I'm off for a week!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. witzend

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    It's 4:30 in the morning and I am supposed to be taking a shower so I can rush off to the airport. I am going on a cruise of the Western Caribbean, and will return late on 3/1/08. Raoul will meet me on board, but I am already having to share him with my 5 lady friends. Good things he has such strong hands!

    I'll think of you all while I am gone, and have a rum drink for each and every one of you! Be good to yourselves, and be good to each other! (And take care of WW for me while I'm gone? She knows she can stay at my house if she needs to, but if she waffles, give her that shove she needs!)
  2. gottaloveem

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    Bon Voyage!
  3. WhymeMom?

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    Have a great time and don't forget the sunscreen!!!! Hey have two umbrella drinks for me.....................
  4. hearts and roses

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  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I am happy for you!!!!! Enjoy it! :redface:
  6. trinityroyal

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    :happy-very:Have a wonderful time!
  7. nvts

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    Witz! Have a great time! Eat, drink and be merry!


    PS: We'll keep and eye on WW for you!