Im sick...I hope this is just a cold and not the flu because I didnt get my flu shot

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I woke up on Sunday morning and actually felt fairly well. I got up early enough that I got Tony to bring me all the laundry in the laundry room that was clean and said I would fold it. Yeah for me! I probably wouldnt have had that much umph but I had washed a bunch of baby clothes for Kenzie and some idiot had taken them out of the dryer and tossed them up on the top of the freezer when I specifically told everyone that when those were done to put them in the basket I left sitting in front of the dryer. Not sure which idiot it was but I have a suspicion his name starts with a B. It could have been either of them to be honest. Buck or Billy.

    But anyway, the baby clothes are fall and winter clothes and she needs them now because she has outgrown most of what she has and its getting cool now. Mandy needed to come over and get them that day. I dont want my baby

    But suddenly after I finished all that folding, Tony told me he needed to go out to and asked me if I wanted him to bring me back something for breakfast. I said sure and told him I would like an egg mcmuffin. About the time he left I started to feel really funny so I thought well maybe I was just tired and didnt get quite enough sleep the night before so I went back to bed. I ended up falling dead asleep and not waking up except for when Tony brought my breakfast. I ate that and asked him to bring me drink. Then I fell back asleep and Tony left the house again and I didnt wake up again until almost 4. I was groggy as all get out.

    I woke up monday morning and my throat was hurting really bad and I was coughing my head off. I finally got a hold of Billy in the late afternoon and asked him to bring me home some cough syrup. I slept most of the day except when I got up to let the dogs in and fed them. I didnt do anything in the house or make dinner. Tony didnt complain because he could see how sick I was. Heck he could hear me before he walked in the door!

    Im not running a fever but then again, I dont normally run fevers because my normal temp is about 97 degrees so if I get up to 98.6, that is a fever for me. My muscles and joints are killing me but that could be the loss of the full pain medications. I cant tell on that one but the cough cant be that. Tony is also coughing. Buck did come to the house the other day and his girlfriend has been sick. Im furious he entered the house after being around someone sick. Tony doesnt think that could be it but I am not so sure. I have zero immune system and if something gets close to me, I catch it. All he had to do is bring germs in and I would get sick. I am gonna have to put my foot down on things like that.

    I hope this is only a cold.
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    I hope so, too, but when I get one this early in the season, I try to look on the bright side and say, well, at least I will be healthy for Christmas.
    Stay warm.
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    Drink lots and lots of fluids (as if you don't know that already!). I haven't felt right in a few days. I actually took a two hour nap on Sunday-that is so not like me. Achy, still coughing my behind off. I want to get my flu shot but can't until I feel better.

    Hugs, I hope you feel better soon and it's not the flu!
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    Push the fluids and rest as much as you can.

    I feel lots better since that darn flu shot...........only now I'm dealing with a zero energy level that doesn't seem to want to life although I sleep a good 8 hrs, which is more than normal for me by quite a lot.
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    Tony came in and laid with me and rubbed all my joints last night until I was just about asleep. Of course I woke up at 1 am...sigh..

    He is really ticked off that Billy couldnt even bother to take care of me or the house at all yesterday. He just did what he wanted to do. Billy actually told me he was going to the store to get me some orange juice and I requested ginger ale and sunny delight which is my go to drink when I am sick. I also asked him to get me something I could eat because I hadnt eaten anything since the day before. Billy called me when he was out and asked me what I wanted and said chicken nuggets. All he brought me was chicken nuggets. No ginger ale or sunny D. He also kept his room door shut so he wouldnt have to worry about what the dogs were doing all day long even though I told him to keep an eye on them. I told him he needed to take them out several times during the day and watch them because the neighbor guy had been shooting his gun. Cant just leave them out when he is doing that. He also didnt go feed the beagles.

    After he came home from the store he just went in his room and laid down on his bed and went to sleep even though he had just got home. I waited a couple of hours till Tony would be home in an hour or so and told him that there was spaghetti and meatballs in there to make and he needed to get that made. Instead of actually washing a pan that might be better to cook the meatballs and sauce, he just uses a pot that wasnt appropriate. He made spaghetti in a small sauce pan. I swear he is so lazy.