I'm such a dummie, but then I'm oh, so good

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jan 27, 2008.

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    How's that for a title?

    Well, dummie me let difficult child install Sims2 on my new computer. She has it installed on her laptop, but it was slow (even though I got her more memory - 1G) and had graphics issues. So, I let her install it on my computer so we could see the difference in how it ran. What was I thinking? :slap: Now, the *second* I get on the computer BOTH kids are hounding me because they want to play Sims. It's gotten to where I have to kick them off MY computer if I want to get on and then listen to them whine. It works so much better on this computer and they have done so many things and it's been saved to this computer, blah, blah, blah. So, I'm going to have to severely limit their computer time or sabatoge the game on my computer. bwahahahahahaha

    This is the oh, so good part....

    Remember how easy child isn't interested in looking for a job even though he has to have one to get his license and he complains cause he doesn't have his license and then gets mad at me when I bring up him not having a job? Well, we were picking up one of his friend's Friday night...we already had one in the car...and I said to his friends that easy child needs a job. We start talking about this and easy child says, 'Mom! You always do this!' I said, keep it up and your car that *I'm* going to buy for you won't have a CD player in it; it will have a cassette deck. He shut up. :rofl: Why didn't I think of that before?!! He can work himself down to an AM only radio if he keeps it up.

    Oh, yeah. I'm good.
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    Way to go, Mom! I might have been able to add a 2 cents worth for the computer issue- but I'm taking notes on the job and car issue!!
  3. Hound dog

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    Do me a favor, please?

    Before you do anything to the Sims 2 game on your computer....... Play it.

    Then you'll be hooked just like me. And you'll snarl and bite whenever the kids ask to play.:rofl: Of course then you'll need more memory, and a kick @ss video card cuz you'll want the expansion packs and the stuff packs.........

    I've been addicted to the Sims since the first version came out about 8 yrs ago. It's my "perfect" lil world where I can make my simmies do whatever I want them to do...... good or bad. :devil::future:

    Awesome stress releaver.

    Then buy the kids the Sims Castaways for the laptop. lol They'll love it and it takes less space/memory.

    Travis has the sims installed on his computer, same with Nichole. Even easy child has it on hers. But NO ONE dares to play it on MY computer. lmao
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    She has (and had first) Sims Life Stories and Sims Pet Stories on her laptop, but they have graphics issues, too, and were slow. The slowness has gotten better since I got her more memory. She now has a gig and a half of RAM on her laptop. It's either the graphics card or the video card, both of which I know little about, although I did check the compatibility and according to the Sims box what she has is compatible. Her computer is running Windows Vista, so I'm not sure if that's the problem or not. I ordered my computer just before the end of the year so I could still get Windows XP on it. I'm not a fan at all of Vista.

    I'm going to have to go to a computer person for the graphics and video card, because I really don't know anything about them and when I tried to educate myself it just seemed overwhelming. Too many choices. I hate that, too, cause I always take care of all of our computer issues.
  5. flutterbee

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    Oh...and my darling daughter used a cheat code to make her Sims' vampires and then one of them had an alien baby. :faint:
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I will have to remember all of these neat little tricks.... Ha Ha Ha!!! you are good...
  7. dreamer

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    Sims is big big here, has been for years. we used to have a non internet dinosaur computer (my husband worked in computers in 70s and 80s, had one left from back then) When that computer bit the dust, they started getting Sims for PS2. I have never played, have not played any videogame ever------but they tell me it is different on PS2? Currently husband is trying to get his castaway Sims to be happy after being rescued?

    Hmm, my easy child has a job, but we only let her use our 2nd car.......we make her pay insurance. She complained one day.......I mostly ignored her..the next day her friends car broke down and cost 4 times what she paid for the car to get repaired? My easy child never complained again about paying her insurance (cuz we pay for repairs since it is technically "our" car) LOL. easy child had also complained becuz the cars CD player was broken.....husband jumped at that and said oh, the car is not good enough, fine, forget it, don't drive it anymore then. I guess easy child decided a car with no CD player was better than no car at all? LOL
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    See why I like it so much. lmao

    Now I have a family that has 2 normal kids and 2 alien kids. You should watch the abduction (have them use the expensive telescope between midnite and 6am) it's halarious!!

    And I have another I'm trying to get to be vampires and/or werewolves. I have all the expansions/stuff packs. lol (after about 8 yrs of playing I've just starting seeing how this angle to the game is lol)

    But most of mine are nice "normal" boring families. Well, okay.....so there is a bit of drama just to liven things up a bit. lol

    But at least I'm not Nichole who drowns her simmies in swimming pools when she gets mad at them by taking the pool ladder out of the pool.:winks:

    by the way I'd love to have Castaways. Travis let me play it on his psp. Loads of fun, different format. (more normal structured play) But his psp screen is too darn small for my eyes. It's supposed to come out for the easy child in feb I think. I just might splurge with some of the tax return.
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    Oh, yeah. Wynter has drowned whole families in the pool cause she thought the grim reaper was cool and was starting a cemetery. :rolleyes:
  10. timer lady

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    kt loves Sims - I have yet to play the game. However, husband lovingly updates her computer every time she needs it for Sims.

    I do have to say that Sims makes gift giving easy around here; there are concerns by various & sundry tdocs over kt's "obsessions" over Sims. Screw 'em. For the most part it keeps her happy on her off days & she comes up with delightful scenarios & families.