Im Lost..Stressed...Confused..At A Dead End?..Reaction to medications.. blinking fast??

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    Lets start with my dad and grandfather both have severe health issues and are dying.....

    My best friend with Bipolar is having a breakdown possibility I may get her son for a while....

    My Sister is also having a breakdown....

    I have no Job and am freaking out how am I going to pay bills

    My kids dad is starting his "attitude again with me"

    My Son is still struggling in school, his deffience is yikes, last night he said he'd kill himself If I didnt let him go outside and play and for something else I cant remember.... demands etc.. still violent of course.. At the Museum/farm he squeezed my hand so hard and was angry and demanding where to walk..when even tho his friends were there... ( brand new place yes) for at least 30 minutes then he loosened up when a boy kept bugging him to go with him and he should ( my son) have many friends etc!!! Then my son started running with the kids and playing. One of my friends says he seems calmer.. the Clonidine I think is making him tired..because I too don't see the extreme energy he had before. No one believes me he is actually a hyper..outgoing/angry child because he is sometimes calm but after he feels comfortable bam!!!! On the way home from the trip he started blinking really fast.. and when i touched his shoulder called his name he quit then he was breathing fast the third time he did that.. he said he didnt feel good but was ok. Because of medications? No other issues other nausea and tired... and was actually behaved at the restaurant! No going under tables... no jumping on the seat and no getting in and out of booth!!!! ;) He again said he didnt feel good, did eat a little but was extremely mouthy as usual. Maybe cuz he didnt feel good or because of medications? He is still not eating enough and both medications require full healthy meals!!! Im trying!!! This morning Im happy he ate a bowl of soup and bread!!!! Lunch he ate a little.. dinner hes nibbling still...

    My Daughter is really.. really scared of needles/medications/tests that Dr.s do, another comment on how she shows NO EMOTIONS By sons Scout Master!!!! At Dr's today which got canceled cause wrong Dr for Insurance for her, (so we go back next week )but she literally got so scared of cat scan and IVs she flipped out!!! I told her anxiety of these things, anxiety or something of not able to talk to people.. omg!! She needs to get tested and she is going and they will probably give her little pills to help her be able to relax and OMG!!!! Did I have a battle from my extremely quite daughter!! Shes still in a mood!!! I don't know, I know she needs the help.. some type of help..... we all do we need therapy and more testing so bad I can taste it!!!

    Where can I go for help? Im researching for my kids, as well as waiting on the referral from neurologist this month, but will they do family sessions? Can they help me too? I want to learn how to cope with all these issues because frankly.... I can do better.. I need someone to lean on because everyone else is leaning on me, which I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE AND BEING HERE FOR THEM BUT i NEED SOMEONE AS WELL. I mean, I know you all here for me too, but I need someone here to be able to help when one or both of my family is in the hospital..( has already happened a couple of times) I lean on another friend but she has helped me soooo much already I cant ask her anymore ya know? What do I do>? What can I do? :(
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    Well, first of all, you can not take care of everyone else when your kids are having problems. There must be other siblings, friends, or a health care professional who can help care for your sick grandfather and father. You can't do it all alone and shouldn't try. As for this one and that one having a nervous breakdown, you actually sound as stressed as they probably are and are not in any shape to be their caregivers either. There is no way you are in shape to take on another kid, regardless of the situation. They need to find real professionals to do that. If you don't relax, you will not stay healthy yourself and you matter!!

    I don't know what medications your son is taking because you don't have a signature. But it doesn't sound as if his behavior is an emergency right now so I'd try to calm myself down. Same thing with your daughter. She is probably somewhere on the high functioning end of the spectrum and is really doing ok with some typical quirks. Therapy doesn't help that...medications can maybe help calm her down, but again it isn't an emergency. If she tries to argue with you, try not to engage her. As for your ex, don't answer the phone when he calls you if all he wants to do is give you grief. You divorced him so ya didn't HAVE to talk to him, so don't!

    The very first thing you need to do in my opinion is get a therapist for yourself. If necessary, go to your county mental health center. They operate on a sliding scale.

    I am sorry you are so stressed. I was told not to make any serious decisions when I was stressed. I think you should calm down the best you can and take care of yourself right now.

    Hugs and take care!!!
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    Thanks, I know I just get my moments where Im so blah! School has daycare until them till 6pm most days so that can help there, weekends if I find a job well, still gotta figure that one out. . I know neither are emergencies right now but that blinking and breathing scared me! But hes ok again since then. I know Im breathing!!! I know what your saying about my daughter and I just wish she could at least hear me out without flipping out! I told her I understand etc.. but she just doesnt want to hear it and gets sooo offended.

    My grandpa has caregivers every morning so that helps.. my aunt comes every two months for a few days so thats helps. I just wish my sis wasnt having a breakdown!! Of course, she doesn't live here either. I think- no I know once I get a job that will release a lot of stress cuz I know bills will be paid!!! So pray I get one soon please?

    I know, I want to help and want to be in a field where I can help several people but I need to find a way to do that, need classes and counseling myself. I guess I am thinking theres a better way to handle this, and Im sure there is!!! A lot of our usual family support is out of town or has died because of their health :(

    Your right, sometimes I just get so in the struggling side of things I loose who and where I am at. Your right tho, no harsh decisions now, just lots of relaxation!! I see a long hot bath tonight!!! Plus, I have a cold so steam is good :)

    Hugs.. oh Im making another sig now I had to update it , took it down and havent put it back up yet
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    What kind of medication is your son on? I would start a chart on his reactions to the medications. If that blinking thing happens again, call a dr. It might've been low blood sugar. I know when my kids don't eat enough or eat the wrong things, they get really out of whack.

    I totally get your stress. I have a lot of life stressors in my life right now and it makes everything harder to handle. I hope that you're feeling a bit more calmed down now. Finally, I'm petrified of medical stuff. If your daughter needs to take something to get through a test, let her. It's been my saving grace during medical procedures.
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    He's on Adderall XR 5mg in the morning and Clonidine 0.1mg split up 2x a day next week will be 3x a day the one pill. I am keeping track and will call if it happenes again. We all have colds now so thats not helping but hes has nausea a lot it seems. ( last Sunday threw up) But again, like you said the foods it depends! Good point on the blood sugar issue!!! Thank you :)

    I am calm , been calm, just stressed. Its ok if my daughter needs something for her nerves or whatever, she is refusing them! She wont/cant talk to people, wont/cant show any emotions in public, does more at home but not much... and another issue. Well, shes still not talking to me!!! When she holds a grudge she holds it :(

    I hope your stress goes away!! Hugs