Individually Optimized Therapy Reduces ADHD Problems

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    Individually Optimized Therapy Reduces ADHD Problems - Modern Medicine

    Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disruptive levels of aggression, and a history of insufficient response to stimulant medication may benefit from a protocol of individually optimized stimulant monotherapy and behavioral intervention, according to research published online Sept. 13 in Pediatrics.

    "Among children whose aggressive behavior develops in the context of ADHD and of oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder, and who had insufficient response to previous stimulant treatment in routine clinical care, systematic, well-monitored titration of stimulant monotherapy often culminates in reduced aggression that averts the need for additional agents," the authors write.
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    Can anyone say that in English???
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    Let me try.....sounds like what they are saying is that when a child has adhd and has aggressive behavior with a history of stimulant use, this new study has shown that by careful purposeful changes in stimulant dosing, the aggressive behavior is improved when a stimulant is the only medication the child is taking. So removing other medications that may have been added to combat the aggressive behavior that might have been a side effect of the stimulant, and by carefully adjusting the dose of the stimulant, most children (especially boys) have shown positive results. That's where the "mono" and the "titration" come in. Mono meaning the child is on one medication, titration meaning to measure and adjust for a reaction.