Inhalents, Hallucinagens, and more fire-setting.

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    Hi everyone

    Just figured I would post some info from stuff I read about so y'all could familiarize yourself with the newest techniques kids are using to get high, and what new and innovative things they have found they can do with lighters.

    Okay, first off, Jenkum...For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it is fermented urine and fecal matter collected in a balloon or plastic bag which is then inhaled. Subjects experience strong hallucinations of times past which can last for days on end, as well as a taste of sewage in their mouth which can last for days.

    The most obvious sign would be the fact your child's breath smells like sewage.

    Endust et al. I read a story from a police officer about his son who was getting high using Endust. The kid was found with the straw of the can sticking out of his mouth, and his tongue was frostbitten because of the Co2 propellant in the can.

    Signs and symptoms would be frostbite on the tongue/mouth area, empty spray cans/missing spraycans from around the house, new spray cans that really seem out of place.

    One of the newer things kids have found for fire setting is holding down the fuel button on Bic-style lighters, thus expelling the fuel onto their clothing or any other surface and lighting it on fire.

    Just a short update, but some of it may be old news.
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    Thanks for the info. Can't honestly say I am happy to see it, lol. on the other hand, always good to know what is out there these days.

    WTH - fecal matter and urine? What will they think of next?! :sick:
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    Ditto. Jenkum? Unbelievable.
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    I would believe that after fecal matter and urine were combined to get high....Everything has been thought of.