I'm ignorant; never thought about cross contaminat

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    cross contaminates with with surfaces, physical contact, and airborne for allergies. Have no clue why -- it's something I'm aware of with germs.....

    An extreme case of allergies in a child, but this article has some info on how important it is to know how to translate label ingredients, e.g., caramel coloring = milk product, flu vaccine = egg product.

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    I had to chuckle the other day ... I saw some nut candies labled: "May contain traces of peanuts." Uh, yeah!
    Still, most people don't know, for example, that vaccines contain all sorts of things, from egg products to thimerosal (mercury).
    Thanks for the link.
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    Well, I read it. Interesting. Cute, too.
    I liked the expression, "Teddy-proofing."
    In one sense, that mom is lucky because the allergies are so obvious. Many of us have kids whose allergies cause behavior issues and people don't believe us (mostly, extended family members who don't have to live with-the kid, LOL!)
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    I don't think it has anything to do with being "ignorant". Moms have SO much to keep track of (especially moms of difficult children) how can we possibly think of everything? that is what we have each other for.