In Cali a week, he's still not in school

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    And I'm getting very aggravated! They say they are trying to find a placement for him, we've been here since Friday, April 23. They haven't met in him person yet or really taken much info from us, they're just going by what it says in his IEP.

    We are meeting a psychiatric at the home campus today to sign up for services with County Mental Health, and someone with Special Education called last Friday to say she had a heads up on an all boys campus for kids with issues like difficult child, she was just waiting to hear back if they had an opening. I'd know by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Guess what? It's Wednesday and I still don't know! How hard is it to call and say "hey, got an opening?"

    What can I do to put a rush on this? He's been out of school over a week and he's spiraling out of control. I've all ready peeved the special education director pushing her, first politely then a little impatiently. (She gave us to someone else after I sent a "hi, its been over a week, where are we?" email). I just want my kid in school! This is getting ridiculous.
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    Just wanted to give you a quick welcome to CA! I certainly understand your frustration. I'm not sure what you can do to make things go more quickly, but I do hope you get a placement for difficult child soon. Uncertainty is hard on all of us, but especially hard for a difficult child. Good luck.
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    How far in advance did you contact them before your move?

    I'd be frustrated too. Keep being the squeaky wheel, even if they get annoyed.