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    klmnoThanks for feedback on multisystmemic therapy. They have it in our county : it is court ordred and she is not i nthe direct superviosn of the court. Like your son, she is still getting stablized.
    I am intersted in finding out about in home terapy that does not reuire your child being in the court slystem. Any ideas? Compassion
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    That's what I'm going thru now- not the therapy but trying to find out how to get it set up and funded. It took forever to even find out what was available because no one in the safety net felt the need to tell me about it. Does she have a case manager? If so, discuss it with them. If she's on medicaid, they will probably pay. In order to find out what's in your area, it took me a lot of searching but here are some places to start: 1) google "at-risk youth" and your state''s or county name, 2) call your state dept of mental health and ask, 3) call DSS and tell them you need to speak to someone immediately about getting help taking care of your BiPolar (BP) daughter. Sound frantic. This might get you a return call within a few days.

    Make sure all these people know that she's BiPolar (BP) and not yet stabilized and has conduct issues that jeopardize her own welfare. I have learned that saying "I cannot keep difficult child safe from himself" goes a long way. Whether or not it will involve the court, as in filing for a chins, will depend on the laws and policies in your jurisdiction. Involving the courts if necessary to get help is not such a bad thing, as a matter of fact, it could work in your favor if she ever gets in trouble legally. It's bad for us because difficult child got in trouble legally and is currently on probation. If he wasn't on probation, I wouldn't be having so much trouble getting outside help- even through the courts, although the PO is supposed to be making it easier because my son has already been determined to be "at-risk".
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    Thanks!!! We have insurance: BCBS PPC from the State of Fl. They will beleie it or not coer unlimted outpatient but no inpateint longterm Residential Treatment Center (RTC). We hae done as many as 3 oupatient visits a week. We hae not recied any reimbersment yet though. Her psychiatrist just went in network so only $20 a visit. I doubt if they would cover in home but I will keep it in mind. We are day 63 no running or substances. She went to 6 AA meetings last week, therapy . She was both PMS and hypomanic but channeled it well: 4 olleyball practices, she ran, cleaqned my house (YES!!!!), washed outr cars, did academics, and was out 5 nights doing moies, a concert, hanigng out. Plus she walked dogs at the Humane Society so for today we are doing OK. Her therapist gae her great hints today on dealing with frstation/boredom which is her core stuff that escales and she wants to run/escape.
    You, know i hae rally pieced together multisystmatic stuff. Compassion
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    We receive BHRS services here in my home through a program called "Wrap Around Services". I'm sure it's called different things in different areas, but you could call around and ask for "BHRS services". There's a whole bunch of different things you can receive under this service. We get Mobile Therapy, 4 hours per week. Our therapist is a Masters Level therapist with a ton of qualifications. I actually hand picked her from a list of therapists. I love it. She gets to see Dylan in home, with family, around siblings, and really has gotten to know him more than any psychiatrist or doctor ever has. She was the first one to say Aspergers to me, and she was right! LOL! I love her.

    Check the phone book for maybe Behavioral type agencies, or look up Family Based, or call the psychiatrist's office. There has to be something in your area.