Im new here, is this where I start?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by beachn8tve, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Uh - yeah - we are a pretty stressed out group!

    You found us! Welcome!

    Who are you working with for a diagnosis? Regular doctor? neuropsychologist? How does he do in school? Does he have friends?
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    Hi and yes you have come to a good place. On your next post, if you like you can provide us with a few more details of what actually is going on with your son. There are alot of people here with alot of suggestions, from getting him diagnosed to general day-to-day coping.

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    Hi there :)
    How old is he? How was his early development? When did you start to worry? Any psychiatric, neurological or substance abuse problems on either side of his family tree? It would help if you'd do a signature like I have below. ODD rarely stands by itself as a diagnosis. I always recommend a neuropsychologist evaluation--think they are the most thorough and most accurate, but jmo.
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    I completely understand how you're feeling. It is very overwhelming. There is so much information here. I think early on I had problems with changing my parenting intuitions. I had to change the way I saw and reacted to things and pick my battles. It's important to me that I have as much peace in my house as possible. It's definitely not giving in. It's approaching from a different angle. The book "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene really opened my eyes to ODD. Page after page I just kept thinking, OMG, this is my child. I AM NOT ALONE! Best to you in your search for help and understanding.
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    Hello and welcome to the board! :salute:

    Glad you found us.

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    Welcome-glad you found us!!
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    and welcome you are in a great place alot of very helpful people here. ODD i'm not familiar with that much.

    yet i'm sure there are many who are.

    welcome again
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    Hi and welcome! :flower:
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    Hi and welcome!!!
    My difficult child has ODD, also not diagnosed but she fits the characteristics too a tee. We've been changing how we deal with her lately - mostly due to advice on this board - they are great!!!! I have now learned to pick the "important" battles and let the others go. I have learned not to argue back and forth with her as it just feeds the fire. When I do have to engage her I speak with a very calm voice no matter what and keep repeating my point to her.

    It's rough and we go day to day. Some daays are great and others **** the life out me. I'm so glad you found the group, they're a great bunch of women(and men)!