Inhaled oxytocin as a treatment for autism?

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  1. Has anyone heard about recent research involving the treatment of autism with the hormone oxytocin? I read today about a study at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine wherein patients with autism were given oxytocin intravaneously or by inhalation. The patients were found to be able to better understand the emotional tone of spoken sentences and exhibited fewer repetitive behaviors after the treatment with oxytocin.

    Oxytocin is found in pregnant women and it stimulates contractions in the uterus as well as milk production. It is also thought to play a role in emotional development and bonding. The researchers at Mt. Sinai have found that individuals diagnosed with autism have very low blood levels of oxytocin.

    I found this information , in of all places, in difficult child's lastest issue of "Popular Science". It sounds interesting and promising to me!
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    Ok...I must be sleepy...I read this as "inhaled oxycontin as a treatment for autism!"

    I was going to say...I dont think that would be such a great idea myself...lmao.
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    I think it's I heard of it, it's not used much, pretty controversial, like everything else relating to autism.
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    Wow. Ok, thanks. I really thought it was oxygen.