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    The most recent issue of Real Simple has an article from a woman who is a recovering alcoholic. It was an interesting and well written article, in my opinion. Fairly short, but hey, the magazine title is Real Simple.

    I am sure the article doesn't have info that most of you don't already know. But it might give some perspective to a friend or help open up a discussion if this has been a tough subject to discuss with someone you think you want to talk about it with.

    The one thing that may be useful is the page after the article where they discuss resources etc.... There is mention of new medications eing used to fight alcoholism and other addictions. There is apparently a medication in preclinical trials that keeps the liver from metabolizing alcohol so you get really really sick if you drink even a little. One medication is supposed to last six mos or so. There is also an injection that blocks the opiate receptors in your brain and it keeps opiates and alcohol from making you high. There is even talk of a vaccine for alcoholism which I think is a wonderful idea. Having had my life and the lives of those I love ALL changed by alcoholic behaviors, even long before I know what those were or knew you could be an alcoholic without being one of the homeless winos, well, I would dearly LOVE to protect my children form this disorder.

    I dont' have the magazine by the computer, but I will post links later today. I love the idea of a vaccine for addiction/alcoholism more and more as I think about it. It may be a pipe dream for some time to come, but wow what a changed world we could see/ Given that most crime esp violent crime is in some way related to drug use, we would easily recoup the cost of creating a vaccine in less than a generation, if it worked. Doesn't solve all problems, but what does?
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    Thanks Susie, looking forward to the link.
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    Susie, I read that article. I agree, it was short but also realistic.
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    Looking forward to your posting of the links!