Insulin Resistance Update

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    I am so grateful to my Higher Power....

    Was so upset the other day, I made appointments all over with- various docs in the coming months. One in particular, was probably the one I MOST wanted to see. She is a gyno, BUT has a degree and a big interest in anti-aging and is said by others in the community to REALLY know information about hormones.

    I had an apt. later this summer with her. They had a cancellation unexpectedly. I got in this morning. I showed her a recent thyroid result. She said that I have (she thinks) an unusual thyroid problem...been mentioned before and she can treat it with- bio-identical thyroid.

    In addition, she thinks I might have insulin resistence and my female hormones and my current treatment is also out of whack.

    Seems, I kinda sorta already diagnosis'd myself, but I also think she is someone who can test me appropriately, knows how to treat my condition (s) and has the time to work with- me and my various concerns.

    She likes my eating plan (augmented by what Star said/thank you Star!) eating every 2 hours....avoiding sugar like the plague).

    I am sooo relieved to be seeing a doctor that understands...I was getting desperate...this has been a frustrating experience.
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    that is great news! Hopefully you are on the road to feeling better now that you have someone who understands!

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    No, I'm so happy you found her. This sound very promising. Star also inspired me to eat that way. Some days are better than others. I caved in and had honey with my tea today for my cold. Tomorrow is another day!
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    Star* call 911

    I believe you will find that A LOT of your female problems and thyroid problems will self-correct if you continue the NWOL. I have two auto immunine diseases that have little signs of flares recently, periods that have gone from hysterectomy necessary to very managable and no need to kill anyone mood swings (thank goodness), and my hair is growing in somewhat.....(oh joy).

    My ankles are not migraines are tolerable.

    A LOT of things have gotten so much better - even the rosacea. It's not gone - never will be, but Mom got me some WEN pearl cream and Gogi juice from QVC and my doxycycline and Metrogel and I'm just blotchy not ugly.
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    I had HORRIBLE swollen ankles not too long ago. Very upsetting. I went to TWO docs...they had no idea what was wrong with- me and I was :mad:

    What is WEN pearl cream? :confused:
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    Star, what does NWOL stand for?

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    Forgot to mention, when I went to the doctor, she said/asked the following:

    "Your endocrine system seems to be 'off." Have you been under excessive stress lately?":confused::tongue:


    husband was with me and said "We've been under excessive stress for 20 years"!:faint::angry-very::whiteflag::laugh::surprise::sad-very:
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