I'm such a bad mommy......


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For the summer, I took my son off of his medication and we go to therapy every week now. Well, he's been more impulsive (duh), but not to the point where I can't handle it. Well, I should have known that his impulsive actions would get him in trouble. He was riding his bike last night and decided that he was superman. He took his hands off the handle bars and put his feet on them! As you can guess, gravity prevailed and he fell on his face. He busted his chin, his lip, the left cheek, scraped both elbows, his hands, his left hip and his knee. Today is his 8th birthday and we are about to leave for church. I'm embarrassed cause it looks like I hit him in the face. Thankfully he doesn't need stitches this time. But I feel awful, like it's my fault. He NEVER would have done this if he was on his medications. :sad: On a good note, his sisters leave for a week on monday. :smile:

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Please don't blame yourself. I think many people take a break in the summer from ADHD medications. My difficult child could do something like that on or off medications. Accidents happen. Be gentle with yourself.


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Personally, it sounds like you are a wonderful mommy. You give your son a chance to be without medications so that he is truly himself without any controls. That means, you care enough to go crazy for a few months while he runs wild. You let your son be a child with all the risks inherent in being a child. You don't over protect, you don't under protect, you let him grow and try. Accidents happen.

My neighbor has the most perfect 11 year old boy you've ever seen. He is a straight A student, ahtletic, polite, helpful to all, including his mother. He adores extreme sports. I don't think I've seen him without an injury of some sort in two years. As he once told me, "Mom goes crazy with me trying but a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do." I bit my tongue but that saying will probably stay with me forever. I'm glad your son has you for his mother so he can do what a boy has to do.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> ouch, ouch, OUCH! i'm sure that hurts a lot.

it's not your fault. riding bikes with-o using your hands is some kind of right of passage, esp for boys. chances are excellent that he would have done this with or with-o his medications being on board. stop beating yourself up. give him an extra ice cream treat lol.

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Did the same thing at about the same age when I was a kid and so did half the kids on our block!

He's 8 - I know someone who knocked himself out jumping on the bed and hitting his head on a radiator. When he got back from the hospital that afternoon, the chucklehead got a lump on the other side of his head. When Mom asked "what did you do?" he answered that he must have "over-corrected" and shot off the other side of the bed!

Kids do crazy things - medications or no medications!

Don't be so quick to judge yourself - you sound like a great mom to me!


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Your not a bad Mommy.

Boys do this sort of stuff. At least all of the boys I grew up around and that were in the neighborhood while my kids were growing up. Heck, I even did the feet on the handlebars stunt as a kid. I also used to do ramping the bikes with my brothers that would give any mother nightmares, along with alot of other stupid stunts that kids do.

in my opinion it's part of being a kid, and boys seem more prone to it than girls. Unless your a tomboy like I was. :smile:



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Don't feel like a bad Mommy......

You are doing what many of us do (me included) in the summer or long school vacations. It takes my son about a week or so to "fall into place" and get used to the "no medication" feeling. He's usually a little less compliant and more impulsive for a while and then settles.

Accidents happen everyday. Please don't blame yourself. Hope your little guy is feeling ok :kisses:



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I echo what the others have posted - this is so not your fault. Kids will be kids and they will get injured no matter what. That's just life, I think.

And, it's not just boys. My sister did an amazing bike trick off a ramp when we were kids - I can still picture her flying through the air - the landing, on the other hand, was not so pretty. She did have to have stitches.

difficult child once fell on the playground when he was in kindergarten and bumped his head quite badly. Next day, he sported two very black eyes - looked like I had really socked him. Should've seen the looks we got in the grocery store!!

We all live through the bumps and bruises. Don't be so hard on yourself.


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All kids get hurt--Imulsive ones get hurt more frequently. It is not your fault. It could have happened with or without medications. Be thankful that he didn't need stitches or break any bones- don't feel guilty. It's all part of childhood.


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Please don't blame yourself over this! ALL kids who act like "kids" do things like this, especially boys. Ask any mother who has raised several sons how many trips they've made to the emergency room over the years and she will probably just roll her eyes and shake her head! All kids that age think they can fly - that's why so many of them jump off the garage roof or try to ride a bike with their feet on the handlebars!
My son was never on medications, never really the reckless daredevil type, but he amassed an amazing number of injuries during his childhood (and still does at age 26!) When he was a kid he broke his leg, his wrist, his arm, and several fingers ... not all at once, thank God! He loosened his front teeth sliding into second base and was hit in the head with baseballs several times. And that was just elementary school ... and no, I'm not kidding! He played basketball in high school which meant crutches for the sprained ankles and X-Rays for the ribs that may or may not be broken! And more cuts, scrapes and bruises than we could ever count.

And all this time, I was one of those super-protective mothers who never let him out of my sight! They're GONNA get hurt sometimes, just because they're a healthy, active "kid".


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Take it easy on yourself...

I think that is normal boy behavior. They're reckless - even non-difficult child's do silly stuff like that.


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Whoops! To paraphrase my late husband, his 'do' button kicked in before his 'what now?' button.

Normal stuff. Heck, I was scraped, casted, or otherwise damaged throughout most of my childhood and I'm a girl!


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Thanks everyone. I really needed that. I guess the reason I feel so guilty as he hasn't had any stitches since he went on the medications. We have spent a lot of time at the er (they know him by name). Today he is just not himself. He's very twitchy, blinking his eyes, can't sit still (almost like nervous ticks), and now he has a headache. He's very disorganized, but can remember what day it is, etc, etc. I just can't put it into words! I gave him hydrocodone last night to help with pain and he woke up alright. He's never had a reaction before, but I'm wondering if it's the pain medication or could he have a concussion. But I went to webmd and he doesn't really fit the criteria for a concussion.He's not sleepy, but his head hurts (duh, he hit it), he's a little bit dizzy, but not nauseous. We went out today and he was ok, except for the twitching, disorganization, and slurred speech. Arghhhh. not sure if I can handle another trip to the er. We were just there for his shoulder 2 weeks ago.

witzend ~ he sees his therapist on tuesday, we'll see about the medications then

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Not a bad mum at all. Most likely a busy, nonstop kid....I did things like this all the time. You should have seen my brothers - neither was a difficult child.

by the way, how do you survive a summer with-o the medications? I would never consider such a move with the tweedles. My motto has always been "better living through chemicals". :smile:


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we do ALOT of outdoor activities. last summer he was without medications and today is just awful. I wish I knew what it is. He peed in his pants all day today and now he's got the runs. arghhhhhh