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    1) I've emailed back & forth with principal still trying to see if there's any way to get school to recommend the county team. It's not looking good- it looks like this won't be resolved until Wed., and it isn't too promising right now but I haven't given up all hope.

    2) I've worked on IEP, emailed school cm and need to work more on this.

    3) Rec'd call this morning (there went a few hours I could have been at work) from social worker who was reviewing the request for county help and state waiver for difficult child to get on medicaid. At first she said she didn't hink he'd qulaify because he didn't need help with things like bathing. Well, no he has a mental health issue not a physical disability. I explained about the situation and everything I've tried to pursue. She said if I wanted her to put that request through that difficult child's would have to be reviewed by a couple of people. I said that was fine with me. She said someone might need to come to the home. I said that was fine. (Do you think the punched holes in the walls, the obvious knife stabs in the walls and the big hole all the way through his door might give them some insight?) Anyway, just like everyone else, she kept trying to steer me away from her ballpark, but she said she'd call back if she could think of anything else. I hope she doesn't "forget" that I did say I wanted this pursued, even if she thought he wouldn't get qualified.

    4) Went to my therapist- that was 45 mins of a major vent. She also said to call a politician! I kept putting that off but now it is on my list to do tomorrow or Wed. She said one of the best advantages of getting the county team on board now would be saving time when/if (she's thinking "when") difficult child needs something like a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement.

    5) Came home, called difficult child's therapist and told him what happened last week and ask if he'd write a letter state I need county team help. He said yes, he'll try to get it done tomorrow.

    6) Started emailing difficult child's principal again, then difficult child came home, I went back to finish the email and difficult child had "disappeared" by the time I finished it.

    7) I put a call into the coordinator of funding to speak with her again. I want her to clarify that principal can really request this without the iep team recommending a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (that won't work because difficult child is not exhibiting behaviors at school that would warrant it). And, I'm going to ask her about how to get a parental placement based on the recently passed law, since I can't get help any other way and it's not fair to difficult child to be sent to state Department of Juvenile Justice because I need more help with his mental health issues, but he hasn't broken any other laws. (The social worker I spoke with last week recommended that I do this.)

    So, let's hop that difficult child is NOT out breaking any laws or otherwise getting into trouble as I write this. I really need to go to the store.
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    *fingers crossed* for you. :)
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    Aww Klmno,
    What a long day. When we filled out difficult child's waiver for Medicaid it did have all the physical disability question but also the mental health ones. Someone did come to our house. Of course, difficult child behaved like an angel during the appointment. Even so, he did qualify. I'm crossing my fingers she keeps this moving. I hope difficult child is home by now! Hugs.
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    Thanks, eeky & Sharon! He's home. He seems very stable this evening- talked about school and why he decided that he shouldn't hang around this one boy anymore and that he is trying again to be the kind of nice guy that people tell him he is, instead of being someone who he really isn't (his words, not mine). Of course, this will last as long as he's stable and lately, I think he's cycling a lot. But, I am praying that the decrease in depakote dosage back to the original dose will be enough. We still have major issues to contend with, but I don't want him manic, causing injury to self or me, or bolting out of the house so restless that he keeps going until he breaks a law again.

    The medicaid waiver sure would help in a lot of ways...
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    Who knew what a flippin' full-time job parenting him would be at this age! You are doing an awesome job and I hope and pray your persistence pays off in spades. You SO need a break and to have a little support and cooperation.
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    I totally encourage the letter to the politician. From your posts and messages I know that you are good writer. You always want to thow a line in there about contacting the local newstation for extra attention. You have been very productive today and I have a good feeling your hard work WILL pay off. Hang in there friend. xo ML
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    I told you, now go call the politician go go go!!

    Ok i'm running back into my corner now