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    Prices are going up, up, up. Gas prices of course. Food prices. Utility prices. I know lately I've been seeing on the news where the economy is "supposed" to be "improving". I'm beginning to think they live in an alternate reality from mine, or perhaps they're painting a pretty picture in hopes if they wish hard enough it will happen. :sigh:

    So how is everyone coping? If you have any tips on making the dollar stretch further, please share, I'm sure everyone can benefit.

    Gas is a big ouch for me, but not as big as it could be because I do an awful lot of car pooling with easy child. I average filling up the tank about once a month.......actually about every 6-8 wks.....and I use my kroger points which usually gives me about 40 cents off per gallon by the time I'm ready to fill up. And no, I don't actually spend 400.00 every 8 wks at kroger......I'm using their sales and coupons so what I actually spend is nowhere near that amount (I average about 20-30 bucks a wk), but I still get the points. If our kroger ever stops doubling coupons I'm in big trouble.

    Our electric company for some odd reason got a wild hair (I'm sure they had an excuse) to double our electric rates. Now honestly I was hurting paying the old rates.....double nearly made me faint. Paying 200.00 per month in winter on electric is outrageous! I never paid that much having 3 window unit air conditioners in during summer!!! So I started unplugging every single thing not in use. It's not an easy habit to get into, but I'm getting better. I was already good about turning off lights when not needed. I dunno if they read my meter wrong or if it really made this huge a change (cuz I've also only been using lights when I have to in order to see and going to bed much earlier) but it was down to 100.00 this time. OMG a whole 100.00 difference! The state is "looking into" this drastic rate change.........mainly because most people just can't afford it which means more people will be looking at state programs to help them out, and honestly the state itself probably can't afford that either.

    My gas bill, oddly enough, has been very cheap all winter. I've rarely had it above 65 degrees, and was comfortable, much of the time it has been off. So that saved me some money to put elsewhere. (one bonus to the odd winter) It's only been running me 30-40.00 per month, totally unheard of in the winter.

    Our water rates are ridiculous. We pay twice as much for sewage as the water itself. I've managed to get this bill down to below 50.00 per month, not so easy to do. But unlike husband, Travis will stick to the 1 towel a week rule, as do I, so I don't have tons of towels to wash. We wear most outfits more than once if they're not actually "dirty". I have very little actual laundry with the two of us. My kitchen sink always has to run forever before the hot water comes through. It's always driven me nuts. Now? I have a 1 1/2 gallon jug I use for dog water......and when I'm going to use the hot water, I fill the jug with the cold that comes out first. And it makes me mad that it actually FILLS the jug each time. By darn if I'm not only paying the water, but double for the sewage on that 1 1/2 gallon......someone is gonna use it! I'm buying a outside garbage can (so it's clean) for rain water for the garden.

    Food prices are climbing steadily, some items faster than others. I find myself thanking God each day for my stockpile. I dunno where I'd be without it......uh, nix that, I'd be in a heap of trouble without it. It's pretty much taken over my laundry room, pantry is overflowing as now I have a corner of the kitchen occupied too. This is after putting non perishables into huge rubbermaid tubs. I am still doing the couponing, only now I really really go over the ads with a fine tooth comb & compare them to the coupons I have......comparing each store, and if I don't get it for next to nothing, I don't buy it. IF I can get it for next to nothing, or if I'm really lucky get it for free or make money on it......I get as much as I can. Like the 3 cases of canned veggies I got several weeks back for about .25 cents a can or less with a kroger sale and coupon combo. Freezer is full of a wide variety of meats.......added to when I spot sales like chicken breast for .99 lb or whole chicken for .68 cents lb. Milk I stock up at either aldi's or sav a lot at 1.99 cents a gallon and freeze them. Personal hygiene stuff I no longer buy unless sale/coupon makes it under a dollar or free...........household cleaners, well I pretty much ONLY buy Awesome from the dollar store. You just can't beat a buck for a cleaner that cleans basically everything. lol "food" budget per week has dropped significantly unless there is a huge sale I can stock up with. But I've noticed this is not happening like it was either.

    And today Nichole and I are starting in on the back yard to start prepping for the garden. There will be a huge garden. What doesn't get eaten fresh will be canned and put up.

    Other little ways I'm cutting back to reduce the pinch of the economy:

    Washboard and galvanized metal tubs for laundry and will be hanging them on the line to dry soon as the weather allows. This may sound silly to some I suppose. But it will save money.....and I get a workout while I'm at it.

    I have a push mower of the old fashion type that only requires manpower, or rather woman power. Reminds me I need to order the blade sharpener. I will be picking up yard tools that don't require either electric or gas. Again the bonus is using them will be a workout. Same for garden tools. I already have a tiller that only requires handpower. It works awfully well too.

    I plan to do much more walking to places once the weather stablizes a downtown to pay bills and such.

    I plan to do a lot of grilling out. So expect a LOT of questions. I have no idea how to grill anything, not even how much charcoal to use. But by darn I'm going to learn so that cooking doesn't heat up the house this summer. With those high electric rates it's highly doubtful I'll be able to afford AC this year.

    I was considering seriously raising chickens. But I'm holding off for the time being. I'm not so eager to build a coop......and I'd have to have enough fencing for them to keep the cats away from the chicks until they were big enough to peck the heck out of them. easy child will be letting Darrin raise rabbits for 4H, we'll both benefit from the fertilizer. lol

    Other than these things.........I can't think of anything else. I know easy child is learning to make her own soap/laundry soap, but honestly I'm not so sure that is cheaper than getting it on a good sale with coupons, at least at this point in the game. I get them awfully darn cheap. But I know she'll keep track of expenses so we'll see.

    Oh, diving into my kidney diet books for more beans/rice recipes........but I've noticed the major price jump for both of those. ugh (which is sort of weird as those usually stay cheap while everything else goes up)

    So c'mon, ladies, let's share tips. I'm sure there are probably things I'm missing or have overlooked and God knows I need to save every penny. I've yet to get the darn things to reproduce.
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    Call the electric company and see if they have a budget plan where they estimate your monthly bill by annual use and ask if they have any assistance plans or know of any for people on very limited budgets. Around here United Way has lots of referrals and knows where to send you for that kind of help.
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    I'm noticing it, too. The dog food and treats are jumping amazingly high. I'm just cutting back- a little less quality, a little less 'special' things, etc. I live as frugal as I can. I drink more water than soda anymore- things like that.
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    HaoZi, I've done the yearly doesn't save me money, It winds up costing me because my bills vary too much. As for the help programs, my nest egg disqualifies me. Soon as it no longer does I'll be knocking on their doors and signing up.

    Dog food/treats are ridiculous! We're currently living the "no scrap goes into the trash" policy so that it helps ration dog food as well as doesn't waste other food. My dogs are used to table foods so it doesn't bother their GI tracts and they get enough of the dog food to make sure they're needs are met. I did just shake my head at Sam's. I did the whole up and down the pet food isle comparing prices to weights.....same thing I did at reg stores......and the pedigree was cheaper for MORE food than their generic, and I got twice as much at Sam's for nearly the same price as what it cost me at walmart. omg So dogs are back on pedigree.

    I wonder why cat food seems never to be a real issue? I can always pick it up cheap, non generic too. Cheaper at Sam's, than walmart......but even the name brand at walmart is cheaper than their generic. lol
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    I've notice price spikes in certain things (like peanut butter -- $7 a jar??) but overall I think prices around here are pretty stable. We will have nearly a 10% drop in income at the end of the summer so we are trying to eliminte enough monthly bills in advance.

    Things I'm doing
    1. Gardening and going to can/freeze/dry this year.
    2. Cook at home more with more vegetarian meals (meat is expensive!)
    3. Visit grandma's more often (she feeds us!)
    4. Plan 'free' family fun -- parks, movies in the park, etc.
    5. Minimizing fast food (a huge money drain for us)

    Target had a great sale on Pedigree last month. I have enough dry kibble to last until August -- at about 50% off. We do give her a can of food as a treat if we can get them on sale (grocery store was changing brands and sold a ton of cans for 50 cents each!). We have started to use table scraps to supplement as well.

    Our budget's biggest enemy is me! So I am going to try very hard to keep within the household budget this year.
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    I almost wish we had gas heat/stove. wse have electric everything. We pay, budget billing, $295/month. It will go up again, I know. It actually dropped from $350 a month to $295 a few months after Onyxx left. So... Sigh. But we ARE heating almost 2600 square feet. Our biggest usage right now is problem the laptops and TV, keeping me entertained since I quit smoking!!!

    Dog food is bad, but it helps that sister in law works at PetSmart. Cat food is, to me, OUTRAGEOUS - but I have 2 senior cats. So I have to get the indoor formula yada yada. Spoiled brats.

    I have bought pop recently, butI rarely do. Lately it's because Bean has been annoying me, so... I can't get a 20-oz Dr Pepper at work due to caffeine, so I bring in a 12-oz Squirt or whatever. Beware, Sunkist Orange has caffeine. Grr.

    I've been buying generic stuff for so long. Most of the coupons I get aren't as cheap as buying generic... And most of the generics are just as good. Socking away $1 here and $1 there to pay for things while I'm on maternity leave LOL!

    I still svck at couponing...
  7. AnnieO

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    Oh, and JJJ? Around here veggies cost as much as or more than meat, to do the same things. Plus, Bean CRAVES beef... LOL!!!
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    You can make homemade dog treats really cheap. Just type homemade dog treat recipes in your search engine and you'll get tons of alternatives. I make beef flavored ones, cheese ones, and oatmeal peanut butter cookie ones. The dogs really like them too. YOu just have to have the time to do it.

    They said on TV the other day that when you fill your vehicle with gas, on average (whatever that is) the filling station gets $1.00, the transportation companies, refining companies, etc. get a more-or-less fair amount and the wall street trades get $15.00. That is partly what is wrong with our economy. But don't let's suggest regulating those guys!! Time for me to shut up now as I don't want to be political but it is definitely a sore spot.
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    I am so tired of the consistent increase of, well, everything. Our hydro rates are horrible. And now we are all on these time of day meters, causing late evenings and weekends to be about a third of the cost of usage in day time. I really don't like having to run all appliances late at night. With MS I tend to fade by afternoon and feel useless in the evenings. Even with major changes to how we use power. I pay more than double what it cost when I moved in her 7 years ago, and back then I admit I wasted power without thought.

    So electricity costs me about $130 more per month than it used to. My rent increased another $30 this month. Gas heat is about $50 a month more in winter than it used to be. So there is $200 more a month right there. That is a huge hit, a grocery budget nearly and nothing to show for it.

    I have a expensive addiction, books. As a speed reader who must read daily, I was buying up to 4-5 books per week. I have an ereader, easy child does too. Now I'd I can't get what I want as a ebook loan at the library, I find it free online. I appease my guilt in that I do not do this for profit, and I could never read otherwise and that would be devastating to me.

    I now have Netflix for movies even though it hasn't a great selection this side of the border. It is far cheaper than premium cable channels. We did have free basic cable in our building. Well landlord took that away (despite it being in our lease!). So after going without tv, we are now paying for a budget package because we really spend so much time home that it is cheaper to have it than to have other entertainment out of the house that I won't pay for.

    I have become adept at flyer price matching for grocery store items. It allows me to shop at own store but have the benefits of the sales from every local business for that week so long as the sale is advertised.

    I now gear much of easy child's lunch treats on sale and coupon items. I never ask for a wish list when I shop. She gets what I find a deal on. There was a sale on Quaker products this week where I shopped. $1.50-$2.00 off most Quaker items. I had coupons that gave a free premium healthy sugar free juice that is $5.49 (I refuse to pay it so never get it) with a purchase of 3 Quaker products. So easy child has 3 different granola bar boxes for lunch snacks and i saved $5.00 on them. With the juice free i saved $10.49. I saw a woman buying the bars and pointed out th coupon which was available on a coupon board at the door to the store. She said well I don't buy that juice, it's too expensive. Doh! Lady, coupon gives you free high quality healthy juice. I shook my head that she couldn't understand the concept. She didn't grab a coupon but bought 6 boxes of bars because of the sale. So there went $11.00 in free juice. Boy I was tempted to grab 2 coupons, stand behind her at checkout and ask to put two juices in her order with coupons and thank her for the two free items just to make her see how ego stopped her taking free products. It was obvious the isse was her not wanting to use a coupon. Idiot deserves to pay then.

    My new saver find recently was a set of tight lids for soda cans. I was sick of seeing half finished sodas poured down a drain. Now it is a rule for all to out it in fridge with a lid. The lids really do keep the soda carbonated.

    When i get lean chicken or turkey in sale, I take leftovers and mix with rice and broth and freeze in small baggies for cat treats. Healthier than canned products and ensures leftovers aren't left to spoil in the fridge. My neighbor does this for her dog as well.

    I even do silly things now. If a lemon or orange is going to spoil, I squeeze the juice, mix with water and peelings and let steep. Remove peels and pour itonice cube trays. When frozen they go into freezer bags. I then don't have to buy fresh citrus for flavoring drinks or for adding into recipes when cooking. Spoiling bananas are mashed and frozen. Perfect for making banana muffins or adding to pancake batter.

    This summer I am planning to go in a bartering hunt at the farmers market. I know some vendors pay a teen to help manage their booths. I happen to have taken up canning and making preserves. I am going to try to find a vendor to accept the help of easy child and I for free on Saturdays (market day here) all summer in return for a fair amount of weekly produce. I can then can away all week in time for the next weekend. I hope someone sees the benefit to them and me and says yes
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    About the electric rates - if you have AEP I can tell you what is going on.

    They haven't had a rate increase in 6 or 7 years. The state told them this year that they could increase their rates. People called PUCO and complained, and the state told them they had to take their rates back to where they were. They have since gotten the ok to temporarily raise their rates again, but they don't know if the state is going to continue to let them. If they don't, they will have no choice but to close their headquarters in Columbus. Some will get offered a job in Louisiana. Most will get laid off.

    With deregulation, AEP is required to sell energy to the other energy companies for less than what it costs AEP to produce it. Then they haven't been allowed a rate increase for 6 or 7 years. They did a re-organization 2 years ago. They have trimmed all the fat (i.e., no business trips, etc) that they know to trim, and are bringing in specialists to see if they can trim anywhere else. Bottom line, though. If they aren't allowed to keep this rate increase, they won't be here much longer. A lot of jobs will be lost, and millions in donations that AEP gives to various organizations in and around Columbus will be lost.

    My step-father works for AEP. My parents are preparing for what might come next.
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    We have an all electric mobile home. You can imagine what electricity costs to run that. Before we put in the new HVAC unit last March our power bills averaged between $300 to $500 depending on the season. Since we put the new unit in our highest bill has been about $225 and that was the hottest month in the summer. Some months we have bills as low as $90. Amazing. If your bills are really high, consider investing in a new HVAC system if you can afford it. Mine made this much difference and I have almost no insulation in my house. If I had good insulation, I would be in really good shape.

    I really should be more watchful over the energy hogs like leaving things plugged in all the time. I have computers plugged in all the time. My TV's run constantly. Cable is on all the time. Chargers for the phones are always plugged in. Microwave is always plugged in. Buck washes small loads of laundry instead of waiting to wash full loads. That one ticks me off since the rest of us have been trained to wash full loads only. (Ok...there have been times I dont but that is because I do have some delicate items that have to be washed on the delicate cycle...cold water only)

    Our food budget is HUGE. I buy convenience items a lot. I buy pre-cut veggies, pre-cut taters, I love those containers of Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes. I used to like the roasted chickens but those are probably out right now. Oh...and I buy my dog food online through Amazon. It is cheaper there than at the pet store and I have free shipping.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Okay I too had a WTH moment when I saw peanut butter for $6.79 a jar, and a tub of Country Crock for $4.49 - I was like - ARE?YOU?SERIOUS? I think I'll use generic - and turned to the generic stuff and it was $3.29 - THREE TWENTY NINE for the junk that isn't even margarine and is nasty.

    My car died....I need a clutch. So I thought maybe I'd try to do it myself. After four men looked at me like I had three eyes? I conceeded and decided fine - I won't. But it left me feeling VERY vulnerable. I'm blessed to share a life with someone that actually knows WEIRD things - that he thinks the entire world knows growing up on a farm - but has no clue. And we're not true preppers - because I pretty much figure if you're the last man standing in a nuclear toxic dump? You're not going to really WIN big anyway, by having stuck it out in the hills with an AK and a jug of water, knowing how to fry grub worms.

    BUT - I DID take advice from a lotof you the LAST time we had a spendy thrify post and here are some of my results.

    From Witz - (use only 1/2 of the laundry detergent recommended) -----I thought OKAY - why not try it? Tide is $11.99 for 60 loads.....We get almost 100 for the same amount and I PROMISE you our clothes are very clean, and smell fresh. On whites? We add 20 MULE TEAM (no I do not just buy it because it has donkeys on the package) BORAX and in the Summer time? Takes the man stink out of everything, boosts your whites if you soak them overnight with 1 cup borax and 1 cup bleach in a 5 gal. bucket - so yeah that's been a great tip.

    From Hound, HAOzi, and my wonderful coupon buddy (thank you every week - and hugs to you in TN) I have been saving coupons, doing ad matches, and stocked up on a lot of things, learned about cycles, and some days honestly ? If it had not been for couponing We wouldn't have eaten - so that's been great.

    We found a small deep freezer - Small - small - and IT"S been the BEST thing we ever got - When meat goes on sale? (with Hamburger slated to be over $5.00 a pound by the end of the Summer?) Yeah - and don't start on me either - (COnspiracy theorist - election year - Gas at $5 a gallon - I mean doesn't anyone else thing the gas will miracuously go down before November? DUH. (okay off soapbox) So we got a Sams Membership - when they were 1/2 off - and when they weren't we used a DAY pass for free - bought baggies, meat, and stocked up and did weighed portions (found a scale cheap in a thrift store, steralized it) and make our own portions.

    Someone else suggested COOKING DAY - like make the house all hot - and just cook - SO we tried that this past winter instead of turning on the heater? We cooked, and put up I don't KNOW how many bags of chili and soup and meatloaf - and It's INCREDIBLE how handly those are when you are hungry and just don't feel like cooking.

    We're doing a garden this year - and Beefstake tomatos - cucumbers, beans......------and we're looking now for RAIN BARRELS....but you can have an AWESOME garden in a place the size of your dining room table- doesn't have to be HUGE and you can keep smaller -----bug free - easier. ALSO - plant an extra row - of everything for your local food bank or elderly neighbor - we also got canning jars and lids and seals - this is going to be our SALSA year. And I can grow peppers so hot they smoke on the vine. (note to self - get peppers started)

    We unplugged a TON of stuff. THAT"s paid off a lot. And there is a machine that you can get to tell you about the electric vampire in your home - YOU call the electric company and they will come out and do a FREE audit. THERE is ALSO a program for people that do not have money - you have to get on the list with your county - took me nearly 2 years -----but it has helped a lot the insulation was worth the wait.

    I am going to do the dog biscuits - if they work out cheaper than $1.00 a box......

    Just remember with dog food - CHEAPER is NOT better - product in - product out - and the nutritional value will not be there ----check with your vet.

    I'm also cleaning EVERY and ANYTHING in my home that I don't want and have gotten little stickers (thrift store) and marking stuff for the flea market or an estate sale - not sure - we have a lot of things that could go....maybe flea market - but flea market is quarter and diming time -a nd people with a little mon ey KNOW it.....we heard people offering sellers $1.00 for an antique wood planer today and the guy said "Man I need the money so badly - I wanted $15.00 for it." AND HE TOOK THE DOLLAR.....O.M.W. -= how could you do that to someone? It's unreal......ABSOLUTELY unreal.

    SO my plan is to continue to do what I've been doing - look for a job -pray for a miracle daily - and hope we all survive.
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    Your best friend for "unplugging" stuff is... power bars. These have a switch on them, and you just turn off the switch. So, for example, you can leave all the computers, phone chargers etc. plugged in... but turn the power bar off unless something is actually charging. Set the coffee machine on a timer - especially if it's the kind that needs to pre-heat the water. Lights that get used a lot but not for things like reading... switch to CF bulbs (compact florescent) - entry ways, hallways, storeroom, that kind of stuff. (I like "real" light for reading, sewing, etc.)
  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Heather, then that explains the electric jumping up. I have AEP. ugh Here I was all these years thrilled to death NOT to have DP&L, the cash vampires from hades........and got whacked by AEP. Not that I blame them for needing to make a profit. I expected it to go up when gas prices jumped, but not anywhere near what it did.

    Our garden? Will be a raise bed garden. Turns out I have about 30 yrs worth of pine needles in the yard. Easier to do raised beds than to attempt to remove all those needles. I nearly laughed when Nichole's husband expected me to not take to the idea. I mention to Nichole that at one time my back yard was basically a parking lot. There isn't much "dirt" there to begin with except what we've made over the years from straw used in Rowdy's kennel. lol I'd already stumbled upon raised beds and was considering it. :) Thanks to husband not following through on a project, I already have a considerable amount of the wood needed in my family room. (I told you he was a pack rat)
  15. InsaneCdn

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    Lisa - these are partly tongue-in-cheek... we're getting desperate too, and... how to get creative?

    Not sure about chickens either but... have you thought of starting a hive? That gives you both honey and beeswax... and the wax makes very nice candles...

    Compare prices for borax and laundry soap and add-in water softener. Sometimes, it's cheaper to use borax or softener, and cut down on the laundry soap.

    Other than the lights that you use to read by (and other fine work), drop the wattage of the bulbs by one or two layers... instead of a 100, use 75, 60, or even 40. We've found that for some applications (storage room) it pays to use a night-light (4-watt!) as the main light, and only use the "big light" if we're doing major work in there.

    Hot water for dishes... time dishwashing to go with shower/bath time for one of you... after the tub is run or shower is done, THEN draw water for dishes. Insulate the hot water pipes for as far as you can access, from the hot water tank up.

    Add extra insulation in the attic (ok, that requires spending money first...) - it has some impact on heating costs, but REALLY shows up with A/C... it keeps the heat, out!

    Do you put plastic over your windows for winter? If the windows are a bit drafty, this cuts the draft... and therefore the warm-air leaks.

    In our part of the world, the farmers grow beans, lentils etc. They are expensive in the store... but cheap at the farm-gate... you will pay the farmer more than he gets at the elevator, but less than you pay at the store.

    Seriously, I don't know how great-grandma ever did it... claimed all she ever bought (for food) was: sugar, salt, yeast, tea, coffee, and spices. But that was on the homestead in the '30s...
  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Can't do a hive. Nichole is allergic to bees and she helps me in the yard and will be helping me in the garden. And I can't say the idea is appealing. lol

    This old victorian was totally redone before I bought it. The pipes in question for the kitchen sink are in the crawl space which is super hard to maneuver into, instead of the "basement" part, they have some's just a long journey from hot water heater to the sink. During the summer it's the same thing. House is exceptionally well insulated, thankfully. It stays cool on hot days as long as the humidity isn't too spring I have to throw open windows to warm it up inside. lol Upstairs gets hotter of course as warm air rises. Windows are new. Haven't noticed much for drafts but I do need to put some insulation around the doors thanks to the darn cats trying to get in.

    I plan to have my eyes open for farmers selling anything, got some great deals last year that way. :) I have a friend I went to nursing school with who has a completely self sufficient farm, she says that is pretty much all she buys in the way of food. Hmmm, I wonder if she'll be having some beans and such on sale this year. I'll have to ask her.
  17. InsaneCdn

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    Don't know what these cost where you are... we invested in a stand-alone "dehumidifier"... we use it a LOT in the basement (tends to get damp down there from spring to fall), but on those not-too-hot-but-really-muggy days? we bring it upstairs, and pull the humidity down without running the a/c. Also helps if you clean the carpets... dries things out a LOT faster...
  18. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    IC - a dehumidifier, around here (not far from Lisa), is great for basement applications, but it is SO HUMID in the summertime - it's pointless (not cost-effective) for a whole-house application. It would be nice, but the electricity to run it negates the benefit.

    It's "really muggy" here from mid May through mid September, sometimes longer...
  19. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    ^^ what she said ^^ LOL

    It's true. Now I usually only notice the humidity when it's 75 percent or higher because I'm used to it. By then on certain days you feel like you're walking around in a sauna. blech Those are typical days when I run the AC. Then it is as much to get rid of the humidity as to cool the house. Otherwise, I don't care much for AC. I like my house open with fresh air.
  20. Mom2oddson

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    I joined a vanpool for work. It hoovers big time. The hours of the van means I have 9 1/2 hour work days but only get paid for 8. But, it's $74 a month for gas instead of $60 a week. Oh and the men of the vanpool require silence through the whole ride there and back. Uhg..... But I'm saving money and wear on my poor old car. husband carpools with his boss too.

    husband and I got a killer deal on a woodstove ($150) for an almost new stove. We just need to save up money to have it installed. That should help with the power bill next year. And we have 10 trees that are so close to the house that we can leagally have them taken down without a lot of permits/fees. And husband's cousin does that for a living so instead of $500 a tree, it will be $100 a tree.

    We found a guy in the neighboring county that has Grass-fed to finish cows for under $3 a pound. My folks go in with us on getting the cow. And I get all the bones to make bone broth for us and for the dogs. And I get all those inner parts to cook up for the dogs. Next time I go up there I'm going to see if I can get the bones from the people that don't want them. I'm hoping that kevin will give me a good deal if not just give them to me.

    Down the road I have a local small family farm where I get my pastured eggs and raw milk. I might pay $4 for a dozen eggs but I can't eat more than 2 of them for breakfast and am full for a long time. And when the farmer butchers chickens, if the machine that processes them damages the chicken, like breaks a leg bone or rips the skin, she sells those really cheap.

    husband and I are going to work on a big garden this year. easy child will be home so he can help us out with it. I just hope we have good growing weather this year. The last two times we tried the weather up here was horrible for gardens.

    I use less water and power than I did 3 years ago but pay at least twice as much for 1/2 the amount. And I'm supposed to believe that we don't have inflation??? Guess I'm out in left field during football season once again.

    Since my job scare, husband & I want to get as much paid off as we can so that we can make it on one paycheck. I don't know how that is going to happen. We've cut out so much. The only thing we haven't cut out yet is the TV, but we've been talking about it.