I'm officially a grandma now

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by janebrain, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. janebrain

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    Hi All,
    difficult child had her baby last night--I was hoping she'd have him Halloween but she missed by a few hours so his birthday is Nov. 1st. She and baby are doing fine. He is 5 1/2 lbs and 18 1/2 in. long. She said he has big feet which look funny on his little body. She seems ecstatic so I am hoping she will be able to be a good mom. She named him Liam--I thought his name was going to be Jude so I was happy with the change. I have no idea if boyfriend is with her or not--she claims not but I find it hard to believe. Anyway, I should get to see pics later--the hospital will post them on their website.

    I'll update you as I know more...

  2. mstang67chic

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    Congratulations! I think Liam is a neat name.
  3. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Jane, I answered you on the Watercooler.

    Congratulations again!

    Love, Esther
  4. KTMom91

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    Congratulations, Grandma! Hope Liam is the catalyst for a positive change for difficult child.
  5. Jena

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    Congratulations Grandma!! :)

    Love the name!!!
  6. katya02

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    Congratulations, Grandma! I love the name Liam.
  7. meowbunny

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    May your strong-willed warrior grandson (the meaning of Liam, aka William in English) grow to be strong, healthy and happy. Congrats!
  8. Suz

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    Congratulations, Jane! :thumbsup:

    Suz :wine: