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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by muttmeister, May 15, 2012.

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    Today is primary election day in Nebraska. I'm on the election board in my town. Gotta be there before 7 and won't be home till about 9 tonight. I don't expect much of a turnout; I'm taking my crocheting along.

    The best thing about it is, when it's over we'll get a reprieve from the political ads for a couple of weeks. I have my 7 year old granddaughter trained. There is one person running who I hate above all others (won't say who or what party) and whenever he comes on TV she says "I'll get in Grandma," and she runs and hits the remote button. LOL I'll have to retrain her before the general election.
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    husband and I talk to Duckie about politics and issues too and what we think of various candidates. It's amusing to hear our words parroted back. Today is our school board and budget election... should be interesting as we have the first tax increase in several years as well as the first program/staffing cuts too.

    by the way, thank you for your service to your community!
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    We had ours last week and I am none to happy with the way they do it here. We are only allowed to vote down party lines. So if you are registered Republican, you cant have the chance to vote for any other party. Problem is that people in the south are really more like Republicans for the statewide offices. They call them Southern Democrats vote Republican for national offices. But because of that we have to put down that we are Republicans so we dont have the options of picking who we want in the primaries that are democrats. It is messed up.

    I am also really mad that NC passed Amendment 1. The folks against it really didnt do a good job explaining just how far reaching that bill went. Everyone just thinks it is the forbidding same sex marriage law but it also now has said that if you have a child out of wedlock and you live together, you are breaking the law. So I guess I would have been tossed in jail. Cory and Mandy should be tossed in jail and a whole lot of others should be tossed in jail. We better build a lot of jails because there are a lot of folks who dont believe in marriage. Also now people who live together cant put each other insurance and they cant put the child on insurance unless married. Its a bad law. Of course, again, thats my opinion...lol.
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    Janet, you are exactly right! They did not explain the law properly and most people thought the law was about 1 thing only and so, for a lot of other people who didn't know, it's going to hit very very hard. They were very sneaky about it and now it's stuck until someone wakes up and shakes it all up...QUICKLY! Unfortunately, as you know, there isn't enough people in NC that will be able to do that. If you had several large metropolis' like Raleigh/Durham, Greensboro/Winston/Salem and Charlotte where there is more people that are of a "think tank" type, it might be easier but you don't and there for it makes it far easier for this to happen.

    Luckily you still aren't as bad off as we are here in TN though....I still think we are worse off! LOL
  5. Hound dog

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    Is it awful that I'll just be glad when I won't have to see another political ad or hear about a political ad...........or how this person or that person is trying to sway votes yadda yadda......for at least a while? Ugh. It gets so old so fast.
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    I will be so happy when the government decides they have better things to do than worry about our sex lives! How about the economy? Jobs? Our home lives dont have a darned thing to do with that! Maybe if they worried about the right things instead of the wrong things we could get more done. But then again, you do know that its legal to get medical pot in Difficult Child right? So I have now figured out what the issue is. I have a feeling we have a ton of people who are card carrying in our legislature! I am just kidding. But that would explain why some folks want to discuss what defines a hot dog. Oh yeah...that was CA.