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    i think i'm just venting.......i'm not sure. so, i'm just totally stumped this time around and confused. sometimes knowledge is power, sometimes it can stop you from moving forward.

    as many of you know, dr. suggested thorazine, i got alot of responses to dr. wanting to try that, which i appreciate. i spent time looking up medication, what it does, the side effects, which were a page long.

    so, bottom line is i'm nervous. i have sole legal custody and feel as though i'm placed between a rock and a hard place and left holding the bag. ex is on my back in regards to it, harrassing me regarding it, regarding the diagnosis of bi polar not otherwise specified, anxitey disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), adhd, and i think tourettes (she has some tics minimal).

    it's an important decision. we've all been there. i talked myself through abilify last year nad seroquel year before that. i wish more than anything the ssri's had just worked. i felt as though if i could just get that anxiety down, get her sleeping therapy could be used to work on the rest. yet two ssri's didn't work and she went we believe to be manic.

    so here i am. is she getting through her days, does she find pleasure in them, sure Occupational Therapist (OT) some extent. i'm getting her in the door at school, that's a plus. yet sleep is non existant or has been she's hyped beyond belief. past two days she seemed to of crashed yesterday after being up night before and 3 weeks prior averaging not alot of sleep each night she crashed fell asleep after breakfast and woke up around 1 in the afternoon, then went back to bed last night at 1130 yet couldnt' get her going this a.m. got her in bldg. at school around 10ish.

    so i can float for a bit more on this decision. just not sure what to do........................

    i was actually looking up vitamins today and boyfriend looked at me and said ok what are you doing now? stop it.
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    I didn't have time to read much of your other post, so forgive me if this was already discussed.

    Was she ever trialed on Depakote for the mania? What about Lithium?

    My difficult child 2's mania/hypomania was reigned-in really well with Depakote. For complicated reasons, he's now on Seroquel XR and seems to be doing pretty well with the manic symptoms. He also did not do well on the one SSRI that was trialed. Nor can he take stimulants. And he's had bad reactions to some of the AP's.

    If you don't have faith in this doctor's advice (and sometimes we forget that their word is NOT gospel, but simply professional advice), I'd urge you to seek a second or even third opinion if you can manage it. If you're hearing the same recommendations from other doctors, then chances are you are making the right decision. If you have doubts, listen to what your heart is telling you and wait until you are sure of your decision.

    That's about all I can offer right now. I hope you can figure something out to help her stabilize and start moving forward soon.
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    Ok...my opinion. Stop second and third and fourth guessing everything. I think by now you are on your 88th guesses.

    You took her to a doctor you trusted. He gave her a diagnosis. She is exhibiting symptoms that are in line with that diagnosis. Anxiety is part and parcel of BiPolar (BP). While you, me and the rest of this board may not particularly like thorazine, its what he prescribed for her right now. Evidently it is very low dose from what you have said. My opinion is it wont kill her to try it while you wait to get in for her next appointment to discuss trying long term solutions. If it makes her too out of it, or if she has bad side effects...tell him then. Sometimes the older stuff works. Sometimes it doesnt.

    We arent doctors on here. He is your doctor. Maybe he has a reason for wanting to try this medication for your particular child. Only he knows this.
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    What does your gut instinct say?

    Go with it.
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    These decisions are what make this the toughest. Not only having a child with extra special needs, but then having to make ALL of the medication choices, therapy choices, etc.
    We are on our 5th psychiatrist for K. 3 are gone because they either RX'd medications that were not *right*, didin't understand or believe K's diagnosis or just didn't have the time to call back. OR all of the above!
    Our 4th psychiatrist was a believer in Concerta. It was all she needed. He (we later found out) gave this to all of his patients as a starter medication! Which is flat out stupid.
    He only thought K had ADHD.
    He was Nice, he cared, he listened. But those things were not going to help K.
    Another PDCO gave us anything we suggested. Another only wanted to work on her symptoms...
    All of them cared, all of them wanted to help. But some of our kids are beyond some of these doctor's scope of knowledge, despite their length of time in practice.
    All of our psychiatrist's had been practicing for a LONG time.
    I am not saying your psychiatrist is not good or does not know what he is doing, but if you are questioning so much, maybe iot wouldn't hurt to talk to someone else.
    Our 5th psychiatrist, she has taken away that feeling for us. I still struggle with medication choices, but this doctor knows her Mental Illness! She knows her medications. She knows the prescribing methods. And she knows medications are not the only thing.
    I hope you find some answers and the struggle slows down. it has taken us years of non-stop searching to find a good fit.
    Now we are looking for a therapist.
    Good luck and do not give up. EX is wrong. Just stand firm... my In-laws are just starting to get it, after years of the same BS.
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    I'm big on gut instinct too. If it says "no" then I say "no." I've told doctors before "No thanks." I also look for other professionals if a certain one doesn't help my child in a reasonable amount of time. I think sometimes doctors, being human, give up on certain kids and just throw things out there to pacify parents. "Try this, since that didn't work..."
    There is no way in hello I personally would have put my child on Thorazine, but he was on Risperdal and Zyprexa and had the same horrible reaction that some people get on Thorazine. Finally, my gut told me to get a new evaluation. That's when things turned around for my child. Psychiatrists just didn't know what was wrong with my son. He needed to see a neuropsychologist instead, somebody who was looking both for psychiatric AND neurological problems. If we'd stuck with Psychiatrists alone, he'd probably still be doped up on medications, or I would have gotten so fed off I'd have weaned him off (and he is better OFF medications). But he never would have gotten Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) interventions because he wouldn't have had the right diagnosis. Just my own teeny vent :)
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    I'm with Janet. In addition I'd add that you can stand up to ex and tell him that this is what the doctor recommends, you are going to follow doctors orders, and if he doesn't comply with giving her medications when difficult child is with him, you will have him charged with child neglect. Whatever affect the medications have on her, you and the doctor will decide what to do next.

    Be strong, girlfriend! Don't let him get in your head!
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    Jen, your last post has ME cracking up! I can see good points in several things- I thinkk you need to get to a point where you go with something (I'm not one to talk though- I analyze the he** out of it too), I think you need to follow your gut feeling, and I think there's reason to get a second opinion.

    So, I guess I've helped you all I can now!! (still chuckling.)
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    Another vote for Janet. You can second guess yourself into doing nothing or you can try what is offered. It may not work. Fine, then you go on and try something. It may be the miracle you've been looking for. You'll never know unless you try.

    As to you, you need to get some treatment as well. It is hard enough to battle for our kids without having to battle ourselves.