I'm not supposed to tell this story....

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    ...but you guys can keep a secret. Right?

    TM's thread and my response had me thinking about just how far difficult child has come.

    Anyway, this was before the 'event' in March and when difficult child was in the height of her downward spiral. She was heating up chicken drummies from Pizza Hut in the microwave. I was upstairs and wasn't at all concerned...she had been using the microwave and the stove for some time.

    All of sudden, difficult child is yelling. Absolutely frantic. Screaming..."Mom! Fire!" I go tearing downstairs and there's a fire in the microwave. :surprise:

    I stop the microwave and open the door and stand there staring at the fire and the only thing I could think of was baking soda. And then I'm thinking....hmm...do we have any. I think we're out. :rofl:

    difficult child reaches into the cabinet and pulls out the fire extinguisher and practically throws it at me. I grab it and squeeze the trigger. Nothing. The trigger won't squeeze. I try again. Nothing.

    difficult child yanks it out of my hands....removes the safety :slap: and hands it back to me. Well, what do you know. It worked then. :rofl:

    She was going on about how she was so glad that it happened when I was home...blah, blah, blah. I said to her...'You didn't need me. You took care of it yourself. I was just standing there.'

    difficult child saved the house and even the microwave. But, sadly, the chicken was a mixture of crispy and soggy. :rofl:

    See...I always knew she had it in her.

    by the way...the reason I'm not supposed to tell that story is because apparently the Pizza Hut packaging had foil in it and difficult child didn't know that foil doesn't go in the microwave. She's more embarrassed about that than she is proud of how she handled herself. We're working on it.

    Plus, I think it brings up a lot of anxiety.
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    Hey, learning about foil in the microwave is important, too! :wink:

    You taught her well!
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    I get stuck with safety catches too. Often my hands just won't do them.

    You should be relieved that if she is ever alone at home she can handle things.

    She should be VERY proud of herself, she made a mistake but handled the results exactly as she should have. I do understand that it brings up anxiety.

    My daughter has a problem with forks and the microwave. We catch her about 1 time a month putting forks in the nuker. And forks are CLEARLY metal.

    If it comes up, you CAN tell her I have a recipe for microwave carrot cake that has the edges covered in FOIL for a good part of the baking.

    I don't make it anymore because my husband thinks that if I can do that then he can put foil in the microwave any time with no consequences! And he will be 50 in January!!!!!

    Hugs to her,

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    Susie - I really think she'd be too afraid to try the recipe, but I'll mention it to her. It was a good 6 months before she stopped asking 'is this ok to go in the microwave' every time she used it. And another 3 months before she stopped pulling the fire extinguisher out every time. As a precaution.

    I was and am proud of her. I didn't even know the fire extinguisher had a safety on it. She did and she knew how to get it off. I guess that's the anxiety, though. She had to make sure she was prepared and had read the instructions on it when we got it.
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    I had a phone call from my boys (I think they were 11 and 7) while at work one day. It was left on my answering machine because I was out in the lab at the time.

    "Mom, this is NL (the younger one). I just wanted to let you know that you can't put the wrappers from Arby's in the microwave. They make blue sparks all over. NF (the older one) took the sandwich out and wrapped it in a paper towel and it was ok, but he made me eat the one with the burn marks on it."
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    Well, let's be honest, fire is a scarey thing for anyone. Personally, I think she did an amazing job at handling the fire. AND she learned (and will NEVER forget) that foil doesn't go into the microwave. :bravo: :bravo:

    And Mom learned never to run out of baking powder. :smile:

    At least in an emergency she didn't stop and ask,"What's the other number for 911!" like my easy child did when I collapsed on the diningroom floor.

    Can you believe she works in Intesive care now?? :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Wynter -

    AWWWWW I'm going to tell...that's me little firesnitch

    I got a good chuckle out of your line of thinking -

    Microwave on fire
    hmmmmmmmmmm Let me think do I have baking soda????Hmmmm No.


    Then difficult child tosses the extinguisher to you
    You pull- nothing toss it back
    She pulls the safety and tosses it back
    You snow over the hot wings with foam (mmmmYummmm)

    - I love the innocent kid in all of it - and YOU being So calm.

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    How great that difficult child did so well!!!!!! Sounds like she did better than my husband who had a grease fire on the stove. He couldn't find baking soda, couldn't get the fire extinguisher to work but finally poured flour on it (which worked). We still have smoke damage on our ceiling from that!