Imaginary job .... very strange.

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    difficult child has been unemployed since she was fired from her retail job for stealing in June. She lives with DEX rent free and somehow comes up with spending money ... most likely by helping herself to his wallet and change jar.

    Just before leaving on vacation with him and his entire family last week, she claimed tht she'd been hired by Pizza Hut as a watiress. Full time with benefits and she could delayher start dateuntil afer the vacation. Sounded a bit odd - she's never waitressed ...and full time with benefits?

    She was to start on Monday and she even popped into my house on her way home from her first day - dressed like I would expect for a first day of work and full of excitement.

    Yesterday she was to begin her 3-11 full time regime. I happen to be at the end of town around 4:00 and notice her car is not in the parking lot. Hmmm.. Later DEX stops by and tells me she called him and said that she reported to work - on her first real day (first was "training") and they told her they decided they didn't need her as a waitress. Instead, she will be a driver/deliverer but FIRST they must run her driver's license. They will let her know on Thursday if her record indicates she can driver.

    OK. This is just plain weird. This is not adding up at all. I decided to do a bit of looking and check her phone records. No calls to/from Pizza Hut during the time of her supposed interviews (there were three) and subsequent empolyment.

    After talking and comapring notes with DEX last night, we are both quite sure she was never employed there. But she goes so far as to stop by "on her way home" to carry forth the charade?

    Does she really think it makes sense that they would hire her, wait two weeks for her to start, gtain her and THEN decide they don't need her? But they need her to drive? And they didn't run her DLwhen they hired her? Bizarre.

  2. AnnieO

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    I can see them not running her MVR at hire, if they originally did not hire her to be a driver.

    HOWEVER... Having worked for Pizza Hut as my very first job, and a couple of times since then AS a driver... They have you work inside first, WHILE they're running the MVR.

    You're right, it's really weird.
  3. keista

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    Bizzare yes, but not impossible. Managers at such places are not always the "right" ppl for the job and it can get this kind of crazy.

    However, I'm thinking that *maybe* she has a 'job' that you two might not approve of. Is that at all possible?

    You can always call the manager at Pizza Hut and ask.
  4. dashcat

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    It's unlikely that she has a job that we wouldn't approve of...althought she might be acquiring money in ways that would not thrill us. If she had a job - even an unsavory one ...she'd actually GO to work. She told us different things at different times as to when she was starting and what her hours were. Then on her "first day" she was posting on FB around 11:00 a.m. and shows up at my house around 3:00 -3:30. PH is only about a 10 minute drive, but still.... seems like a pretty darned short training shift for them to be turning her loose the very next day waiting tables.

    We're just going to wait and see what she comes up with in the next few days. She's a darned good actress - had me totally convinced when she stopped by. Unfortunately, she is an inconsistant liar and can't keep her stories straight.

    Step, did you feel safe as a driver? DEX is concerned about her going to certain neighboroods delivering ... if this is real at all.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Hey dash,

    My difficult child did this several times. "Oh, I am so excited! They're training me today and then I start next Thursday!" And then, inevitably, "Oh, the manager is a jerk. He said they needed people but then had to hire the owner's daughter so now I don't have a job again", yeah, I'm so sure that's how it went down, difficult child. And we also found out after the fact that she lied about having interviews and where. She also lied about her wages. We wondered on many occasions where the money she always seemed to have came from. At one point I was certain she was either dealing drugs or stripping. And there was the one occasion where I discovered (and never told H) that she was dressing up real sexy and then cleaning her old HS friend's apartment (he is a guy and would pay her to clean his apt scantily clad in short skirts, etc.). That one really grossed me out.

    Just keep your eyes and ear wide open. I hope she really has the job, but something definitely sounds fishy.
  6. AnnieO

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    Hmm, that's a good question, Dash... I don't really remember. I was 21, and full of myself. I used to think nothing of going into west Dayton alone. Now, you won't catch me there without husband. IN DAYLIGHT.

    I never had any problems, though. Of course, I knew the areas I was in, and there really weren't too many "bad" ones. "Medium", yes. Places my parents would not want me to be? Definitely.
  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    Maybe she got the job, then they decided she was a bad waitress so decided to try her as a driver?
  8. CrazyinVA

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    I've been through so many "exciting job opportunities" with Oldest I just don't blink an eye any more. I never believe anything until it happens (and 90% of the time, it doesn't). But, I don't recall that she's ever actually made up going to a job, that's going a bit far. Strange things do happen, but in my exprience the more convoluted or complex the story, the more likely it is to be a lie :-/

    Keep us posted...
  9. dashcat

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    Only here, at PE, could I find people who have actually experienced something like this! I'm having lunch with her today. It will be interesting to see where she goes with this.

    I doubt that they deemed her a bad waitress in what couldn't have been more than a three hour training session.

    I do find that the more involved the story, the less likely that part or all of it is fabricated. Still, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of her pretending to go to work. and taking the time to drop in on me. She did do this before when she lost her last two retail jobs. She "went" to work for a couple days before telling
    DEX she'd been let go. On one occasion, she was holed up in Borders and one of my friends ran into her.

    I'm sure the mystery will be unraveled in time. It really stinks that I can't believe her until I see proof .... and even then I wonder.

  10. DammitJanet

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    I never worked for PH but I did Domino's and I never had a problem...okay...well one. I went to one door and the guy was completely I just blinked and then kept my composure and told him the price, took his money and got the heck out of there!
  11. 1905

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    It's very strange any job...even a union job, would give you the benefits on the first day. Usually you have to wait 3 months, so that's weird. Plus if you get benefits, it's because you work full time, not 3 hours.

    I'm not comparing her to Casey Anthony, but her parents thought she was at work for 2 years.
  12. HaoZi

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    I have waitressed, and let me see... full time, full benefits, AND the best, busiest, and highest-tipping shift to a total rookie? In this economy? I don't see it.

    Not sure about now, but back when I worked for gov't benefits started the first day.
  13. elizabrary

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    Kat has made up jobs several times. Good Lord, if she spent as much time doing positive things for her life as she did making up lies she would be CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I wish I could say this stuff shocks me, but not really anymore! Maybe you'll be surprised and she really will have a job. Wouldn't that be awesome?
  14. donna723

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    When I worked for the State the benefits started at day one too, but I've never heard of any other employers other than government agencies that did that. Maybe years ago but not now. And I've never heard of a place granting full benefits to anyone who worked less than full time either. My son has had maybe five jobs in the last ten years and none of them had benefits that started right away. Every job he has ever had, the benefits didn't kick in until he had passed the probationary period and officially became a permanent employee.
  15. dashcat

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    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear: she never said the benefits started right away. She just said it was full time with benefits. I took that to mean the benefits started after a certain period .. just took that for granted.

    I had lunch with her today and she told me a different story: she reported to work yesterday and they told her they fired the driver. They need more drivers than waitresses so they want to give her his hours. But first she must pass the MVR.

    We will see what happens in the next several days.

    And, Janet, LOL! I sure hope if this is real that she never encounters a nudey cazoodey!
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  16. Hound dog

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    Hmmm. Me thinks something is UP. What, I dunno. But I'd say your Mom radar is going off for good reason.