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  1. Ok, so last Friday I sent off certified letters, which included a letter from the psychiatrist, to the school psychologist, the special education coordinator for our area requesting an immediate meeting regarding a 504 plan for my son and for him to be evaluated for a IEP. I am doing it this way at the recommendation of a school social worker. Because my son has missed so much school and he hasn't been there enough for them to really see what he needs, but he needs some accommodations to start with beyond the care pass the counselor has given him. With his anxiety levels and school refusal we need to do something to get him there so that he can be evaluated.

    Anyway, when I took difficult child in yesterday, which was his first day back after being discharged from psychiatric hospital, I also dropped off a copy of the letters for the school psychologist. I figured it couldn't hurt. Anyway, this morning while I was trying to get difficult child to get up, I got a call from his school. It was the secretary for the counseling office at the school, they wanted to schedule a 504 plan meeting for next Tuesday morning.

    When I took difficult child to school this morning I had to go in because he was 15 mins late because he was not wanting to go, anyway, on my way out the door, a man stopped me and introduced himself as the school psychologist!

    We talked for 15 mins and he said that he has read the doctors letter and was trying to get familiar with my son's history. He of course has his opinions that difficult child's anxiety all stems from home that he is afraid that he is going to lose me. OK, there is some of that, but that is not all of it. Anyway, he said that he thought we were looking at the emotionally disturbed category for the IEP when it comes, but the key is going to be to get difficult child there and keep him coming. He said that once difficult child is there, he seems to be fine in class. Anyway, he said that he wasn't going make the same mistake he had done before with thinking that a bipolar kid that functions well doesn't need a plan, because when he did that before, there was a girl who was fine and did well in class until either her medications weren't working anymore or she quit taking them and she really started having issues.

    I mentioned to him that difficult child is behind in math because of all his not being there and he said that we will discuss it and would difficult child be able to stay after school. I said I would have to arrange transportation for him because he currently rides the bus home.

    My advocate can't be there in person, but she will call into the meeting by phone. She is sending me some information by email today to prepare me and we will talk by phone before Tuesday. I at least feel that I have made some progress and have hopes that we can get difficult child some help.
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    Yes, you have.

    A couple of thoughts.

    Actually, a 504 evaluation should be performed the same as an IEP eligibility evaluation. But they may have enough with-your data and the LSSP to get a 504 in place. But do not agree to dropping the IEP evaluation. I would view the 504 as a temporary plan to get accommodations in place that you and the LSSP know are needed.

    Transportation is a related service under 504 as well as IEP. So is special help with math.

    If pushing for one or both o these seems to want to blow the deal, back off until the IEP evaluation is completed. Why? Something is better than nothing at all. As I said, a real 504 evaluation is the same as stipulated under IDEA and takes several weeks to complete.

    Good job!

    The LSSP seems like a person with-the eyes on your child's needs. So very nice. Kudos to him.

    Keep us updated.
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    by the way, I believe there is a thread or two in the Sp Ed Archives regarding transportation. Also, "accommodations" and related services.

    You'll find other pertinent info at

    Actually, I said transportation is an accommodation above. That is incorrect -- it's a related service.
  4. Thanks Sheila. I appreciate the insight. And yes I am looking at the 504 as a temporary measure until we can get the IEP in place. I didn't realize that transportation was, so this is something that I can check into, if he needs to stay after school and this means that he misses the regular school bus, then they should be able to provide him some sort of transportation. Nice to know. I will do some checking in the archives.
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    Oh they can get the material together on the same day and see if the IEP or 504 is what the testing shows he qualifies to recieve. a health issue that interfers with learning is one litmous and needing to catch up in grade level work is a cyrstal clear sample of being in the iep zone. They are so reluctant to choose the iep due to the legal obligations that they fear like quaking little bunnies. It has nothing to do with him qualifying once they have the tests done to make the determination they will have all the fact pieces to produce the correct level of services alright.
    Do we gamble for real money on this site? I llike to bet when the easy money is on the table.Do they need to have iep services in school for a BiPolar (BP)? Absolutely. to risk the childs safty by neglecting to engage regular conseling sessions for example.
    the iep makes them determine who does what when each month week day and the 504 will just let teacher slog along as best she can with a full classload and now these added 'accomidations' to add to that load.