Interesting day at the GP's office

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    Wynter and I arrive for our appointment and M, the receptionist/secretary/nurse, was running around a bit crazy and went next door to the Urgent Care place (they share a building) and reappeared a few minutes later with a bottle of something.

    A few minutes later a middle aged man appears, an older man appears and M asks if the older man is driving...which he was. Then she said, "Straight to the ER. No stops!!!" She repeated this at least 5 times loudly across the office as the men walk out the door.

    Turns out the man was having a heart attack. His blood pressure was 220/something and abnormal EKG. He refused to go by squad. And he was wanting to go home before going to the ER to change his clothes. :crazy2: (Yeah, I much for HIPPA, but I'm a fixture there and I didn't know his name and with my cognitive issues couldn't even pick him out of a line up).

    They were all a little stressed in the office.

    I told M that I would probably keel over in the shower because I have to take a shower before going to the hospital. You never know how long you might end up in there and bathing doesn't happen often in the hospital.

    She just shook her head at me and laughed.

    But, honestly...if my BiPolar (BP) was that high, EKG abnormal and my GP wanting to call the squad....I wouldn't argue and insist on going home to change clothes. *shakes head*
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    Quite scary! I'm one who would have let the ambulance take me!
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    Different age, different priorities plus not really understanding how dangerous everything was for him. My mother would truly rather die than not have on fresh underwear if seeing a doctor (and I mean FRESH -- like change in the bathroom before see the doctor), regardless of how illl she was. She was once in a car accident and rushed to the hospital by ambulance. She cried hysterically the whole ride. Fortunately, they'd called me and I knew what the issue was. Fresh panties were there at almost the same time she was. She actually got up and changed with a broken arm and four broken ribs before a doctor could see her.
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    You really never do understand what other people's priorities are. My aunt (having a son just 6 months before I had Wiz) INSISTED that she was NOT going to the labor and delivery room until she brushed her teeth. Held her hands out so the bed couldn't go out the door insisted - and this at 10 cm!! She wasn't going to greet her child for the first time with bad breath. All they could do was stop and let her brush, though they didn't let her get up out of bed the way she wanted.

    I hope the older man was OK. MB, it is good you understand your mom and were there for her with fresh panties. You are a good daughter.
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    I doubt gp staff were thinking about HIPPA, they just wanted to get the guy to the hospital and fast. I'd have told him to have someone meet him at the hospital with clothes. We had to do this for mother in law once or twice.

    I can't talk. I'm in the middle of a heart attack and easy child is having fits because I wasn't leaving home without a shower. lol Nor was I going by ambulance. easy child fussed at me all the way to the hospital. But the days of getting bathed each day in a hospital are gone, and I wasn't leaving when God knows when I'd have another shower.

    brother in law drove himself 30 miles from the middle of nowhere into the ER in the midst of a massive heart attack. He didn't call the squad because he knew they'd never reach him in time. He walked thru the ER doors, grunted out heart attack, and collapsed. They care flighted him to cincy. Whole hospital was amazed he managed to do it.
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    Wow. I'm alternating between concern and laughter with-all these notes.
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    I refused to go into emergency surgery with a blocked small intestine that had ruptured...until arrangements had been made to get my dog and cat out of the house and into a boarding kennel.

    I would no sooner have left them at home than I would've left children.

    I was lucky that living in a small town, one employee in hospital admitting knew a boarding kennel owner and she knew the city polices' dog handler (my dog is a German Shepherd and he is not happy to see guests when I'm not home)...

    They broke into the house, noosed the poor dog, caught the cat, and hauled them all away.

    All turned out well, but I'm sure they thought I was a bit insane at the hospital. I couldn't care less about getting bathed in a timely manner, but my pets have to be taken care of.
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    Wynter -

    This is how my Dad died. He went to the Dr. office - and had had a massive heart attack at some point that killed most of his beating heart. When he went to the doctor for a check up - he was having another one in the dr. office. He had my Mom drive him to the ER. She actually got him there faster than a squad. They got him there, immediately they did surgery and he died during surgery - despite numerous times to recuissitate him - he perished. I guess for him he's in a better place. For me? I miss my Dad.

    I hope the man is okay -