.

I'm fine with a good quality pay-as-you-go phone. I have a tablet for other stuff.


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My younger son has Total Wireless. It's $35 a month for unlimited talk and text and 2.5 GB of data. I think they also have a plan without the data that costs $25 a month for unlimited talk and text. The phone is a basic smartphone. A Moto E or something like that. It cost $80 and was his 8th grade graduation present. They also have cheaper phones but I can't remember what they are. It works perfectly and he's had no problems with the phone or service plan.

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Our phone and carrier are Metro P C. D H got the phone (Samsung Galaxy Exhibit) for $75 with a $25 rebate. We have all kinds of things on that phone that we don't even know about. Unlimited text and minutes. Last summer, we used their Wifi hotspot for our internet for $5 more. I don't understand GB and so on, but that wasn't enough, because I spend so much time on the site. When your GBs are used, internet speed slows to a crawl. $40 month. No contract. This summer, we purchased internet from a local provider, and the phone has been more than adequate just for checking emails and etc. The phone has a very nice camera. For basic phone and texting, we are fine with this phone and package.



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We have Net10 & have loved it for 3 years now. My son had a super simple $10 a month phone, I have a mid-range phone with a slide out QWERTY keypad, and husband & Jess have smartphones. Their plans are reasonable or you can go and buy cards (like gift cards) that give you a certain number of minutes. We did the cards for my son as a way to keep tabs on his use - we paid for x minutes a month and he paid for the rest. We are upgrading/replacing some phones this month because it is time. The kids are having a lot of glitches and problems with their phones, but they are both almost 3 yrs old.

Around here the stores don't really carry phones for any of the carriers except Verizon, Sprint, & AT&T. Even US Cellular really isn't carried here - you have to go online to order their phones and start their plans. I would go to the websites and take a look at the things they offer. Of course most of the pay as you go carriers will let you use any phone you already have, which can be nice.

Good Luck with your phone hunt!