Interesting article I think some here can relate to

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    That was heartbreaking. And explains again partly why sosio-economic status inherits so strongly. Many of us are struggling to detach from our adult children as adult people with lots of experience of life. It is so much more difficult to detach, when you have no life experience, are on your teens or early twenties and have been always taught how you are everything your parent has.

    Luckily my mother's substance use was abusive only at times. And she was very high functioning on certain areas of life and in certain times. And I had my grandparents, who were stable enough and supportive, when my mother let them be part of my life. And some of my step dads and her boyfriends were good guys. But still being an adult in mother-child relationship from early on was very taxing. And detaching in later teens/young adult wasn't too pretty.
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    Thank you! :O)

    I shared this with my granddaughter.

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    Thanks HaoZi, that is close to my granddaughter's experience with her Mom without the substance abuse, just put in mental illness and the story is the same. It is tragic for so many kids who don't have anyone to step in, so that foundation is a wonderful opportunity for the kids it helps. Thank you.
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    I've lived that.
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    Sigh. Wow.
    Shades of difficult child's girlfriend here ...
    And so many other people.
    I'm glad that foundation exists and continues to help.