Interesting shower, death of a former enemy...Im tired!

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    Today was the baby shower and it was an interesting one. I havent been to many of them and I never had one for myself so I am never sure exactly how these things are supposed to play out. This one went well enough I suppose. The little candies and mints in the bags didnt seem like they were expected and no one really ate any or took them home. Someone had made a huge sit down dinner type of meal which I didnt know was going to be served. I thought it was normally a cookie and punch or that type of thing. Especially with a cake to serve. Mandy was very nice to me though and made sure I got seated and introduced me all around because I only knew about 3 people there. They did get a lot of diapers and wipes...LOTS! Some more clothes which they really already have enough of...and lots of baby wash and lotion. I got them a crib toy from Keyana that plays music and also a wall hanging that you put the hand and foot print in to it. Of course, I have also got them the crib and a bunch of bottles and heaven knows how many clothes, blankets and other things. Im glad she had a great time.

    Then as I was coming home I passed by the house where we first rented when we moved here to this town. There was a white funeral wreath on the door and cars everywhere! I was shocked to say the least. I liked the parents that we rented from but I had absolutely no use for their son. He was simply put...evil. Worse than any of our kids could ever hope to be. This stupid son who is only a few years younger than me, shot one of my dogs when Cory and Jamie were 5 and 7 (living at their house) because this dog would wait in the driveway every day for the boys to get off the school bus and then he would wag his tail and act all happy to see them and the kids and dog would meet up and run back to the house together. Well I guess Richard couldnt stand to see anything or anyone happy because the next day he was waiting out there for the dog to get out in the spot he always sat down in the driveway to wait for bus to come and sure comes the bus..the door opens and the dog stands up to wag his tail back and forth and just as soon as Jamie and Cory got off the bus to start down the driveway...This butthole...shoots that dog straight in the back with the gun facing towards not only my two kids but a busload of small children. Then he looked down to see if the dog was dead...he wasnt so shot him two more times. By this time Jamie and Cory were in tears and screaming.

    Tony happened to be home and he came racing out of the house with a loaded shotgun with one in the barrel. Tony told the only he didnt put him out of his miserable existence right then and there was that he had to much respect for his parents but he better believe that this wasnt going to be the last of things. We filed papers on him for shooting that dog in front of the kids that way and firing a guy towards a school bus. He was convicted of it and it was considered a felony because of the other felonies he has on his record. He is a habitual felon. Wont work. We get into court with him and he is back-talking the judge telling him exactly what he will and what wont do! This Judge was having none of it and I was glad. He flat asked me where I got my dog and I was honest, I got it at the pound but we loved him as much as if I bought him pure bread. Judge nods her head a minute and says you stupid scoundrel you, you are going to pay these fine people $750 for the loss of their pet. Also, for the next two years, you will be on probation for this and part of your probation fees is that you bring in a money order payable to these people in the amount of 4 weeks worth of food.

    Well ol Richard went to acting foolish in that courtroom. He started threatening people he really shouldnt have been threatenng especially loudly
    enough he was he was heard.

    So before we eft the courtroom, we were given respective protective orders, our was good for ten years but that has run out years ago and we have really not had much to do with him since who had hoped he had grown up and rode in different circles than either us or our our kids. Ha!

    So when I get ahold of my men folk they tell me that Richard has been shot to death by the son of the guy that used to rent him those ratty little mobile homes! God is good. Two of worst pieces of trash in this area have just hit hell. As one of those comic on the blue collar comedy tour says "God I didnt mean that" Richard is a dope dealing drug smuggling no good you know what. Fill in some adjectives. Never worked a day in his life. Kids out the ying yang. Im not talking pot.

    They are trying to say he was out checking his tree almost 11 pm. Nope...he was stealing pot out of a field.
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    Wow. I had to read that twice to get it straight. I was still stuck on the dog being shot. How cruel! absolutely unprovoked and uncalled for!
    As they say what goes around comes around, and now you no longer have to worry about those two. The one is dead and the other in jail, if I got that straight.
    Scary, sick, sad.
    And I'm still sad about your kids watching him shoot the dog. So sad.
    It's got to get better.
  3. Hound dog

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    Karma is a *itch when it finallly catches up to you. Sounds like it was high time it caught up to him.

    Glad the shower went well and sounds like everyone had a good time. :)
  4. HaoZi

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    I'm amazed Tony didn't let the shotgun loose on him back then.
  5. AnnieO

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    Understand fully... I'm sorry for the dog, I'm stuck on that too... and, I'm glad Mandy treated you well!
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    I am proud of Tony for his restraint in NOT shooting the man because that would have terrorized the kids even more - and landed him in some legal hot water at least for a short time. in my opinion shooting the dog in front of the kids - as he is shooting toward a bus full of kids, is enough to guarantee him a nice long eternity in Hades.

    And this way that other guy will be off the streets also. A twofer!!!!

    The shower sounds like it was lovely! I am glad that they are getting so many things for the baby. Mandy did a great job by introducing you to everyone. So many times now there are some relatives at the party, or friends who don't live close or whatever and no one bothers to introduce them and include them.

    Are Cory and Mandy doing any kind of theme for the nursery? I can't remember if you know if it is a boy or girl. Is there a favorite character like Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse or something that they are wanting?

    in my opinion some of the most awesome books for very young children are by Tana Hoban. One is white on black, the other is black on white. I think those were the titles. They show very clear images and most babies really respond to them - the contrast between black and white are supposed to be good for babies, even just a few weeks old.

    The baby tip I pass on to new parents is to take and put 2-4 baby wipes inside a sandwich size ziploc. Keep five or six of these in the diaper bag, and extra couple in the car, gma's purse, etc... They are just enough wipes to do a diaper change and then the diaper will fit into the ziploc with the used wipes. Even the big sizes of diapers will fit into the ziploc if taped closed. This means NO mess leaking, NO smell around and if there isn't a trash can around then the diaper is contained until you find one. I usually get a container or two of wipes and put them into the ziplocs as a gift for new parents. This has gotten the best feedback of any tip or baby gift that i have ever given. I have shared them with other people in bathrooms and then later ran into those people and had them stop me and thank me because it makes a huge difference in how to handle diapers on the go. Esp as the wipes won't dry out the way they do in most of the travel size wipe containers that I have seen. I actually started because the pediatricians in Cincy would not let you throw a diaper into their trash, not ever.

    I really hope that the new baby is just as awesome and special as Keyana is - and that you bond with her and treasure her just the way you do Keyana. Those kids are lucky to have you for a grandma!
  7. DammitJanet

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    The baby is a girl and her name is Mackenzie Alaya. They did a really cute thing with the ultrasound pictures and put them in a matted frame where everyone at the shower could sign it and then they put the whole thing into a clear plastic frame so you can see the whole thing.

    They are doing Winnie the Pooh at their house and I have this cute purple and pink flower crib set I ordered online for my house. I am doing the whole room at my house for the girls. One side Keyana and the other Mackenzie. Trust me that name is getting shortened to I am going to get Keyana either a striped or polka dotted spread in purple and pink and then pink and purple curtains. Gonna attempt to get their names for the walls. Maybe a couple of throw rugs and then paint two dressers in pure white with pink and purple handles. Sounds like a girly room for sure. LOL. Keyana's bed is a queen so Hailie fits in when she comes down. Maybe I shouldnt put the names on the walls. Hmmmm.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    When dogs come back...........DOGMA got him. Not Karma. :congratualtions:
  9. HaoZi

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    Use clings or dry erase boards to do names on the walls, much easier to remove or change if needed.
  10. DDD

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    LOL! "maybe I shouldn't put the names on the walls" I can just picture the flack that Billie will give everyone! DDD
  11. DammitJanet

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    LOL DDD...yeah...I just thought about that. I think I will just decorate it in the purples and pinks. Everyone already thinks I prefer Cory's kids over the other two. I dont know how I feel about this one yet, I havent met her!
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Two things - YOU can paint the walls with CHALKBOARD paint or DRY Erase paint ------Let them use chalk (which is dusty but fun) or Dry Erase Markers ----which is FUN but messy and will mark clothes. OR you can have PaPa - Frame out a section of wall and do 2 chalk boards so that when your less favorite granddaughter visits? She will have her own chalk board and your favorite granddaughter will have hers.

    Oh did I say that?
  13. 1905

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    A pink and purple room sounds adorable, (if not for husband I would have a pink and purple room!)They'll love it- We used the chalkboard paint on the door of our kids rooms only, that seemed to work well, then the room can still look neat. You could also buy those wooden letters that they sell at Michaels or a craft store, paint them a darker color pink or purple, maybe put the on a wooden plaque if you want to.
  14. DDD

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    Speaking of "this one" what are your plans for Janet when she arrives. I'm hoping that you aren't going to try to be there with Mandy for the duration. Even in good health too many hours is exhausting. So, what the plan? DDD
  15. DammitJanet

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    Im supposed to be in the delivery room with her. Nowadays delivery rooms are set up like regular hospital rooms but have the whole bed, couch, bassinet and all in the room ready and waiting. We can go in and out until its time. I can go down to the car to smoke a cig and such. Obviously I will have to eat and have a drink. I am planning on taking my little fake cigarettes to help me through the whole thing. Cory We will be in the bathroom puffing away on nicotrol inhalers. LOL.
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    Janet, I'll have to ask Allison where she got it, but they have a really adorable wooden plaque with Ethan's name spelled out on it that hangs on the wall in his room. There's no backing on it, just the letters of his name strung together but the wooden letters are all made out of little bear figures in brightly colored pj's. Cutest thing I've ever seen! I know she ordered it from somewhere but I don't remember now where she said they got it ...I'll ask her.
  17. susiestar

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    The chalkboard paint is awesome. I would hesistate on dry erase paint because the markers usually give off enough fumes for a contact high if used for more htan a few minutes. They have ones that are not supposed to do that, but I haven't found them to live up to the claim. on the other hand, if you don't want to pain, get a piece of that plastic that comes on rolls in the fabric store and fasten it to the walls. Then get overhead projector markers - which come off with a damp cloth and they can draw on that.

    If the kids enjoy hangman or another similar game, go over the chalkboard paint with reg paint and put the outlines up for the game. I put a sudoku board up on the side of a bookcase and the kids loved it. A lady who came to pick up a desk we were freecycling gave me $150 for it on the spot.

    Chalkboard paint is a LOT cheaper than dry erase paint - and if Walmart doesn't have it, Lowes or Home Despot will.

    Another AWESOME thing for the rooms? get some fancy-ish molding and cut it into pieces that would make a picture frame - a bit bigger than the normal size piece of paper or even bigger than an 11 by 17 piece of paper. About 1=2 inches bigger on all sides. Paint the molding hwatever color, then nail it onto the wall as a picture frame. Then the kids can put their artwork up there in the frame.

    Even easier? Use masking tape to outline a rectangle big enough to hang whatever the kids do for coloring, art etc... Paint the frame onto the wall in whatever color you want. Not as fancy as the version with molding, but cheaper, requires no saw of any kind, and is a lot faster. A friend did an entire wall in her hallway with painted frames of different sizes/shapes and that is the kids' museum of art. Every kid in the neighborhood gives her pictures/artwork to have her hand up there. She takes pics of the pieces for her photo album.

    Consider polka dot walls or stripes. I used a dinner plate and drew circles on J's wall one year. painted them in and she loved the polka dot room. now if she handn't been told by my dad that polka music had to be played in a polka dot room I would have been a LOT happier! Not my favorite, that polka music, lol!
  18. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member do realize that mackenzie is going to be a newborn right???? LOL. I dont think we are going to need chalkboards or anything like that for awhile. I really hesitate to paint a door for them to paint on because until they are over at least 5, I dont trust them to understand that they can really only draw on that particular area of the wall. I have a table that u can draw and color on and wipe off.
  19. Hound dog

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    Janet.............and I thought I spoiled my grandkids. LOL

    None of them has their own room......yet. However shortly when we do the switching the house rooms around.......I'll have a spare bedroom upstairs which our double bed will remain in that will only have storage items in that they can sleep in for sleep overs.

    But at least you're having fun with it and enjoying your grandkids and that is what counts.
  20. DammitJanet

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    Lisa, for most of her life Aubrey did live with And Darrin and his lil brothers live right down the road! Now I think u might have to build an addition on to bring in Katie's Honestly, I dont know how this is going to all work out. I may not have any kids even liking me except Keyana (if she still likes me after she