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    It's been drawn to my attention that I've been a bit AWOL lately. Partly the season, partly a very new granddaughter. Yes, easy child had her baby girl three weeks ago. First grandchild for us. We spent a lot of time (me especially) shuttling three hours drive each way to go stay and help out. husband took mother in law down for an overnight visit.

    mother in law has been getting more frail and we've been there every night for dinner now, for the last two years. But we're now realising we can't miss a night, she really needs someone with her or she won't bother eating properly. We need to now take off her tight elastic stocking every night too, she has a community health worker putting them on for her each morning.

    We had husband's family visiting over Christmas, staying with mother in law. They're from the other side of the country, it's quite an undertaking. And with them staying, we spent even more time at mother in law's.

    And mother in law has no internet access, so no chance to use the internet down there.

    So - what with family staying, us being needed more by mother in law and the baby, I have barely touched base here for ages. When I was down in Canberra with easy child & the baby I was lurking a bit, I think I posted a little but it was a busy time.

    SIL1 is an amazing dad. I knew he would be, but he is more incredible than we expected. He can soothe that baby like nobody else. She is going to be daddy's girl, his little jiggly puff.

    And now another reason to be busy right now - it's definitely silly season here. Summer. We had lousy weather until the week before Christmas, it was like summer was very delayed. Then WHAM! And with summer comes tourists, overcrowding and other issues.
    Our location is unique. I describe it as an island, sort-of, but it is an isolated pocket of houses (and a handful of shops) surrounded by government parkland. And right now, the authorities have suddenly decided to restrict our access to our own homes (also access from friends and family). We've had the busy days, Christmas Day & New Year, see family unable to come visit us because of road blocks. As soon as it happened to us (I didn't know about the other people until later) I got on the phone to the police, to the other authorities, and raised a stink. It's been a fairly solid, time-consuming activity which at last seems to be bearing fruit. it's ironic - due to my local (mostly former) stalker, I have chosen to keep a low profile locally to avoid the guy causing me trouble again. But his wife is one of the people I now have to interact with. I've definitely stuck my neck out with all this!

    It's also school holidays for us, our summer holidays. So school-wise, nothing much is happening with difficult child 3. It will all get busy in a few weeks, but for now we're playing a waiting game. He turns 18 in a couple of weeks (another public holiday - our biggest) and our village road access will be an issue on that very day especially. We're also trying to convince him, help him understand, how this year is vitally important for his education and will be a make or break year. And HE has to take control, because I can't force him to do his work against his extreme level of distractabilty and intractibility.

    Right now I feel I've bitten off more than I can chew. However, a lot of people living here have been very encouraging and supportive.

    Somewhere in there I also have to work on my writing. And hopefully get time to work on my tan in between times, not easy when I need to be in phone range and I can't always hear the mobile phone ring over the sound of the surf at the local beach. If I keep the phone on me, I risk doing what I did last year - taking the phone for a lovely long swim. Mobile phones do not like salt water immersion, I discovered the hard way in January last year. My doctor wants me to get in the water as much as I can, I can't get to a freshwater pool for aquarobics so I have to fight the surf here instead to exercise my hip joints. We call our local mini-beach Devil's Hole. Also known as the Washing Machine, because you feel like you've been thrown into the rinse cycle. The waves crash over you from five different directions at once, with a very strong (but thankfully short) rip. Stand in the water ankle deep and you can rapidly find yourself being knocked over in waist deep water. NEVER sit on the shore here, or you end up getting dumped and having your swimsuit fill up with sand. So medically I'm walking a tightrope between improvised aquarobics and dislocated kneecaps. The one thing I don't have to worry about there is sharks. Too rough for them... seriously, we've lived here for over 30 years and there has never been a shark bite case in these waters in all that time.

    So I'm trying to stay on board with everyone, I will be back more regularly but it could be another few weeks.

    We're all okay here, just busy all round. Now that husband's family have gone back home, we may have a little more time.

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    So glad to hear from you!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    I was thinking about you the other day --- unfortunately, the morning post over on general is not what it once was (used to be posted every day with tons of posters sharing their first cups of coffee with each other and their days plans -- member changes have dictated board changes...). I was thinking about how I haven't heard much from you lately.

    Sounds like life in the Marg world is pretty busy right now!! Thanks for checking in and letting us know all is well.

  4. Fran

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    Glad to hear about your grandaughter. Wonderful news and life affirming.
    Hope you get back on board. I like to hear the weather that is opposite of mine. Keep those nasty sharks down that way but I'm glad no one has ever been bitten. Take care of yourself.
  5. Hound dog

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    Congrats on your new granddaughter!

    I was just thinking I hadn't seen you post in quite a while this morning. You have a lot going on right now, don't forget to take care of you while you're taking care of everyone else.

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    thanks for the update. How reassuring to know that the sharks are not the issue. At least you won't be attacked while dislocating your kneecaps. Sounds like what we would expect from you--a little rabblerousing, taking care of everyone, heavy involvement with family and life on the beach. And you will probably turn out some brilliant piece of writing on the side.

    Happy New Year to you--sounds like you need about a week to catch your breath!
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    Glad to hear from you and that you are enjoying the new baby :)
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    Lovely to hear from you at long last, Marg. I'm so pleased to know that you are OK, and happy that you have been enjoying your granddaughter. I think you and your husband are just wonderful to your mother in law. Just don't forget to look after yourself as well, OK?

    Love, Esther
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    Thanks, guys.

    Esther, looking after mother in law is also looking after us. Keeps the problems to a minimum.

    On the writing front I've got a short story pending publication (it's in the hold pile, if they don't find a spot for it in three months they release it back to me) and a longer story being published in a book in a few months time. The novel needs to be re-submitted to a new literary agent but I need to take an axe to it and chop it down the middle - splitting two for one. I've inadvertently written two novels instead of one, with a third novel in the planning stage.

    But this is not a good time of year here to send work off. I'll wait a few more weeks until school goes back, which should be better timing for me. When editors are on skeleton staff, slush piles get higher. I will let them clear their backlog, I think.

    The phones open to our local politician in about two hours. That's when the morning temperature will begin to rise! Email does make life a lot more immediate, however.

    It's sunny today, after yesterday's grey day followed by storms. Summer storms are fairly common here but they flash in, make a lot of noise then are gone, leaving behind steamy humidity. Today it looks gorgeous, but last night's rain may have chilled the ocean. By lunchtime it should be warm again but due to the delayed summer, my skin is not summer-ready this time. I have to go carefully. Almost there, don't want to undo the good work and end up looking like a brown leather satchel!

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    A couple of you have worried about sharks.

    Don't - we don't and we swim in their waters. Marg said we've been here over 30 years and there's never been an attack on our beaches, and we have four beaches in regular use. In the same time period I've only even seen two sharks and they were a good ways off shore.

    There HAS been a rise in shark bites over the last few years, mainly due to increased numbers as they are no longer legally hunted. They had been hunted to near extinction and anyone who understands ecology knows that an environment needs its top predator as much as it needs all the other plants and beasts.

    To a certain extent it's a matter of luck and losing on v-e-r-y long odds. Every summer weekend millions of Aussies and tourists hit the beaches; there's thousands of sharks and only one or two bites a season. If you could calculate those odds; your chances of being bitten must be tens of millions to one AGAINST getting hurt.

    Over the weekend I was listening to a radio programme with a bloke studying shark attacks and he pointed out that the rogue shark of Jaws infamy is just a disproved theory from the 1950's. Sharks are like dogs. They 'feel' things with their mouths and when that mouth is full of razor sharp teeth, a delicate human skin is zero protection! Usually they don't like what they 'taste' when they bite a person and spit it/him/her out but by then the damage is done and the tabloid media gets all uptight.

    So DON'T worry about sharks in our waters - we're in a great deal m ore danger crossing the road of our quiet suburban street.

    Marg's Man
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    Our extra quiet streets... thanks to the overprotection of local authorities. Or they decide to let it all flow through and let us stew in the mess and we get crowded out. But ten the traffic is moving so slowly, nobody could get hurt.

    I'm off to commune with sharks... the sun is out, no politicians are answering their phones, I've emailed the Road Minister with the details, it's now a matter of waiting for the resultant nuclear fallout.

    I might as well get a bit of Vitamin D while I wait... and work on my next story.

  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    GLAD TO SEE YOU SUVIVED CHRISTMAS IN SUMMER -------we're experiencing about the same here. lol
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Not worried about sharks........but would love to discuss the Yowie with you sometime. If you're that far out in the bush - that is.

    G'day sheila!
  14. Marguerite

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    The Yowie is believed to be further west. Min d you, some marsupials make some horrendous sounds at night, really blood-curdling. probably where the Yowie myths came from. And the bunyips. But the killer possum or "drop-bear" has historical (pre-historical?) basis in fact. Thylacoleo was also known as the marsupial lion, in was related to the possum but had the most amazing teeth that could slice through bone. It lived in trees and dropped onto its prey. We had lots here thousands of years ago. None now. Lots of possums though.

    The beach was lovely. I had planned to go back down when the sun was less fierce but it is looking like my activism is keeping me chained to the phone again. This time it's the kids. I've just organised urgent specialist appointments for difficult child 1 & easy child 2/difficult child 2) - "Muuum, I've lost the referral!" - then copped a hysterical earful from easy child 2/difficult child 2 about her woes in life (which, admittedly, are a concern) so I'm trying to see what I can do to help. A serious case of ingrowing wishful motherhood.