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    Pedi doctor had refered us to a genetic specialist for some testing. I was told would be a simple blood test only at appointment was informed my insurance would not cover lab for this particular type of doctor. :grrr:It would go towards my ductable and would be over 1000.00. I decided to wait I dont see the need any putting anything towards the ductable when it starts over in Jan.

    Well I also thought if I wait to Jan I should start shopping for a new insurance with a lower deductable and better coverage for difficult child. Does anyone know if a prexisting condition ie a mental health diagnosis will make a difference in a insurance co denying or higher premimums?
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    Nina - I would check with the Texas governmental agency that oversees insurance. I know some states have done away with pre-existing condition clauses (actually, WA is the only state I'm sure of). I do think pre-existing conditions can mean higher rates for insurance you're buying on your own (as opposed to through an employer) but do check with the Texas agency (division of insurance or something like that, I would think).
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    I don't know anything about Texas specifically, but typically having a pre exisiting condition counts against you when you weren't previously insured. There is generally a long waiting period before your new insurance company will start to cover expenses related to the condition. Generally if you are covered by insurance and switch plans (and companies) going directly from being covered by one policy into being covered by the next, then your pre existing condition would continue to be covered. It's best to check with your new policy to be sure, but I moved out of state there by switching insurance companies and policies and my BiPolar (BP) was covered with out a problem. good luck.