independent study or switch schools?

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    My youngest son (11) has ADHD and a very short fuse. There are a group of kids that has made fifth grade hell for him. he is not an angel by any means but in this instant, he is not the one provoking the issue.
    These kids have called him all kinds of ugly names and put there hands on him. I have told my son to do his best to walk away but if they put there hands on him he has the right to defend himself and fight back...Here lies my dilemma.
    He has just been suspended again for the fifth time this year for fighting. The boys were walking behind him in the hall calling him names and kicked his shoe from behind so my son turned and punched the kid. This is rediculous. All they say at the school is ask if he is taking his medications, and that he is a BIG boy so it is worse when he hits back and suspends him. His grades are not bad, all these things happen on the playground or in the hall on the way to or from class.
    I dont want him on independent study cause i want him to be able to socialize in positive ways so im thinking of changing schools and if that does not work, then home school he might go.
    do any of you have issues with your youngsters fighting at school or just short fuses in general? how do you deal? how do you discipline? any ideas are helpful.
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    Does he have an IEP? Where is the teacher when all of this is going on?
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    We went through this in sixth grade. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the teacher and principal, but we were never able to completely defuse the issue. I know the school was trying, but this other kid was pretty slick about her bullying. Miss KT kind of gave up, even with her short fuse.

    Seventh grade started the same way, but Miss KT was better about fighting back with words. When I got the call from school, I pointed out that this had gone on last year, it wasn't going to continue this year, and what did they intend to do to protect my child? The other kid went to a different school the next week.

    Good luck. School's almost over, hang tight if you can.