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    It appears that just to get into this pre-school program the kids are under an IEP! They have to be assessed and meet certain skills deficits or other such deficits just to get in to the 25 More at 4 programs. All are under an IEP which will have to follow into K as we all know...cant go off one without a meeting! They will follow the kids into K if they have any motor skills problems or Learning Disability (LD)'s and if needed, offer tutoring!

    Here is the info on discipline straight off the website:

    The PSRC Early Childhood program follows the positive discipline practices established by North Carolina’s Division of Child Development. Praise and positive comments are good ways to manage behavior of children. When children receive positive comments, they develop good self-concepts, they learn to solve problems, and they develop values.

    Therefore, the discipline practices do not allow:

    « spanking (corporal punishment),
    « shaking,
    « shoving,
    « threatening,
    « yelling,
    « locking the child in a closet, corner, room, etc.
    « denying child food or rest, or
    « children to hit, kick, or bite another child.

    To promote positive behavior, the teachers will use the following guidance procedures:
    « praising, rewarding, and encouraging children;
    « modeling appropriate behavior;
    « treating children with respect;
    « using short supervised periods of “time-out”; and
    « being consistent in behavior management.
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    Ummm..... shouldn't they use that model for ALL kids?
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    I think they still have corporal punishment on the books for the K-up kids. Didnt look though. I was searching for pre-k curriculum.