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    hi to everyone,

    It's pretty much my first time on today, and boy just looking at the boards quickly i've missed a whole lot. Star yea for you by the way. I only have ten minutes on computer than difficult child gets it till i get her in.

    Ok, wow i went early good i did. I filled out about 50 doctor's worth of paperwork, applications, background checks, dmv checks, bonding info. references a page long, not to mention addresses since I was born!!!

    My friend, old T came out to say hi to me. Shes so funny. Anyway so i was interviewed by 3 ppl! It was a long process, the agency sounds amazing as does the job. My position would be in the office only monday to turn in my weekly progress reports on the ten families and kids i'm handling, and than in the office on friday's for meetings all day. Where the entire staff gets together pyschdoc's, therapists, respite workers, caseworkers, child caseworkers (me), etc. i can make my own hours and even work on saturday to make up for lost hours during week to pick up difficult child from school.

    I would shadow another caseworker for a mos. receive extensive training before the job as well as during the job (all free) and also be able to attend various training seminars not only in n.y. but other states all paid for. The supervisor(s) that would be mine were very cool and nice.

    They hit me with every question under the sun, the interview lasted about an hour and a half. From where i started with difficult child, where i am now, how I got there, what i'm diong now, how i feel about medications, etc. I am funny (well at least in my own mind) so with some of the questioning we had a good laugh here and there. no, i wans't laughing alone!! LOL.

    they gave me a million different scenarios, how i'd react to them, etc. especially ones regarding abuse situations if i'd have issue reporting, etc. i said nope. also how id' handle disagreements with the rest of the teams input, etc.

    Overall interview went great. They said what are the two things you bring to this position, i said my compassion and my experience with teaching and mostly handling my own difficult child and advocating for her. I said outright towards end of the interview I WANT THIS JOB. I feel I would be great for this position it would enable me to continue caring for my difficult child (flex schedule) as well as make money doing what i love which is helping ppl, i'm a tree hugger at heart and going to work for private industry (ie. law firm, etc.) just is not my passion, this is.

    So, they asked when I could start, they gave me all myd oc's for my fingerprinting and they said their working on hiring about 40 other ppl, the agency is blowing out of the water and matching up the teams. So, they said that I would get a call in two weeks. It seemed positive, I had a good feel nothing negative at all. They said it's great the fact you have experience advocating for your child, you also had a short time teaching special needs and your also very comforable in a courtroom sitaution as well as the fact that your lighthearted nature (wow they dont' know me LOL), and humor will greatly assist these parents with whom need so desperately a fresh perspective and a truly caring person.

    So, all in all i'm totally excited I dont' want to get my hopes up yet i'm praying i get this job. I'd get a mos. expense acct for my traveling and gas, as well as a company phone, health benefits, 3 weeks vacation first year out, tons of sick days, my own office.

    Ok difficult child's time on the computer now. lol. My friends' going to go talk to them tomorrow to see what the deal is "unofficially" and what their thoughts are regarding the interview.

    I think overall i gave it my best shot and whatever's meant to be will be. yet this job has me written all over it!!!!!

    ok if you made it thru my long post, thanks.

    by the way i hope everyone's day was ok. i'm going to catch up with the rest of you later on and read thru posts. I was going thru withdrawal today i wantd to call all of you when i got out of the interview to tell you how it went LOL. wow that would be one expensive call........
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    This sounds great!! You sound sooo excited and it does sound like a wonderful job! I hope you get it- and it sounds like you have a very good chance. They must have liked you and that can go a long way in an interview!! You did GOOOOOODDD!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Sounds very positive! Keeping good thoughts!
  4. Jena

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    thanks, but you guys know me 2 weeks?? i'm not a patient woman and I will obsess yes, obsess until i get the call.:crazy2:
  5. Andy

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    It sounds so right! How exciting! I have a good feeling that this is yours!
  6. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Sounds like it went well, hope they don't make you wait two weeks..... fingers crossed you get it.......
  7. Jena

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    thanks!! I really want it, I feel secure in taking it because there will be alot of training before hand as well as continous training while working and a team of ppl i can go to if i need help with anything at all. They actually give you a book of procedures, and a book for each family with-all information about, emergency plans, etc.

    we'll see. office was cool too. you know when you walk in somewhere and your like ok i can see myself here. that's how it felt, although i wont' be there alot. very different for me i'm soo used to working in an office.

    one thing at a time, got this done, difficult child's medications increased, now it's back to scheduling my biopsy. i'm totally exhausted this week. having the 5 kids on monday and wed really kicks my butt also.
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  8. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Just wondering from your description...... is this a government agency or a privately funded program? Sounds too efficient to be part of the government, and forgive my skepticism about "Public Programs", but hoping what they represent will actually happen with families....... still crossing my fingers......
  9. ML

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    You did great! Now just try to release the outcome and KNOW your highest good will be achieved here. You rock, Jennifer!!
  10. TerryJ2

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    That does sound positive, Jennifer! :)

    Cool that you can get an inside line, so to speak. Very tempting ... :)

    Thank you for the update. I was waiting on pins and needles. Now we wait with-you for 2 more wks!
  11. hearts and roses

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    Jennifer, it sounds like everything went well from the get-go - good for you! I will keep a positive thought that your get the position. It's wonderful to know that others out there will benefit from your insight.
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    good morning,

    Why me - I thought the same exact thing. I was like, cell phone, training, organization and your county run?? hmmm. I worked for county in my last job, granted another county but all i got was my paycheck and some carpy health benefits. It's privately funded, i'd post name but we're not allowed to. Their funded through alot of various entitities. Their affiliated with the county/health dept. yet funded differently.

    ML thanks I appreciate your kind words. I wasn't feeling so rocking as I was sitting there literally sweating yesterday at the conference table being questioned, throw different scenarios, etc. If anything it was def. good interview experience. I tend to lose focus, hmmm adhd in me. So, I had to keep refocusing as they were endlessly talking LOL.

    Terry - thanks, it's really nice to know that you guys are here. I have come down off my high of yesterday lol. I was like difficult child bouncing off the walls when I got home. :) Inside line, def. going to be utilizing that. I thanked her just for the opportunity, she put her neck on the line for me. Was incredibly kind of her.

    Jo- My insight? wow. I gain a better understanding of all of this thru all of you. difficult child wouldn't be on the right path if it wasnt' for all of you helping me along the way, guiding me, being blunt at times when I needed it. I have so much to learn, i'm just in the beginning stages of gfgness. Yet if I can just help one parent out there not feel the anguish that I did when I was alone in this years ago. If I can be there for them when their sitting there crying saying why my kid? why this? and not being able to say those words I've come to be able to say which is "my kid has a mental illness" that in itself is a reward for going thru all i have these past 7 years with difficult child, the arguing with the various docs, the schools, my family, my ex....ugh
  13. hearts and roses

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    Jennifer, I think as parents of difficult children as well as some of us being a difficult child or ex-difficult child, we have some insight which enables us to empathize with the parent who is struggling to work within the school district or with his/her doctors - and those are the tools you will draw on when you assist other parents.

    When I advocated for my daughters I was alone. H didn't even come with me to the meetings to offer silent support (he cheered me on at home though). I remember at my very first PPT meeting for easy child, feeling so small and lost with all my small folder of research parked in front of me. I felt like I was being stared down by all the administrators and teachers present. After the 3rd meeting and after a load of testing for easy child (she was in 2nd grade), and the ultimate decision to hold easy child back a grade, the principal and I were walking down the hall and she said to me, "You did good, Mom" and I just burst into tears. Because I didn't know if I had done good - I now feel that it was a very wise decision.

    When it came time to advocate for difficult child, I felt some initial intimidation, but also as if I had already gotten my feet wet when dealing with the school officials. I contacted a parent/child advocacy group here in CT through the state Dept of Education and the woman I spoke with was very helpful. After a few calls she offered to join me at a meeting, but said she was certain I could handle it, so since she was coming from far away I passed and went alone yet again. I often have wondered if I had her at the meetings with me if difficult child would have received more help sooner. I will never know.

    Jennifer, if this is your calling and all you have is your own personal experience - that can mean the world to a parent who is lost and doesn't understand all the educational jargon that so many public school districts use to confuse parents whose children need extra care that cost their districts money they don't have. Please don't sell your personal experience short. It counts.
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    Thanks, I wont, and I try not to. It's just that to be honest and blunt so many others know so much more. Yet i'm sure if i get it i'll be fine. I'm just lacking some sleep this week, so I get very emotional when that happens, lol.

    I didn't get much again last night. His daughter came in last night, it was her turn. I also get nervous watching the instability in my home, and picturing me trying to juggle it all again. it scares me. difficult child is so unpredictable. yet I guess if they offer me the job i'll handle it than. No point in stressing what isn't a reality yet.

    It is true though how our confidence grows with each step we take for our children in this process. I'm sorry you had to handle those meetings alone, yet i'm glad you were cheered on at home. Support is huge. My ex still doesn't get it, I don't think he ever will. I'm tired of trying to get him to understand, I gave up a few mos. ago. I just handle difficult child however I see best, i work with my ppl now however much their willing to help and life goes on. Long haul though it has taken it's toll on me financially and emotionally as it does on all of us with whom struggle thru this. I need to be excited by something again, I need to feel alive again. I feel happy when I get a quiet few minutes at night if she's sleeping. Our needs become so basic when parenting these children.

    You have come a long way as well in advocating for your child, and making the best choices along the way. Personally I think we are all incredible. lol
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    Crossing things and hoping that the position is yours. Sounds like a good job, and the flexible thing is rare to find in a job. Hope they decide before 2 weeks and let you know, waiting is the worst.