I'm not very "hip" LOL

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    Let me first say that I am not a fan of rap or hip hop music.

    That being said, I saw Taio Cruz on Ellen the other day, singing Dynamite.

    Well, I really love the song and it just makes me happy when I'm sad. I listen to it a lot.

    Tonight I asked easy child what he meant when he was hanging with his crow, crow, crow, crow.

    She started laughing and told me to look up the lyrics because he was saying crew, crew, crew, crew. Well, she was right.

    OMG I am still sitting here laughing and hanging with my crow.
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    So.............would that be your 'black' crow.......

    ROFLM age gap off......

    It's still very cool that you love the song. I can be in the worst mood and listen to Kirk Franklins Stomp or Smile and it picks me right up. Then again? I can hear Crazy Train or a Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major and be equally as light!
  3. tawnya

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    Don't listen to Crazy Train while you are driving. (Especially the big rigs!)

    It will just get you into trouble. (She says while ducking her head.)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I have already started burning music for the road.....I have a bunch already on CD. Recently when the guys came to blow insulation into the attic there were about three teenagers with the crew. These men were the most awesome construction crew ever. I mean just AWESOME. Professional to the hilt. The teens were very polite, we were impressed. So there was the owner, and he was all the way business, and then there were three old school guys that ran the crew. Then these kids. We love kids. We say we don't but we do. And we were really in the way. We ran, got sodas, because it's been a while since we had kids in the house - and before we left we asked if we could put some music on. Just the smirk from the teens told me "OMG this old white lady gonna leave and give us some Barry Manilo or somethin' - thanks but noooooo." So imagine their surprise when I hooked up the slab, blasted the 12's and kicked it with some serious good bass....now I wasn't blarin foul words - but it had good rattle and it was the clean version to top 40 - I burn for my kid who is all over the place on like/love music like us. (except for DF who hears rap and comes apart) ---The cutest thing was - those three little heads poppin out of the attic access like mice - with big smiles and just the grins like - OH NOT Barry Manilow - NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with Barry Manilow - but they really were surprised and they worked better, and happier. We apparently got 'cool old Dude' award too - despite DF having to stay outside until I "OMG YOU HAVE TO GO TURN THAT OFF" before he went inside. There was a good mix for the old school dudes too - And they could hear it over their machinery. We did get asked if our neighbors like us - lol. I said - Well - when THEY do this - I turn on Beethoven - and THAT goes down, because I have a better system. lol.
    Everyone agreed.

    It was kinda funny - but I don't play it loud like that ever. UNLESS the neighbors can't catch a clue - and for some reason - Classical music does to them what RAP music does to DF. Turns the stereo down like (snap). Problem solved, no cops - everyone back to being nice. lol. I think it sounds like concert in the park personally - Philharmonic on one side - Snoop Dog on the other - lol.
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    Starbie honey? Have you ever heard of Hooked on Classics? It ROCKS!!!
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    Whooooooo hooooooo

    tanya - can you dig it?