Impressive Japanese returning 78 million to tsunami!

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    I don't know if this will interest you all but I am impressed. Just read that 48 million bucks plus 5799 safes containing 30 million have been found by Japanese officials following the March tsunami. Their government has collected "the debris" and is having success returning this money to the families who lost if during the disaster. I can't get over that. All the devestation, loss of life, destroyed buildings, costs of redevelopment...and they are protecting the victims by documenting where and who much was found in each location and then finding the rightful owners. Let's hear it for the Japanese. LOL DDD
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    Very funny, JJJ...!
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    ...Though every time I try to use American vernacular, it comes back to haunt me.
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    Very impressed!
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    I'm impressed, too. The funny (or actually probably sad) thing is that I have always had negative impressions of the Japanese. The reason it is sad is that I am not a negative person and I totally know that it is a result of being born in 1940 and growing up watching war movies (hmm..indoctrination?) that showed the "evil enemy". As a little girl that has had a long term effect on me. Since I recognize that is where the bad vibes began I have actively tried to find things to admire in that culture. Don't know if that makes sense to you guys who are younger but since I truly value humankind I have consciously tried to get over the early prejudice. This news struck me as so positive that it has impacted me. As an actively patriotic American....I don't think that would happen on our shores. It's cool. LOL DDD
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    ... and do you remember the news coverage that showed the Japanese people in the aftermath of the tsunamis? Many of these people had lost their family members, their homes, their businesses - everything they had. But they were calm, orderly, patient, standing quietly in long lines to receive food and other necessities. Absolutely no looting, no violence, no complaining. Compare that with what we saw on the news of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina! 'Nuff said!
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    That's the advantage of a mono-culture. Everybody knows how to behave, what is expected, and just fits in. They don't have to think, they just react with an in-bred and constantly-reinforced instinct.
    Really useful in a crisis. Not as good for making progress. And you can't have it both ways.
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    Japanese manners ect have always impressed me.

    I'm glad the victims have had their assets recovered and will be having them returned to them. After so much loss that must seem like a miracle.
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    Absolutely!!! That's a great testimony to organization and integrity.

    DDD, I grew up the opposite, in the 60s and 70s. Adored the Japanese--art, philosophy, history. Flew there with-husband and spent a week touring. Unforgettable trip. Wonderful, generous people. Clean, clean, clean.
    Came home via Seattle, walked up the terminal off the plane, saw half doz Americans with-huge pot bellies, untucked shirts, vending machines didn't work, bathrooms weren't clean. Wanted to go straight back to Kyoto.

    In regard to "thinking" vs mono culture, they are having growing pains, as news stories about teen suicides attest to. Not to mention the agoraphobia, and addiction to computer games. They are coming up with-come great therapies, which we should pay attention to.
    It used to be, that the Americans would invent a product, and the Japanese would copy it and improve upon it. Now it's the Chinese, but they copy the products and sell them at half price. ;)
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    That's definitely a WOW for me!