Indoor dog potty

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I dunno - maybe this for those who are having problems committing to training for outdoors or colder days?

    My dog would explode before going on that. lol
  2. susiestar

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    That is gross. Of course, the cats' box isn't too wonderful either. But that seems like a really expensive gross thing.

    Does anyone have a cat that will actually USE one of those automatic cat litter boxes? The ones that clean themselves? My cats would be TERRIFIED of them - and offended, of course. because it would reduce the amt of time their slaves (humans) spent taking care of them!
  3. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Now that's just nasty! Who ever came up with that isn't very familiar with dog poop! You'd have to be hosing it off and scrubbing it every day! I've heard of people who live in apartments having a little patch of sod in a kiddie pool or litter box on their balcony for the dogs to go in! I wouldn't want to live below them when it rains though!

    I forget what it's called (I think it's 'Poop-Freeze') but there's a website where you can buy this spray stuff that instantly freezes messy dog poop so you can pick it up easily in a little baggie while you're walking the dog! What a great stocking stuffer for your friends or family who have dogs!
  4. witzend

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    EWWW! What the heck is the problem with teaching a dog to go potty outside? I can't believe people who use "puppy pads" for their grown dogs! Heck, we never used them at all! You have to get off your arse and let (or take) them outside, for crying out loud! They figure it out really quickly if you are diligent for a week or two.

    Soapbox relinquished...
  5. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    My Ragan only goes outside once a day in the early morning and the rest of the time I let her use puppy pads. With her though I do it because she's allergic to grass (and many other things)! If I allow her to walk through the grass too much, especially right after it's been mowed, she'll lick her feet and bite at them until the pads bleed! When I take her out in the morning, I have to wipe her feet and legs off with a wet, soapy wash cloth when we come back in! She doesn't like that one bit.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    My dog is allergic to grass too - so like a GOOD Mom - I put on his boots and walked with him until he got used to them.

    And then??????

    I SEE HIM ROLLING IN THE YARD - starts at 12:00 and moves his entire body around the "clock" until he's back at 12:00. He says it makes him happy - and I get to put medicine on his bumps.....I need the dog in the bubble. lol
  7. hearts and roses

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    :redface: I was thinking this might be a good plan for the little puppy since she's about 4 lbs and only 5/6" tall. Even with her sweater on she begins shivering in moments outside. We sometimes get horrible ice/snow storms and I just cannot picture her out there trying to "do her business" in the tall icy snow. We have sweaters and booties.

    Last night I put booties on her and when I tried to coaxe her to her 'spot' in the yard, her back legs went up and she was doing a handstand! And walking like that! I just about peed my pants laughing, all by myself in the cold yard at midnight. Too funny. I finally picked her up and placed her in her spot and she went.

    The two things about this contraption are 1) where the heck will it sit? and 2) I just know that easy child will tell me she cleaned it and it will stink up my no, we're not getting one and the little pup will just have to **** it up like our other little doggies and go out back. H even shovels them a path to 'the spot' - how cute is that?

    by the way, if you feed your dog a raw food diet, their poop is always hard and dry. It's the urine stink that would drive me nuts.:sick: