I'm having trouble with the left...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    side of my body. Yikes! This started in November or October (I can't recall), I'm having pain in my wrist, shoulder, fingers, palm of my hand and bottom of my foot. It's been getting progressively worse though I had some improvement today because I had placed one of Duckie's ponytail holders around my wrist. It's not super tight but seems to have worked as a pseudo brace. I think I may need to go into the chiro, I can't get in before January 9th. :( I'm having trouble sleeping because I usually sleep on my left side and I'm waking up when I roll over on my sore side.

  2. susiestar

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    Was there an accident or anything that preceded this pain? Because it is all on one side it makes me think neurological - and that is not at all good.

    Any chance it is ms? Have you been to your regular doctor (primary care doctor)? If not, please get an appointment as soon as is possible - call in the morning and tell them what is going on. If the pain gets any worse, go to the ER. This sounds like nothing to play with.


  3. Jena

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    i'm sorry your having a rough time, def a chiropractor at least. Is it an ongoing condition thing or this is out of the blue??

    Having your sleep interrupted is not a good thing either. I'm guessing sleeping on the right side isn't working out. Maybe try putting a pillow behind your back. I did that once years ago i was recovering from a surgery and had to keep on one side.

    I hope you get some rest tongiht.
  4. tiredmommy

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    I don't think it's strictly neurological like MS, I have a feeling my back and neck are so far out of whack that I have some pressure on a nerve. I've been gently stretching my neck, shoulder and hip since early this evening. My joints on the left side keep popping now (eww!). My shoulder muscle feels like it has a knot in it too, I was so sore and stiff earlier that I didn't even notice it.
  5. amazeofgrace

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    I agree a neurologist should be your 1st stop
  6. flutterbee

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    If the chiropractor visit doesn't help, I'd see a neuro, too.

    Have you tried your muscle relaxer?

    I hope you're feeling better soon.
  7. tiredmommy

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    Yes, I had 5mg flexeril night before last, yesterday was a huge improvement. I was still sore and my joints were popping and cracking (yuck!), but I was able to move a lot easier (stretch, extend, etc). I just wish I knew what I did... was it unloading the truck at work... shoveling... lugging Christmas decorations upstairs... moving/stacking tables and chairs at church? I must have done something fairly minor at one point (probably to my lower back) and my body over-compensated until that didn't work any more.
  8. Wiped Out

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    TM-I hope the chiropractor is able to help and wish there was a way you could get in before the 9th-don't they do emergency appts? If it doesn't help be sure to seek help from a neuro. Hugs.
  9. Mayapple5

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    I have degenerative disc disease and this sounds like what I have had to deal with. When I have had a pinched nerve in the neck I have pain in the arms (either side) tingling in the hands and fingers, pain in the wrists, right now it's in the left) When I have it in the lower back I have trouble sleeping on one side or the other, depends on what vertebrae is pinching what nerve. Tingling in the toes and pain down the leg. Sometimes I can't climb stairs, I have to pull myself up, my knees don't want to work and I can't sleep because of the pain that goes down the leg. Then other times I'm just fine. Fleseril makes me dizzy and I can't function to take care of difficult child. So I take a general pain pill and keep on going. I take a bit stronger one after husband is home at night and he takes over while I crash! But I do know what you are going through. Life can be miserable when there is pain and you can't sleep and you can't do daily activities and nothing seems to help.

    I've had three surgeries on my neck alone, they said they can't do any more because of the scar tissue. Right now I'm waiting another MRI on my neck next week, I think there is just inflamation and arthritis causing the pain the left arm. But a brace seems to help, geeze I hate wearing that thing!! But it does help!

    Good luck with the chiro, I hope that helps!

  10. ML

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    I'm sorry you're going through this and look forward to hearing a positive update soon.
  11. SearchingForRainbows

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    I think going to the chiropractor is a good idea for immediate help. However, I agree with the others that you should see a neuro. Hopefully, you're right - The cause of the pain isn't anything too serious. However, it NEVER hurts to rule out all other causes.

    I hope you feel better soon!!! WFEN
  12. hearts and roses

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    Is it that you can't get an appointment or that your insurance won't cover it until the 9th? Many chiros have a reduced fee for 'cash paying' clients if your insurance won't cover the appointment - say about $35/visit. I choose to see a chiro I love rather than the poops they have in my insurance so I have to pay out of pocket, which is $35/visit.

    If insurance is not the issue, can't they get you in earlier on a cancellation list or simply because you're in so much pain? If you haven't already done so, call and see.

    A good chiro will tell you if you need to see a neuro, but if you have any doubts, definitely get in to see one asap. It's just not worth the risk of waiting.

    Will a hot soak help? A massage perhaps? I hope you're feeling better soon!
  13. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    She's (unfortunately) booked solid due to our recent heavy snowfall and the holiday. It seems like a lot of patients throw their backs out and need adjustments a week or two after a bad snowstorm. I'm confident that she will refer me if needed, she knows when she is out of her league.
  14. Hound dog

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    I don't like it all being on one side of the body either. Make a neuro appointment along with the chiro, just to be checked out and to make sure nothing else is going on.

  15. Steely

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    Hmmmmmmmm...........and maybe a general physical. I would worry since it was all on my left side, that it could also be heart related.
    Hugs being sent your way.
  16. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Thanks Steely. :) For the record I have had no shortness of breath, weak/fluttering pulse, undue fatigue, no stabbing pains, or indigestion. No chest tightness or uncharacteristic anxiety since this all started. I can walk up and down the stairs several times carrying items with absolutely no difficulty. I can walk briskly and have a conversation too. :thumbsup:
  17. DDD

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    I immediately "clicked" on your post as I, too, am having weird symptoms and started to "consult" the Board. :D I have "tingling" on both sides from the shoulders to the finger tips and arthritis like (I think) discomfort. My symptoms started a few weeks ago and have gotten worse. Bummer!

    I hadn't even thought of the Chiropractor. That may be a good path to choose. All I am sure of is that I don't have patience to see a local MD...I just don't have any confidence in the local yokels.

    I tried WebMD last night and was shocked at how many different things could be causing the symptoms. Like you, I don't know what started this. I think I'll see how your diagnosis comes out before deciding what, if anything, I am going to do. :redface: DDD
  18. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    TM, you must be my mirror. My right side has been giving me grief lately. My right shoulder blade feels like it is on fire, my right hip is sore, and my right leg is numb. Oh, and I have a callous on my right foot that hurts so bad it feels like there is glass in my foot.

    I'm seeing a doctor in a couple weeks; I hope you get some answers as well.
  19. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    3D- Please don't base your medical decisions on me, I'd feel horrible if you don't have a good outcome! See a doctor or other health care provider if warranted.

    BBK- Are you the good twin or the bad twin to me? :winks:
  20. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    TM, I think I may be both...