Insult on Top of Injury, or is That Backwards?


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The botox helped with the tension aspect of the migraines more than the migraines themselves. It can take up to 3 rounds, each 3 mos apart, to get real relief so I am going to have them done again. But the migraines are back in a big way.

Last night I felt one start, and took my imitrex and other medications and went to heat up my rice bag for over my eyes. The kids left a laundry basket in the pathway and I was relieved to see it and be able to go around it, at least until I tripped over husband's backpack. I didn't have the light on because Jess was asleep out there and the hall light was on. But husband's backpack is all black on the side toward his back and it was invisible. The idiot cat has started to sleep on it to try to keep husband from leaving the house to go to work. He had knocked it over to make a bed out of it, but then decided that husband was a better mattress, I guess.

I landed first on my knees and caught a phone nook built into the wall with my left arm, then went onto my tushie. While my knees are in bad shape, at least I didn't break a hip or a vertebrae. My arm has a giant bruise that looks like a big river with oceans at each end of it that goes from almost my armpit to my elbow.

Boy did I scream and then start crying! husband offered to help me up and I just couldn't let anyone even touch me because it hurt so bad. But nothing broken, just bruised and shaken. I guess that is better than being stirred, lol. I likely won't be around much because it is just hard to do much with my left hand and hard to type without it. But I am okay and wanted to let you know why I won't be around for a while.

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Susie, glad nothing broken. The way you write about what happened is so funny! Please take extra care around any darkened hallways in future, recover quickly, and we will see you here again, soon.



Roll With It
Thanks, everyone! I am doing better, though some kid told me the bruise under my arm looks like a side view of what men are most proud of on their bodies. I was reaching for something on a shelf and the girl started staring and giggling. She had a few friends with her and well, they ALL were so amused and NOT subtle about it that I asked what was so interesting. They were NOT mean, just kids, so I chose to laugh and be amused by it. It is just such an absurd thing that I thought you would get a kick out of it.