Indigo child


Mom? What's a difficult child?

They believe in Indigo Children where K went to school, Waldorf, they would have said she was an Indigo Child...

Her energy, a lot of the symptoms that our g'sfg possess would put them in the "Indigo Child" category...

Interesting but I am not taking this diagnosis for my kids!!!

They would say our children are gifted and more sensitive... which is true. More aware of the world and environment.


From the website totoro posted:

...these children of the next millennium are sensitive, gifted souls with an evolved consciousness who have come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land, one globe and one species. They are our bridge to the future.

My daughter has been called an Indigo child. So, she's going to change the world, but she couldn't figure out how to get the stick of shortening out of it's plastic tub. :rofl:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Heather you obviously are not evolved enough... only our Indigo Kids would get it. You don't have the right energy!!!

Bridge to the future....hmmm

Maybe we can start a commune?


Totoro, our Indigo children are never going to leave home. We're going to have to start a commune just to get away from them!

A few years ago, difficult child was in a mentoring program similar to Big Sisters, but this was through the county. Her mentor was actually older than me and seemed nice enough even though I thought she was a little odd. difficult child really liked her and that's what was important. But then she started doing things like showing up unannounced, staying home with difficult child instead of taking her out to do things, etc. It really bothered me and I (who usually has NO problem expressing my feelings) was trying to figure out how to approach this. Then, she called me at work one day to discuss with me how she was sure that difficult child is an Indigo Child and that I should embrace her gift. At that point, I had never heard of the term and promptly googled it. I read about "Kryton" and called the mentoring program and said thanks, but no thanks.


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I'm all for the commune long as the leader is not me! :slap:

Can you imagine all of our Indigo Kids in one place? That has me chuckling.........I can't even imagine. Then again, that might take care of our world population problem! My guess is that they would take each other all out within a week. :grin:


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Thanks for the link. I'd never heard of this - or maybe I had, and my horrified brain was self-censoring to keep my blood pressure under control.

I am exerting considerable self-control right now, in not presenting you with my critique of this woman's 'words of wisdom' and her total blindness to proper scientific method, analysis and discussion.

We go from one weird modern viewpoint to another - first I get attacked by people at church because they say my child is possessed, because she was asked to close her eyes and describe what she saw - she said she saw the colour red (as you do, when you close your eyes - it is light filtering through the blood vessels in your eyelids). When I failed to be suitably impressed and horrified, I was also immediately suspect of being possessed. You can't win with these people (this woman has since left to start her own church, wonders why we never darken its door). And now we get the new-agers with THEIR take on our wonderful children.

I have my own theory on my wonderful children. I do not see their difficulties as brain damage; it is merely a difference in brain wiring. Their difficulties are greater in this modern age because society has less room for variability, less room to accommodate those who learn differently or think differently. Yes, schools these days can be a lot more broad in what they will support, but in the past many of these kids would not have gone to school, they would have been either institutionalised or kept at home, learning there. They would have found their niche in the world and fitted in because routine and sameness were easier to achieve back then. These days we are more crowded, more hurried, more insistent. I look back through generations of my family, and husband's family, living on the land - these kids would have been the problem solvers of the farm, making running repairs through ingenious use of whatever was to hand; studying the patterns of behaviour of the animals, the fine detail of the crops and the weather and would have found their place doing what t hey do best, without being overly stressed every second of every day. They would have had to interact with fewer people.

Thank you for this reference. Just when I think it would be nice to go and live on a commune somewhere in the country and get back to farming life, you lot bring me to my senses.

The folk at Nimbin, the ones who aren't actually trying to make a commercial go of it, the ones who live in the trees and only come to the ground for the regular market days - they're called ferals.

I think I have a name for this "indigo child" stuff - Feral FilosoFy.

'Nuff said. I'm going to wash my mouth out with soap and water for what I've been saying as I type this.


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You said it very well. You described what I have always thought about my own difficult child for years in words that never came to me.

You should write a book.



I read a book that was given to me on Indigo children. That was a few years ago. I believe difficult child is an Indigo child. Very interesting. But...Indigo or not..many issues.


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Thinking of your child as an Indigo child, rather than a child with problems, is a much gentler way to cope. But there are a lot of dangers - you run the risk of letting your child get away with behaviour that is simply, purely antisocial. If it's behaviour you genuinely can't help your child to change, than having a handy excuse can make you feel better about it. But if it's something that you COULD help the child change, then the label is holding you all back...

It's like a lot of labels our kids get. Some can stop us from continuing to provide things that our kids are actually getting something out of. If someone tells us our child is stupid and we believe them, we stop the enrichment classes, we stop encouraging them to do brilliantly, we stop believing in them - and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My brother got into business difficulties many years ago. His wife, at the depth of their financial despair, sought comfort from a fortune teller. She confided in this person all their financial woes and this fortune teller told her, "Do not worry. You will make that fortune back, but not in this state. You will make it back in another state."
It needed no psychic ability to know that if you go into receivership in one state, there is an embargo on you for several years, preventing you starting another business. But a move interstate - no such embargo. So of course, the interstate move was common business practice for people in that situation. No prizes awarded for guessing that they'd be thinking of moving interstate - my sister in law probably told the fortune teller this herself.
But on the basis of this forecast, my brother moved interstate and commenced a new business. He did not make his fortune back. He has not been bankrupted, but he is still a poor man. And it is decades later, now. he is now an old, frail, unwell man who cannot run a business, he can barely keep himself going. The state he moved to is a lovely place to live, unless you want to work. It has a very high unemployment rate and as a result, few people can afford the sort of products my brother was trying to sell.
The move interstate is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don't know how sister in law can explain their failure to make their fortune back. Maybe it's lack of faith - a common excuse.

If you believe your child is an Indigo child, you need to examine this closely. As with other labels, you need an expert to assure you of this. You need to be sure that the expert is qualified and is not taking you for a ride. To my knowledge, there ARE no experts in this, other than the woman who defined this 'condition'. She defined it in terms that cannot be independently verified (like, how can you prove your child has an indigo-coloured aura? What technology can you use?) and spoke in general terms of "it is believed..." this, or that. "Most people consider..." That is NOT good reportage because it is trying to use alleged weight of numbers to win you over, with absolutely no verification, proof or genuine indication that ANYONE else but her and her acolytes think this way.

How about I invent Purple Haze Syndrome? I can tell, just by looking at people, that they possess the mythical Purple Haze which I have discerned from the many books on ancient mythology I've been researching for decades (and those who know me will attests to that research - so will my bookshelves). I even found references to this Purple Haze in my readings of Dante's Divine Comedies, for which he also researched ancient mythologies. I am a self-declared expert and my extensive reading and superior intellect have made this revelation possible. I want to benefit the human race, therefore I pass my revelations on to you. As the High Priestess of this new revelation, I am of course the expert. People come to me for assessment. It does of course cost a small amount, I do need to cover my own costs and feed my family (on caviar sandwiches, off gold plates). Those among you who acquire this Purple Haze ability will find you have the capacity to move through life, helping others with your superior wisdom. That wisdom won't always be well-received because there are unbelievers out there with Green Energy, also known as jealousy. Optically, Green cancels out Purple and this will for a short time when near these people, remove your Purple Powers. So it is important, to keep your powers strong, that you avoid these sceptics. So when people reject your advice which comes from the Cosmic Energy, then avoid them in the future, they only bring you down. You know this to be true. Save your energy for those who value you and value what you can do for them. In time you will recruit others and help them acquire the Purple Haze Syndrome themselves, and eventually the entire human race can wander around in one huge Purple Haze.

OK, it's not really true, I'm just being naughty.

We would like to believe because it's a 'nicer', prettier theory. My answer - invent your own theory which is just as nice but more closely based in verifiable reality. Find genuine gifts in your child and play them up. Praise the child for what he/she can do. Love your child just for who they are. DO NOT value them for some possibly mythical belief system or your child will wonder what it is about them REALLY that is of value, and are they perhaps an entire fraud after all? Kids are very perceptive - the child may be fairly sure, at some level, that all this is rubbish but scared that if they let it stop then their parents will go back to seeing them as a problem child. If the child refuses to believe, will you stop believing in this wonderful thing too? If the child stops 'manifesting' whatever it is the parent has (often unwittingly) trained them to manifest, will all the wonderful, special attention go away?

Unlike the Amazing Randi (! yep, heard of him) I do not believe these parents of children labelled as Indigo children are openly fraudulent. I believe they are parents of difficult children who are clutching at straws. In doing so, they risk damaging their children by encouraging 'manifestations' purely by the parental positive response when the kids happen to do something or say something that someone else considers a marvel. And when adults are looking for marvels, they will find them.

This is nothing more than a case of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

There used to be a parlour game where the guests all conspired to convince one of the other party guests that they had psychic abilities (I read this in a book about party games, from about 1930 or so). The rules were vague, but basically the other guests had to get the patsy to try to guess certain things, but tell them they had got it right even if they hadn't. According to this book, the fun really began when this person began to really believe in their own psychic abilities. The author of the book said it wasn't unknown for this belief to persist for a long time after the party, even after the patsy was told it was all a big hoax. Belief systems can be really hard to shift, once they get sufficiently entrenched.
Also, I do think games were more cruel in those days.

I am not saying that it is wrong to believe in anything that science cannot adequately explain - Shakespeare said, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..." It's just that when we make major decisions based on belief systems which have not been adequately tested, we can do harm - to ourselves, our children, other people. But you can see how easy it is, to rip people off using a false belief system, merely well-packaged and plausible but without a shred of solid evidence.