I'm just curious...have you guys read about the Casey Anderson murder case?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, May 14, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    Yeah, I know my brain is "off" the past two weeks...but, I am curious and don't see how it can hurt anyone to ask. In Orlando there is a case about the alleged murder of a 2,5 little girl by her Mother. It took place two or three years ago and the Court system is trying to seat a jury. They have moved to the other side of Florida in hopes of finding possible jurors who aren't familiar with the case....they are havng a hard time.

    Just curious? With all the national publicity does the case "ring a bell" with you all.
    The young Mother and her little daughter lived with her parents in Orlando. The Mom waited over thirty days before telling her parents that the little girl was with her "nanny" and hadn't been seen in over a month??

    The case is BIG. The Court is desperately trying to seat a jury. My gut says that almost every one "knows" the back story on this. Do you? DDD
  2. AnnieO

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    ...Do you mean Casey Anthony?

    And if so - yeah, I do. Actually, her mother (grandma) called the cops and told them her car smelled like death. Or something like that.

    Unfortunately... I can see parallels, the fact that the whole thing is "someone else's fault"...
  3. DDD

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    Chalk up the Anthony as opposed to Anderson to the side effects of Cutty Sark trying to quit smoking! How's that for sad??

    Yep, that's the case. I just can't believe the Judge thinking he can "seat a jury" in a few days in Florida. WTH! I'm betting that most of the Board members have read of the case from one end of the Country to another.

    Like most people I am "assuming" the bioMom is guilty. on the other hand, I believe 100% in the right of the Defendant to have a fair and impartial jury. Rushing to get a jury in less than a week??????????? Doesn't make sense to me. DDD
  4. ski10

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    I think it's the Casey Anthony case?

    Been watching Nancy Grace and following it and they are choosing a jury right now, she's accused of murdering her daughter Caylee. I am sure most people have heard of it, unless they have no TV or don't read newspapers, I remember her getting arrested and all her stories.

    Is it just me but does the judge seem a little "off" ?? Quite entertaining to watch.:coffee:
  5. Hound dog

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    I remember it. So do my daughters.

    I don't think with the media hype.........and oh man did they hype this one up of course, that they'll find anyone not familiar with the case.......
  6. donna723

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    I don't live anywhere near Florida now but the case has been on the national news ever since it happened. My brother in law and sister in law used to live very close to where this happened. I don't know how they will ever find a jury that hasn't even heard about it, even in a different part of the state! They'd have to find someone who'd been living under a bridge for the last couple of years, and who would want them on a jury!
  7. susiestar

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    This case is huge news even now. I hope that whatever really happened comes out in court. 48 hrs did a show on her, you can still see it on cbs.com. Apparently Casey is claiming that she will release big new evidence of what really happened in court. If she had this kind of proof that she claims, it would have been out before this, in my opinion. Cause she could get HUGE money for it and would avoid a trial. Of course she is likely hoping to turn all of this into books and movies starring her as the misunderstood victim of it all. in my opinion she is delusional and there seems to be a huge amt of proof that she is guilty. Heck, just waiting thirty days to report her missing was enough proof for me that she was involved, Know what I mean?? What kind of loving parent doesn't know where her TODDLER is for a month and doesn't tell anyone? It sounded all along like she hoped no one would ask where the little girl was, ever. And when her mom pushed it, she just started spewing lies. Your mom might believe them for a little while, but no one else does.

    maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion she is guilty and will be found guilty unless the press manages to muck it up with sensationalism about the missing nanny ****. in my opinion she picked that nanny name because she heard it around the park and thought no one would find the woman ever. If she did leave her kid with a nanny that she didn't know the home of or phone number of, what kind of mom was she?
  8. witzend

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    I absolutely remember this case and I'm not one who watches that type of news program. You couldn't get away from it at the time. They're not likely to find anyone not familiar on some level with the case. The best she can hope for is that she will get a jury who is ready to hear the facts and rule on findings of law. I honestly think that Florida will fry her, but then again I thought that OJ would be found guilty of killing Nichole and Ron, so I guess you never know.
  9. donna723

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    I think you're right Susie. And they said that the child had visited with the grandparents very often, she and the baby actually stayed with them for a while. I can't imagine what excuse she could possibly have given them when the child was suddenly gone! And then there's all those photos of her out partying while her toddler was supposedly"missing"! I think they said that they had located the woman that she claimed had been caring for the little girl and this woman didn't even know her! It's all so bizarre.
  10. Andy

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    Yes, I remember the case well. I watched some of the jury selection (I think on Wednesday when I was home). The issue during the first round is finding enough people who can set aside 6 - 8 weeks of their lives to serve. So hard to do. Such a long time to put your life on hold these days. There was some speculation of our generation now taking care of our parents as well as kids so more commintments, more financial issues. Then going into the summer months with vacations already planned, tickets (airfare and entertainment) already purchased that would cause a financial hardship to cancel without refunds available.

    One jurer was excused for religious reasons - she needed to take communion on a daily basis. The judge did not think that would be easy to arrange.

    One was going to check on possibility of getting plane tickets refunded (not all airlines will do so) and the judge was going to try to get his ball game tickets switched to another time (the juror is planning on taking his elderly grandmother to a big league ball game). One juror had a trip already planned to see kids he hasn't seen in over three years. One juror has to check with his employer to see if they will give him enough paid leave of absense to serve. I think employers are suppose to hold your job but I am not sure if they have to pay for leaves involving serving on jurys. The list goes on and on.

    Once this first round is done determining who can give up 6 - 8 weeks of their lives, then they will be requestioned on different issues such as their personal feelings about this particular case, if they have strong feelings about her guilt or innocents or against the death penalty if it does get to that point, ect.
  11. KTMom91

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    I don't think they have a prayer of finding anyone who hasn't heard of the case, but hopefully they'll be able to find enough people who can be impartial to have the trial.
  12. donna723

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    I don't think there is a requirement that employers have to pay their employees their regular pay when serving on a jury. Many do not here. In our county we get called every other year or so to be in a jury pool that serves for three months at a time. When there is to be a jury trial, the entire "pool" has to show up and the jury is picked from this pool. My brother and I always seemed to get picked to be in the same pool and the jury selections can take several days. I worked for the State and always got my regular pay but my brother did not. He either had to go without pay for those days or use his vacation days.
  13. witzend

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    Here we have "grand jury" which is how we determine whether a crime has been committed. We don't do "preliminary hearings" to determine charges, the grand jurors do. The first Monday of the month is when they seat the grand jury. If you are called that day, and your employer pays time off for grand jury, you are seated regardless of what your other excuses might be. You can present your hardship to the "presiding judge" (big cheese of the county) and see if they will let you off, but there's slim to no chance of that. husband and I have both sat on the grand jury.

    I could never sit on a trial like that of Casey Anthony. I hope that they seat lots of alternate jurors, because people are going to drop like flies from this jury if it goes on for 7 - 8 weeks. Just like with OJ they used up their last alternate juror. Usually you only pick one or two extra, but they should really seat 6 or 7.
  14. Mattsmom277

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    Even here in Canada, the Casey Anthony trial has been covered from day 1 to a huge extent. I doubt even here in a this country you could find many without media knowledge of the case and as far as a inpartial jury? Hmm. Not sure how that will work. I know the whole "innocent until proven" thing, but sometimes the coverage is so in your face it is hard if not impossible to not have very strong opinions. Not to mention this case particularly has some had some pretty daunting coverage against the mother.

    I was just reading today as a matter of fact about how it seems during jury selection the defense pretty much showed she is going to admit to having killed her daughter, but throw her parents under the bus as a defense. That she was abused etc and it lead to this act of hers against her own daughter. The case is heart breaking at any rate. That was one beautiful little girl.
  15. donna723

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    Our county is so little and we have very few jury trials. Every three months they have the big cattle call jury pool selections where they call up enough people to fill up the courthouse. Then they literally pull names out of a cardboard box to pick the ones who will be in the jury pool! The first so-many names pulled become the grand jury for that three months and the rest go in the jury pool. Then they notify you if or when there is going to be a jury trial and you have to show up, then they pick the jurors from the pool. I've been called several times but have always been excused by the defense lawyers. As soon as they found out that I worked for the Dept. of Correction and that half of my family are police officers, I'm outta there!

    But I can't imagine how it would be to be a juror in one of these big, high profile trials!
  16. DDD

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    I've served on two juries...both were murder cases. The first was in Miami when I was 31. We found the young man not guilty but most of us believed he probably was guilty. The Prosecution just left out big gaps of time in their presentation. The jury could not submit questions. So...his guilt was not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. I remember being frightened after we came in with the verdict. It was 11 PM downtown Miami and my car was parked six blocks from the Courthouse. That was one long scarey walk for a sweet young thing who remembered "never let them see you sweat!"

    The second case was local and not too intimidating. We found him guilty of a lesser charge and it was interesting serving as foreman.

    I would NOT want to serve on the Anthony jury. The emotions are going to be sky high. The jurors will be spending almost all their time together and there are bound to be a few panel members who would get on your last nerve before the first week. on the other hand I strongly believe in our jury system. Just wish all defendants had equal access to justice. DDD
  17. SomewhereOutThere

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    There is a book out about it and I read it (I like True Crime). So, yes, I heard about it. I think she did it and don't see how anyone else could have and wonder how they will find an impartial jury. What a mess...I would never want to serve for this sort of trial.
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    How many of you think she's innocent?
  19. HaoZi

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    Also in the group that thinks she's guilty. Much as FL loves their death penalty, I'd still be surprised to see that handed to her at this point. If they had enough evidence to prove it nasty enough for the death penalty she'd had already pled out for a life sentence instead.
  20. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    There is no way that she DIDN'T do this! Her behavior all along has been completely inappropriate and bizarre. When mine were toddlers I would have a major panic attack if I lost track of them for even a second or two. Who would be out dancing, drinking and partying if their child were missing? It's gone on so long now I don't remember but I'm assuming that she's had mental examinations and been shown to be competent?

    I have absolutely no sympathy for her at all and I have no doubt that she is responsible for her child's death. But I wouldn't be willing to bet that she deliberately killed her. Didn't they find traces of chloroform or something like that in the trunk of her car? It could be that having a toddler to care for was cramping her style, keeping her away from her active social life, so she drugged her or rendered her unconscious with the chloroform so she could go out and party ... then something went wrong, the child died, and she tried to cover it up. Still, if she didn't want to care for her child, the grandparents appear to have been very loving and very involved with the child - surely they would have taken her rather than to have this happen.