Insult to injury $800 RX bill

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by guest3, Nov 16, 2007.

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    for my cholesterol medications can u belive it?
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    I think, legally, you have cobra for 3 years. You need to contact your insurance and the legal forces there in NJ. But I know, in Texas, I had at least 1 and half years for husband leaving a job/getting fired, and 3 years, because of divorce.
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    Oh my! What a shocker. So sorry.

    Bless your doctor!

    Weeping Willow, in Texas a company has to have a certain number of employees before Cobra is applicable.

    Regarding termination, and again in Texas, insurance premiums are prepaid. So when a company pays premiums, say October 1st, and an employee quits or is fired sometime within the month, we have to notify the insurance prior to Nov 1st. Otherwise, the premium for Nov is due on the 1st and the employee has coverage through the last day of the month.

    It may be different in your State. Call the employer. be sure and check on Cobra also.
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    Wow. That would give me heart failure. You certainly know how to pinch hit, though!
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    Ok. You have medications for a few weeks. NOW you will have to contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

    You may have heard Montel Williams promoting this. It is an organization that works with your doctor and the pharmaceutical companies to provide you with free or very low cost medicines.

    It sounds like your docs will be helpful. Print the forms, fill out your part, and then have the docs do their part.

    It can take a few weeks, so start now.

    Also call the state childrens insurance and findout how to get their forms. You may be able to download them or pick up copies in the library. In our library they are in the lobby near the IRS forms.

    The state has to provide medical coverage to children of low income families. a few years ago I talked to a young mom at the insurance agency office. She told me she earned $27,000 per year and her 2 kids were covered completely by the state insurance (medicaid) program.

    In my state, medicaid pays 100% of almost everything. I had NO problem once my doctor said he wanted my son put inpatient for a fairly long term. He made a fax, then I called a number. I answered questions and we went to the psychiatric hospital a day later. It was fully covered and a very nice place - nicer than the private one our current insurance covers.

    Find out how to do this, it was fairly easy for me to get it all set up. I did have to go in every 3 months, then every 6 to recertify. But it was great.

    Also remember that WalMart has $4 prescriptions for some htings. Not sure if any that would help you are covered, but they do exist.

    Hugs, I know how upsetting this kind of shock it.

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    I would call the insurance company. I was told by my employer that my benefits terminated the day I was. Found out later that the insurance was active for 30 days.

    I would double check.

    As for Cobra, the employer legally has to inform you of it, however it is a large co-payment. And if you are not together you may not know if he was notified. Maybe he turned it down. It is your option to sign up or deny it.
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    You need to apply for SSI benefits for your son, now. With the bipolar disorder and your single income with two kids, he should qualify. Once on that, he's eligible for complete coverage.

    If, for some reason, you don't qualify, apply for the children's health coverage through the state. Unfortunately, with that, I think it's about 90 days before coverage kicks in and you have to provide them with all kinds of paperwork.
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    Thank you all for the tips, Monday I will be making a lot of phone calls. guess is S2BX turned down the cobra, because when he told me he had been fired, he said "so you better tell your job you need benefits now" I have not been able to get in touch with him but I left him quite the message yesterday, either he's still down and drunk or he got served the child support summons and now he's ignoring my calls. Who knows
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    It does not matter if he turned it down. It should be offered for a specific amount of time after being let go. It is not cheap insurance, but it allows you to continue the coverage you have until you find something else.
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    If you have insurance available at your job, you should be able to sign up for it now since you've lost coverage under your s2bx's policy. It should be less expensive than COBRA. I think there is a limit on the amount of time you have to do so, however, so I would check on it as soon as possible. With our company, I think you have to sign up within thirty days of losing your other coverage.