I'm just a bit tired of the sense of entitlement.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, May 31, 2010.

  1. timer lady

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    in young people today. I don't know if it's because their parents have always rescued them or given in to their every whim. I just don't understand it. The young people in the service industry seem to think that they should have off every holiday weekend; every time there is a party or a camping trip.

    Our current PCA for kt got bent out of shape because she was to work this holiday weekend. I called her supervisor who informed me that I told PCA she would have the weekend off - nope would have written it down. Let supervisor know that PCAs request for the weekend off was a text message the Tuesday before this weekend (4 days) & that she would do her best to get a sub in to work with kt. Didn't happen & PCA didn't come in for her weekend shifts.

    Supervisor informed me that kt is the big picture - she loves PCA. I commented that may be the case but if I cannot rely on PCA she's useless to me & continues to disappoint kt that love for PCA will drop real fast.

    So PCA took the weekend off; was to be in here today for her shift. Another convenient text message informed me early this morning that her car won't start & won't be able to work her shift today. Hmmmm - do you believe that? I don't.

    I'm fuming - my visit to wm is off. PCA is on the short list - once another is found to replace her she is gone.
  2. DammitJanet

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    Well, I dont think its everyone. My oldest doesnt feel that way. He works retail and because he only has a niece he offers to work the holidays...especially the big ones. He has always offered to work Xmas eve, Black Friday, Easter, etc because other people who have small kids want to be home with their kids. He has worked all this past weekend and I think he has to work today...dont know for sure. Keyana has been here too and misses her Uncle when he isnt here.

    For me personally, Im a bit ticked that Tony had to work today! He works construction and no one would suffer...lol.
  3. JJJ

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    I agree Linda, PCA is out. You need reliable help, not help when it is convenient for them.

    Janet - one of my sisters is a nurse and she always volunteered for those big days - for about 10 years in a row she worked Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. Even once she had a kid, she still did it for the next 2 years figuring the baby would have no idea whether it was Dec 25th or 26th. Now that her daughter is old enough to know, she figures she paid her dues and she takes off Christmas Eve and Day. She said you can't beat 4 days of double pay right before those holiday credit card bills arrive :)
  4. gcvmom

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    There are a lot of kids with that attitude. Part of it is the age, I believe. Part of it is their overall background and history of having their every wish catered to. I have nieces who are like that. And even my kids try a move on me once in a while. They are quickly reminded of their place and their responsibilities. Kowtowing to their selfish demands does no one any favors. You need to stick to your guns, Linda, and let the supervisor's milquetoast attitude be damned. What would happen if YOU didn't show up when you were supposed to return from an outing while the PCA was with K.T.? Somehow, I don't think they'd be very understanding. Find a new PCA.
  5. GoingNorth

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    I agree with the sense of entitlement and it always amazes me. I am not a Christian and have always offered to work their traditional holidays like Christmas and Good Friday and Easter.

    Made no difference to me and back in the days of unions and hourly wages, the double pay was sure nice. husband often hung back and worked around the holidays so other soldiers in his unit could take passes for the holidays.

    I do have to admit to being infuriated at parents being "allowed" to take time off to care for sick kids, when I got hassled for needing time to deal with husband's illnesses.
  6. timer lady

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    Janet I'm sorry if I implied all young people ~ I just happen to be surrounded by many young college students that want to make money but on their terms period.

    Chicken Lady, I have several nieces who still depend on mum & dad to rescue them, pay their rent, etc, etc, etc, . My older sister is beginning to get extremely resentful - not a thanks out of the bunch of them. My younger sister more so with her identical twins.

    GN, my very first job was a CNA ~ I worked every shift assigned because that was my job. As I earned a bit of seniority I didn't have every weekend on nor work every holiday.

    PCA will be dealt with & the deed will be done. I just hate going through this process - I hang onto the good ones until they graduate. In between I get many flakes til I hit the right PCA for kt & the dependability I need.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Oh I didnt take it as you meant them all. Billy gets upset too because so many of the flakes work with him. His manager is a flake. His manager only scheduled himself and Billy to work all weekend...open to close, so the others could be with their families. Ok, fine, but then manager better be there too right? Well Sunday, Manager didnt even show up till 3 pm because he had to go to a cookout! Billy was at the store alone! Store closed at 6. So manager came in for 3 hours. Big whoop. Then at 8:30 alarm goes off in the back of the store because a box fell over...Manager calls Billy to go turn it off. We live 25 miles away. Manager lives 10 but manager was on a date. Sigh. Billy went to meet the cops and turn off the alarm...of course, he doesnt get paid mileage or get assistant manager status or any of that jazz...or paid to due it. Sigh.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Yest i think there is a huge sense of entitlement by many young people and it drives me crazy! I agree the PCA should be gone! I remember when I was young and working retail I worked every rotten shift there was-I figure I was paying my dues. My dad was a great role model for me because he had to work every holiday and rarely had weekends off (he worked for an airline).
  9. Hound dog

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    Yes, I have to agree. I'm seeing it way, way too much these days.

    Spoiled is what they used to call it. lol Drives me crazy.

    Now I do know quite a few young people who don't have it........but then they've had to scratch for themselves, even as kids to some degree, and work hard to get what they want.
  10. muttmeister

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    Well, I agree that there is a huge sense of entitlement among people out there right now but I'm not sure it's just young people who are like that. I notice a lot of older people (I'm old myself) who feel the same way.

    It seems like we are all (OK, not all, but many) spoiled rotten in this country and we have lost the work ethic and the idea of not having everything you want as soon as you want it and everything the way you want it. Even those of us who are scraping by are much better off than a large percentage of people in the world and once we have some, we seem to want more. We want to have every thing without working for it; if work interferes with our wants, we blame the work instead of being thankful we have jobs and waiting. I thought maybe the current economic problems would help cure us but I don't see too much change.

    I don't mean to imply that EVERYBODY is like that, but there are sure a lot of people out there who want to collect a paycheck without doing anything and without having their personal lives disrupted by a little thing called going to work and being responsible.
  11. AnnieO

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    Yup, you got it.

    It absolutely stuns me, though - it's not just college students, Linda. I know quite a few people my age and a bit older/younger who seem to think the world owes them. I don't get it. I work my rear off and don't expect anything - my grandmother offered to pay for my car in mid 2004... Thank goodness she offered it to my Mom, who turned her down. I was never good at telling Grandma no, but that's not what I wanted. And I worked and paid it off myself.

    Even husband has this going some... He does not mind working but is quite spoiled. mother in law bought him whatever he wanted as a bribe (his parents had a nasty divorce too), as a result he's not so good with money. But he tries, at least.

    Onyxx and Jett - don't seem to think they should have to lift a finger. Fine, but when they graduate from high school - they're OUT. I've tried and tried, but I still have to remind and remind and remind. Well... Gee. They get clothes - but not necessarily the ones they want. Food, but... And a roof over their heads. When they turn 16, they better find a job within walking distance, if they want a car.

    Both were quite upset this year that they only got 2 Christmas gifts from me & husband. Jett looked up and asked where the rest were. I had told them before. Oh well. And Onyxx hasn't even messed with her Guitar Hero much. Jett keeps losing his DS because he gets wrapped up in it and doesn't answer when spoken to OR do his chores. He asked me for it this morning and husband turned him down FLAT.

    I guess I do too... I expect that for hard work I should get appropriate compensation and perhaps a thank you!!!
  12. KTMom91

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    We had entitlement flying all over the place this weekend. Miss KT says her bed is uncomfortable. OK, I'll agree it probably is, since her mattress was mine before Hubby and I bought a new one ten years ago, and I inherited the bedroom set from my Nana back in 93. Miss KT says we can buy her a new mattress. No.

    But I only want a twin, to fit the daybed! When are you going to refinish the daybed? I don't care, but I want you to do it before I get a new mattress. How about tomorrow? Can you refinish it tomorrow? No.

    But I'm having terrible allergies! I can't sleep! Big Lots has them for only $99, we can go right now. Let's go! The truck has gas, right? NO. I AM NOT BUYING YOU A NEW MATTRESS RIGHT NOW.

    Fine. I'll just borrow Nana's blow up mattress then She's gonna be mad when she finds out you won't buy me a new mattress. WHATEVER. GO AWAY.

    If I'd been told about the mattress problem earlier, we could have budgeted for it. However, she didn't, and there are only eight more days I can work this school year.