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    sister! My sister is such an incredibly hard working and good person. I haven't seen her in 4 years because in addition to working full time, her and her husband raising 3 boys, she was also attending nursing school. When she is in school she is amazingly focused so visiting her wasn't really an option because as much as I know she would want to visit she would probably have only come out at dinner time!

    Anywhoo!! She emailed yesterday that she has a nursing job!!! She finished school in Dec. with honors and passed her state nursing test. She will be starting as a nurse in April at the Children's Hospital in the Twin Cities. She will be working in the cardiac and orthopedics sections of the hospital and most of her patients will be from the very young up to 18! She is going to be a great nurse.

    I'm so excited for her and I'm also getting to go visit her this weekend (it's been planned for months and no matter how mean easy child/difficult child has been--see general-I am going to enjoy this weekend)!

    You have all been so supportive with difficult child being in the hospital (he came home last night-again in general) and with easy child/difficult child that I wanted to share something positive that has been going on.
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    How wonderful Sharon!

    My Step-sis is a nurse. Well...she started out in neonatal then got her Masters and became head of Neonatal, then got her PhD and became head of Pediatrics. Now she is working in Admin in some sort of capacity. I remember she moved from neonatal right after she became pregnant...lol. She couldnt take seeing all the sick babies and worrying about hers! Oh...she works for the Medical College of VA. Tell ya how far apart we are in the world...when she was in college, I used to deliver pizza's to her in the dorm and up on the floor at medical school...lol.
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    Congrats to your sister!
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    Huge congrats to your sister!!! I hope you two have a wonderful visit.
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    I hope you have a great visit! I'm glad to hear that you have something exciting to do for a change and hopefully can get your mind off difficult child issues for a while. Your sister sounds like a very dedicated person- I'm sure she will help many children!
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    Wonderful news for your sis and you. I'm sure you are beaming with pride. It's quite a feat to raise 3 children and go to school and to do well and to graduate and to find a job.
    As a big sis, I take a great deal of satisfaction in seeing my siblings do well and to conquer one obstacle or another.
    Glad you have some good news to enjoy.
  7. gcvmom

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    That's awesome! Is "easy child" behaving herself any better? I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your sister :)
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    Hope you have a great visit, Sharon!