Interesting assignment . . . I decided I

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was going to try it myself.

kt's in home therapist assigned kt to call & check in with her daily at a set time to report something positive that has happened.

kt struggles - she seems to enjoy the drama; the chaos that dominates her life. If there isn't a drama, kt tends to create it.

I thought a great deal about this. With all the chaos/drama of being the parent of twin difficult children, it can be hard on any given day to find something pleasant, positive to talk or think about.

And I've decided this isn't healthy for me - my mental, emotional or physical heatlh.

So, I am going to do that assignment each day as well. It may be a stretch each day to find something positive or pleasant that isn't difficult child related (I threw that in for me - I already spend far too much time on difficult child related issues.)

I may call it my "happy thought" for the day or just recognize it as one. I'm not going to call kt's therapist - I believe I'll journal it each day in my PDA.

I may share it here with you all - I may not. Haven't decided yet.

And I will find one positive each day - something pleasant to discuss with husband or a friend.

Yesterday's pleasantry surrounded my bird sanctuary. I had a feeding frenzy out there yesterday morning; there were 27 cardinals out there feeding. It was a delight to see all those colorful birds feeding - chasing off other birds to let their young ones feed. I sat for 20 minutes & watched this delightful scene. It stayed with me all day & when I thought about it later I smiled.

I hope you can find something of this nature to help you through your darkest days.


I think this is a wonderful idea. Maybe you could share it on occasion if you feel like it. We could all do that.

TL's positive thought for the day: I woke up with enough time to come online and spend some time with my favorite online pals.

Thanks for this great reminder and suggestion TL :smile: xo ML

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I think it's a great idea. :smile:

Sometimes you have to look to see the happy things. I did this sort of thing back when Travis and Nichole were so emmersed in gfgdom that I thought I was drowning in it. It did help make me want to get out of bed in the morning.



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I think if we tried hard enough we could find one blessing in every day. Thank you for reminding us to look for it Linda!

My positive for today: I had a really great cup of coffee followed by a quiet walk with the dog. Life is good.

Thanks for reminding us all of this. I pull this little trick out my bag that I call "islands of peace" when the going gets really, really tough. It works for unreasonable bosses, grouchy coworkers, and raging teenage difficult children! It usually involves a lengthy soak in the tub, candles lit, and my fav music playing. Or, it can be just grooving on somthing beautiful in the garden like a blooming cherry tree or deep purple Siberian Irises . Small pleasures - lots of gratitude!

Today it's was the beautiful sunrise, with a light breeze, low humidity. Autumn must really be on its way!


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I was thinking about that this morning - I know some people keep a blessings book to write them all down in. It really is a good idea, very healthy habit to get into.

I remember one which I wrote down years ago, when I first had to accept I was permanently disabled - I can't walk very far or very fast, I also have to watch where I put my feet, but I go so slowly I get plenty of opportunity to find more four-leafed clovers than anyone else.


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I like the Blessings Book title - believe I'll get a journal & write it out by hand daily.

I was thinking of today's as I was drinking my coffee this morning & enjoying the quiet before waking kt. My mother bought me a beautiful set of mugs for Christmas a few years ago. She has always known me so well & I know she took a long time picking this gift out as Mom loved picking out the "perfect" gift. :angel:

I appreciate the big yellow mugs with flowers that my Mom took the time to give me for Christmas; the memories of Mom that made me smile this morning as I sipped my morning coffee. :flower: