Interesting article about oil for alzheimers and possibly autism and cholesterol help

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Hmmm....I wonder if we eat Witz's combo of coconut and chocolate if our health will improve. Yeah Almond Joys made at home!

    Seriously, Starbie, my grocery store has old fashioned oil, canola oil and olive oil. I don't even know how coconut oil is used or ingested. Of course if I used ten minutes I could probably become an expert using the net. Good to see you, by the way. DDD
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    I have issues when something is touted as a "wonder" drug, even if it happens to be a food. I'm not saying they're wrong and that maybe it doesn't help......but still, yeah. Power of suggestion is a strong thing. And I've never heard Alzheimer's referred to as "diabetes of the brain" now I think they might have mentioned that in nursing school. Hmm. Last I heard they were still unclear as to the cause. No scientific studies......just a doctor who gave it to her hubby? Umm, not quite enough for me. Guess it wouldn't hurt if someone wanted to try it though. Except I'm sure before people were not ingesting coconut oil in such volumes, now watch.......give it some time and they'll be like omg don't touch it! You know how these things go. lol

    I better not get Alzheimer's. I'm allergic to coconut. Go figure. lol
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    So, if the Alzheimer's doesn't get you, the heart disease will?
    Coconut oil is saturated fat. For your heart, you might as well be eating lard.
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    Well it isnt a drug, it is simply a food source. Coconut oil is no different than vegetable oil or safflower oil or peanut oil and many people use them for health benefits. I know some folks tout the benefits of soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and all the other different milk. I have no idea if it really makes a difference for people to use gluten free products as opposed to regular flower or oat milled products. I still dont buy the whole hoopla about aspartame vs sugar thing.

    I do believe that if taking a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil might help some people with dementia, autism or cholesterol, well, it cant hurt to try.
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    I've been putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee every morning since July. husband eats a big spoonful every morning and evening. I also use it as my facial moisturizer. It's really cleared up my skin and gotten rid of the dry skin problems that I was having.

    I got into coconut oil after watching an interview with Dr. Mary Enig, she blew the whistle about how bad Trans fats were years and years ago. Figured if she got that right, she might be right about other things. Since then, I've listened to tons of interviews about all sorts of health posts.

    I listened to an interview with Dr Newport last week. It was very interesting. I've also listened to several cardiologists talking about Type III diabetes. It is in its infancy of discovering. So they are starting to talk about there being a possibility of Type III or at least a link between insulin resistance and the brain.

    What I have learned so far is that every one is different and what works for one might not work for another. That it is best to see what works for you. I did the vegetarian/vegan diet for 4 years and ended up with a heart problem. So, that isn't working for me, but that is me. What I'm finding that works is following a combination of GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), Traditional and Primal/Paleo. Basically, I eat NO sugar, no chemicals, and no grains/starch. Meat (grass-fed & pastured) and veggies is my main diet. My heart issues go away as long as I eat this way. When I go back to eating other foods (Like at Christmas) my heart issues come back. Oh, and since I've been eating this way, my depression is not a problem anymore.
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    IC you're to look for the type that is not saturated fat. I've not had enough coffee this morning to remember what it's called.

    A vegetarian diet has been proven to be very unhealthy because your body requires proteins and minerals found only in meat. If you don't supplement correctly, you'll have health issues. in my opinion if my body requires meat to that degree then I need to be eating it. lol

    I just live by the motto too much of anything is bad for you. Everything in moderation. Seems to work ok for me.

    I do believe all the chemicals on our foods, IN our foods (such as all the stuff they give to the animals we eat) is taking a large toll on us health wise. I think we're only beginning to vaguely understand how much.

    And Janet, sugar is good for you, in moderation, your body requires it to function properly. Your body turns everything into sugar, it's the fuel that runs the body. So for it to be "bad" is silly. But that old saying "too much of a good thing" is true.
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    I'll just keep my brain busy. Coconut oil may be good, but... Weren't eggs BAD not that long ago?

    See... It's just like Lisa said. Moderation...
  9. Mom2oddson

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    There are so many interesting things out there. An interesting one about sugar is "Sugar: The bitter Truth" by Dr Robert Lustig. I had to have easy child explain part of it because it is very detailed and filled with BioChemestry. He explains how the cell treats Glucose different from Sucrose or Fructose. It one of his lectures he explained that before food became industrialized, fruit was eaten when it was in season. And that the fructose would fatten people up to get them ready for the winter. He explains that with a 120 calories of glucose 1/2 a calorie is stored as fat. In a 120 calories of sucrose/fructose 30% of that calories are stored as fat. From an evolutionary point of view, it made since.

    And since I started ready labels, sucrose/fructose/sugar is in almost everything. I've only found one brand of canned beans (kidney,black,pinto, etc) that doesn't have sugar added. Things that I used to assume didn't have sugar have sugar added.

    All I know for sure is that I've lost 25 pound and two dress sizes without exercising from changing how I eat and I'm NOT hungry. (Which is totally unbelievable to me, I've always been hungry).
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    You know what is odd. My laxative is Lactulose. That is sugar. If it isnt sweet enough as it is for me to swallow it alone, I am to add it to a sweet drink or dessert type item. There is something about the fact that it is this chemical of the sugar molecule that is supposed to get things moving along. Well not very well according to my body but I am giving the whole bottle a go and then I will contact the doctor.